Marriages Announcements
Van Buren County


Mr. Lewis Moore to Miss Pearl Eades

Mr. Harlen Berry to Miss Mary Wilhams

Mr. Richard Forrester to Miss Ruby Caldwell

Mr. Ed Kemp to Miss Dealie Jones

Prof. Marvin Bull to Miss Adred Stark

Mr. William Hutto to Miss Muriel Martin

Mr. A. Wyne to Miss Mattie Garner

Mr. Solomon Styers to Miss Kate Hensley

Mr. Z. A. Sanders to Miss Fannie Hutches

Mr. Nick Coldwell to Miss Minnie Simmons

Col. Andrews to Capt. Harman's daughter

Mr. Monroe Williams to Miss Dora Doolittle

Mr. Samuel Webb and Miss Emma Reynolds

Mr. Vinson Huggins and Miss Roxie Towery

Mr. Lum Millsaps and Miss Minnie McDonald

Mr. Tolly Hall and Miss Minnie Emerson

Mr. Freyaldonhaven and Miss Nora Deason

Mr. Frank Campbell and Miss Vannie Wilson

Mr. Calvin Eades and Miss Cora Shipp

Mr. Jess Bates and Miss Marie Bradley

Mr. Jesse Blue and Miss Onie Fields

Mr. Albert Lynch and Miss Annie Swain

Mr. Alonzo Griggs and Miss Delia Crowell

Mr. Edd Simpson and Miss Addie Blue

Mr. W.S. Maddox and Miss Alice Bradley

Mr. Carl Johnson and Miss Elsie Stark

James H. Fraser, Esq. and Miss M. J. Givens

Mr. Vernon Martin and Miss Levada McGinty

Mr. Loyd Cooper and Miss Penzel Emerson

Mr. Wilson B. Duvall and Miss Willie R. Jennings

Mr. Olen Bates and Miss Ruby Williams

Mr. Blake Rushing and Miss Lela Payne

Mr. Gus Yancy and Miss Velva Parish

Mr. John Riley and Miss Minta Webb

Mr. Nobe Wishet and Miss Susie Webb

Mr. Harry Odell and Miss Ruby Lee Brown

Mr. Carlos Hunter and Miss Athlene Baugh

Mr. Will Eades and Miss Mae Bost

Mr. B.T. Hardin and Mrs. M.J. Anglin

Mr. L. H. McGill and Miss Mittie Peel

Mr. T. G. McElroy and Mrs. N. J. McElroy

Mr. H. J. Massey and Miss Eliza Nelson

Mr. Clurman Eades and Miss Lois Halbrook

Mr. Ira Morrow and Miss Lula Eades

Mr. Samuel Jackson Eades and Miss Hattie Morgan

Mr. Brandon Lefler and Miss Bettie Lindsey

Mr. Wesley McNutt and Miss Laura Bettis

Mr. Robt. B. Leibs and Miss Maggie M. Hopkins