Submitted by Cathy Duvall

Marriages by Groom

Heneley, Ben L.	to	Dora Lowder	Feb. 18, 1900
Henley, Everett	to	Beva A. Hodges	Nov. 11, 1932
Henley, George	to	Linn Gray	         Nov. 4, 1916
Henley, J.M.	to	Margaret Shoffitt	Oct. 5, 1905
Henley, Thomas F.	to	Kate Blaney	Aug 7, 1898
Henley, W.F.	to	L.E. Gross	Dec. 15, 1901
Henley, D.F.	to	Nice Gardner	Aug. 30, 1909
Henley, D.F.	to	E.M. Almond	Sept. 18, 1887

Marriages by Bride

Henley, Amanda	to	Joseph Emerson	1886
Henley, Belie	to	Green Mason	1895
Henley, Claudie	to	Raymond Vaughn	1930
Henley, Cora	to	John Gross	1910
Henley, Elizabeth	to	J. Stubblefield	1884
Henley, Ella	to	Levi Lowder	1901
Henley, Emma	to	J. Emerson	1896
Henley, Ethel	to	Jacob Hefner	1907
Henley, Martha	to	H. Emerson	1885
Henley, Mary	to	E. Isaacs     	1883
Henley, Matilda	to	James Millsaps	1891
Henley, Minnie	to	Orville Millsap	1927
Henley, Myrtle	to	Emory McGehee	1946
Henley, Nettie	to	A. Burk      	1900
Henley, Pearl	to	Henry Beverage	1904
Henley, Sarah	to	K. Reynolds	1919