Article from the Morrilton Democrat Newspaper
July 23, 1931.

Submitted by Beverly Berry

Interesting Story Told of Scotland Pioneers, By Mancie Jones.

Scotland, July 4, (Special)- Mrs. Margaret L. Flesher, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Usher Jones, Saw her first rattlesnake 52 years ago today near Witt Springs. She with her mother, three brothers, and a sister, and 2 other familys were moving to Arkansas from Ducktown, Cherokee Co N. C.

The others were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burnett and Mr. And Mrs. Elisha Kilpatrick.

They came in wagons. In order to miss the swamplands, they had to cross 4 states, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri. While they were stopped in Missouri, waiting for their teams to rest, the little daughter, Beatrice, and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Burnet, took sick and died. They later became the parents of Jim Burnett, postmaster of Clinton and of John Burnett, another leading citizen of Clinton.

They crossed the Mississippi River on a ferry boat drawn by horses walking in circles.

Mr. Burnett, a devoted Christian and also the leader of the party, always chose a place to camp Saturday night which would be suitable for the observance of the Sabbath. The party always rested from late Saturday afternoon until early Monday morning.

They started from Ducktown March 22 1879 and arrived at Witt Springs, July 4, 1879. The party spent 2 weeks near Murillo and then Mrs. Flesher's family settled near where Rex is now. Mr. and Mrs. Burnett settled near Murillo and Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick went back to North Carolina.

Then Mrs. Flesher made her first acquaintance with puncheon floors. The church house was also used for a school house.

Some of the neighbors were Mr. and Mrs Dave Henley, who still live near Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Berry and Mr. and Mrs. Prettyman Berry.

Deer and turkey were plentiful in those days and the howling of wolves was heard every night.