Someone was kind enough to give us a description of what is contained in the following book.....

A History of Van Buren County, 1833-1983, Sesquicentennial Committee, second printing, 1976, 1982.

Contents include:

Original Survey of Van Buren County
The Community of Clinton
Van Buren County Churches
Early Beginnings
Political Changes
Early Settlers
Reasons for Settlement
Heads of Families in the 1840 Census of Van Buren
Judicial History of Van Buren County, Arkansas
Capital Punishment in Van Buren County
Medical History of Van Buren County
Banks in the County - Clinton's First Bank
Van Buren County in the Civil War
The Spanish-American War
First World War
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing
Women in War
County Interests - Farming in Van Buren County
Home Life
Hornets' Nest Stampedes and Army
Extension Homemaker Clubs of Van Buren County
Iris Garden Club
Clinton Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star
Memories of Early Days in County, Recalled by Elderly
Dennard Man
My First Trip to Little Rock in 1896
Washington Irving and Beans Rangers
Newspapers of Van Buren County
Communities - Educational Growth in Van Buren County
Mr. T. J. Cowan's Three Year Program for Van Buren
A Daily Dozen for the Teachers
The Black Community in Van Buren County
Van Buren County Post Offices That Have Been
Bee Branch
History of Choctaw, Arkansas
The Colony Community
The Cullum Community
Davis Special
Liberty Springs and Gridley
Massey Mountain
Old Liberty
Some Shirley History
The Railroad
Elba, Arkansas
History of Rocky Hill Given in Prize Winning History
Hardy or Walnut Grove
Choctaw - David T. Treadaway
Culpepper Mountain
Morgantown 1900
Bee Branch - 1900
Well Drilling
The Fairfield Bay Story
Van Buren County 1946 - 1976
World War II Era
Greers Ferry Lake
The Rockefeller Administration
Fairfield Bay
Surnames and Places
1850 Census of Van Buren County, Arkansas
The Roach Family
The Pate Home
The Dock Huie House

Surnames of those obtaining Homestead Patents & the dates are:
Beckman, Latham, Lambdin, Wheeler, Nunn, Keller, Bratten, Harper,
Kirkpatrick, Fielder, Hefley, O'Neal, Ennis, Lynch, McEntire, Freeman,
Morris, Pruitt,Scott,
Hardester, Cotton, Ingram, Woods, Meers, Pack, Branson, West, Kirkpatrick,
Ennis, Cypert, Heffner, Phillips, Fender, Reeves, Parker, Heffley, Reves,
West, Davis, Coleman, Ingram, Morgan, Fielder, Mabry, Lott, Wood, Lacier,
Barnes, Arnhart, Emerson, Reiger, Evenchik, Horn, Boyd, Gilliam, Tucker,
Allison, Watson, Godfrey, Blaney, Dance, Castro, Millsaps, Bell, Read,
Wimpee, Smith, Wilson, Hale, Pratt, Linder, O'Neal, Allison, Shoffitt,
Myrick, Bixler, Hardin, Diggs, Hibbert, Rambo, Beverage, Yerington, Civtak,
Brown, Mathis, Cooper, Hefner, Swartz, Mobbs.

Some early settlers were:
Chalk, Scott, Bradford,Cullum, , Townsend, Renfree, Ingram, Main, Neal,
Linn, Cottrell, Shull, Maclaney, Williams, Crabtree, Autry, Lowell, Denny,
Rossamon, Crenshaw, Page, Hutton, Brown, Spires, Patterson, Linn, Cantrell,
Conklin, Fletcher, Hawkins, Canfield, Stevenson, Brickey, Yancey, Sledges,
Patton, Blythes, Sims, Russell, Tindall, Vaughn, Chapman, Bradley, Cox, Mun,
Waddles, Newtons, Megees, Hall, Kirkland, Morgan, Allen, Allgood,
Nicholson, Pierce, Barnett, Thomas, Jones, Herring, Rollins, Wilson,
Sutterfield, Moody, Lloyd, Hutto, Lee, Privat, French, Garden, Scrogins,
Hutchins, Mahan,
Wilson, Hensley, Privitt, Brown, Lewis, Harmon, Depert, Martin, Stevens,
Halbrook, Bradberry, Maxwell, Davis, Elliott, Totton, Partain, Tackett,
Mahon, McKinley, Eoff, Rollins, Duncan, Mauldin, Anderson,
Dennard, Buchannon, Barnett, Carmichael, Newland, Stobaugh and many more.

A nice book with some wonderful old portraits and early day scenes.