Love Spell 1873

Submitted by Beverly Berry

Note: Whether this old love spell works or not, it helped James Holland Egger win the heart of Fannie Clara Kendrick.

Somewhere, probably in Mississippi, there is a star shaped grove, planted with fruit bearing trees that was planted by James Holland Egger for Fannie.

This spell, and the reciepts for the fruit trees, along with a star shaped diagram of which trees were to be planted where, were kept in his diary, and have been passed down through our generations.

I am constrained to plant a grove

To satisfy the girl I love

This precious grove must be composed

Of nineteen trees in nine straight roes

Each roe five trees must be

Or never more her face I see

I have planted now this precious grove

That was requested of my love

And I hope that she will agree

That her fair face I now shall see

And to this grove we will repair

And court and take the pleasant air

I love you so dear so true and

there will never be another you

So now when this grove you see

think of me and in your life I will ever be

James H. Egger