Handwritten treaty to use Silverene Soap, February 5, 1898

Submitted by Beverly Berry

A treaty on the manufacture of Silverene Soap.
Copyright February 5, 1898.

This is to certify that J.H. Egger is entitled to use Silverine in his family by right of purchase of legal authority of this owener of the Copyright and defended by U.S. Patent Laws.

In lye soap mix one tablespoonful of Silverine to each quart of soap and boil together until thoroughly mixed.

I the purchaser of this reciept do bind myself on oath, that I will not make known the secret of making this soap or thie ingredients or objects used therein outside of my immediate family.

Signed J.H. Egger

Sold by J.F. Hawkins, legal owener of Rights

Old LibertyTownship, Van Buren County, Ark


Recipie to make Silverine

Disolve 1 lb can of Potash or Concentrated lye in 1 qt. flourete, sift 12# of powdered borax, then flour, the lye in the borax.

Stir with a spoon, then pour in a longer pour and mask the lumps with the hands.

J.F. Hawkins