H.C. Emerson Family 1889

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County paper

June 25, 1889

Page 1, column 2

Since the rains have ceased and the waters have subsided, we receive the sad intelligence that Mr. H.C. Emerson a highly respected citizen of the west end of the county, and a prominent candidate on the Democrat ticket last year, for legislative honors, had the sad misfortune to lose his wife and seven children in the flood last week. Mr. Emerson lived near the head waters of South Fork, and his house was situated near the river, and the rain fell in such torrents that the bottoms were overflowed very unexpectedly. And while the household were rapped in slumber, and after the father and mother had said their prayers and committed the little to the care of the All Wise Creator, the maddening waves came with a mighty rush, and in their attempt to make their escape to the highlands, the rushing waves in all her furry swept the mother and seven children to their watery grave.

Two little boys the only survivors except the father drifted against trees and fortunately were saved from a like fate. Mr. Emerson in trying to save the babe almost lost his own life and to the fond father, when he reached the banks, found life extinct in the sweet little babe that so fondly clasped to his bosom. Search was instantly commenced and the bodies of the ill-fated mother and her six children were recovered and interred in the family burying ground.

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