E.H. England - 1900

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Democrat

March 15, 1900

Y.M.C.A. Resolutions

Whereas, in accordance with the will of God, in one of those mysterious workings of his providence, He hath removed form our midst our beloved friend and fellow laborer, E. H. England, and,

Whereas, we would record our love and esteem for him, our appreciation of his faithful and able service, and our love and respect for his memory, be it,

Resolved,That in sorrow we bow with humble submission to the will of God, who assures us that the faithful shall meet again,

Resolved, That in Ed's death we have lost one whose intellect and learning inspired respect, and whose great, loving heart appealed so strongly to the affections of all that we shall always hold in loving remembrance the genial face and beautiful character of him whose death we mourn.

Resolved, That we extend our sincere condolence to the mother so sadly bereaved, and pray the blessings of him who promised comfort to the afflicted, upon her,

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to his mother; that one be printed in the Mirror; that one be sent to the Clinton Democrat for publication.

W. L. Oliver
S. J. T. Wynn
C. L. O'Daniel