Martha A. Fraser

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June 29, 1882

We were sorry, indeed, to learn by a letter received from the editor of this appear, Capt. Jas. H. Fraser, dated Little Rock, 2nd inst., of the death of his mother, which said event occurred at her home in Athens, Ala., on the 22nd. We extend our sympathy.


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July 6, 1882

In Memoriam

Mrs. Martha A. Fraser

Athens, Alabama Carrier

Truly God's children are gathering home. Scarcely a week passes that we, who remain, are not called to mourn the departure of some loved ones, till the air seems filled with farewells to the dying and wailings for the dead.

And now one who may well be termed a mother in Israel has joined the innumerable caravan that moves to the pale realms of shade. Mrs. Martha A. Fraser (nee Wych) was born in Brunswick County, Va., June 29, 1807, and inherited the refinement and delicacy of feeling that the best blood of the Old Dominion can impart. Her sincere, simple dignity of character corned the fict?ous honors bestowed by the F. F. V., though fairly entitled to them all. She belonged to a newer aristocracy, that holy cross __? Seal is the Cross of the Crucified, set by the Holy Spirit on brown and heart, whose ?uerdon is the only crown of everlasting life, bestowed by the King Himself on her and all who with their Leader.

Have conquered in the fight

And forever and forever

Are clad in robes of White.

Of the three-score and fifteen years of her life, more than two thirds were spent in patient, zealous, though most unpretending, devotion to her heavenly Master and His cause. Whether in the hovel of poverty; by the bedside of disease and death; teaching the ignorant; uplifting the fallen, or with the multitude that keeps holyday in the sanctuary, her hand, her heart, her voice were ever busy in His service, and now she has heard the blessed works, Insomuch as ye did it unto the least of My servants, ye did it unto ME; enter into the joy of thy Lord.

Of the cultivated intellect; the chaste conversation; the clear reasoning; the courteous dignity; the generous hospitality that made her society a delight to all who could appreciate it, we need not speak. They are too well known even to require mention here, where most of her life was passed, and where many shall rise to call her blessed.

But she is gone; and what comfort is left for us, who will long miss her tender voice, her loving face; her wise and gentle counsel? The memory of her virtues, the incentive of her beautiful example, the exercise of her divine charity, that charity that “thinketh no evil, believeth all things, hopeth all things”, and the cherishing of the same blessed hope that sustained her, till, at last, like her, we may pass.

Out of the shadows of sadness,

Into the sunshine of gladness,

Into the light of the blest,

Out of a land very dreary,

Out of the world very weary,

Into the Rapture of Rest.

One Of The Many Who Loved Her.


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August 17, 1882

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Tribute of Respect

Resolutions upon the death of Mrs. Martha A. Fraser as adopted by the Athens Missionary Auxiliary Society.

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