Bob Henderson

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Banner

February 2, 1882

St. Joe Jottings

In Memory-While we rejoice with many blessings, God sends and takes from our midst some young flower. Ah! We should remember that the old must die soon, and the young may go long ere they do. For we owe the debt, and must one day pay it. On the 14th ult., at 3 o'clock, Bob Henderson was killed by a horse running away with and throwing him against a tree. From what I can learn, it appears the horse ran two miles before he killed him. But we believe he has gone where, if we live faithful, we can join him. Then, friends, cheer up. Though we consign our beloved to the narrow limits of the tomb, we have the hope of one day joining him where sorrow is unknown. The friends and relatives have the sympathy of the community.

Yours, St. Joe Boy.