Thomas M. Massey

Submitted by Sandra

This is from "THE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST", Vol. 7, No. 5,
Martin ,Weakley Co., Tennessee,
Friday, Febuary 5, 1892

Obiturary of THOMAS M. MASSEY (Van Buren Co., Ar.)

Thomas M. Massey, son of Henry and Susan A. Massey, was born, Nov. 20, 1867 and died Nov. 11, 1891. Lacking only 9 days of being 24 years old.

He was born in Monroe Co. , Mississippi and was raised in Van Buren Co., Arkansas, his father having moved to this state when he was very small.

His father and mother are members of the Primitive Baptist Church.

Tommie was a stout young man and was a noble-hearted youth; was teaching school at the time of his misfortune; he happened to hit his leg just below the knee joint, against the end of one of the seats and it caused inflamation and ran into white swelling and blood poision. After suffering untold misery for a period of seven or eight weeks, death came to his relief.

He often expressed a desire to get well, but said if it was the good Lord's will to call him away from time to eternity , that he was not afraid to die, that he put all of his trust in God. He has often talked with the writer about his future state, having related to me his reason of a hope in Christ.

Tommie was my true and faithful friend and I loved him as a brother, but he is gone where the voice of friendship cannot disturb, his peaceful repose. I have not a doubt but his spirit is now in the land of the blessed.

He became a member of the M.E. Church about four years prior to his death, though he often expressed himself to the writer as being firm in the belief of the Primitive Baptist faith, believing that salvation was by grace without works. A day or so before he died he called his brothers and sisters around his bed and admonished them to live right and said that he wanted to meet them all in Heaven, where parting would be no more.

He died in Scotland, Arkansas, at his father's home, his father having rented out his farm and moved to Scotland, to educate him and he had made rapid progress in his studies. Tommie was the only single child and the youngest boy and his parents doted on him very much and they thought he would be with them in their old age, but alas! death! the grim monster, came and blighted all of their hopes.

Brother Cayce, we have not the space to portray all the excellency of this noble youth, suffice, it to say that he was true and manly in all his acts. If he had an enemy on earth we have no knowledge of it; he leaves a kind and loving father and mother , brothers and sisters to mourn his death. We sympathize and extend our condolence to the sorrowing relatives and friends, but would remind them that their loss is, Brother Tommie's eternal gain. And may the Lord sanctify the same to your good is our prayer for Jesus sake.

S.A. Stanley
Scotland, Ark., Dec. 23, 1891

P.S. Brother Cayce, please publish the following piece of poetry in connection with this obituary, written by his sister, Mrs. Safronia Lindsey.
S.A.S.(Samuel Armstead Stanley)

Thou mighty God and King
Who reigns supreme above
O condescend to bring
Some tokens of thy love
To one who would thy constant care,
Thy favors and thy blessings share
Thou never-failing friend
Help me my griefs to bear, 
Thy Holy Spirit send
To chase away all fear--
May I from every creature flee
And take my sorrows Lord to thee.
However dark the way,
Till all my course is run--
Teach me O Lord to say:
Father thy will be done:
May all to thee I resign,
Assure me Lord that I am thine.
At last may I be found
Among the happy band
And join to sing thy praise
In glory's happy land:
There my I clasp Brother Tommie's hand
Forever with thee to reign.