Dr. M.R. Parks

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Democrat
June 26, 1925

Dr. M. R. Parks Died

Dr. M. R. Parks, age 47 years, died at his home at Formosa Sunday afternoon, June 21, 1925, following a week’s illness resulting from a nervous breakdown. Interment took place at the cemetery on Culpepper mountain Monday morning. Funeral services were conducted by Eld. Crooms of Hardin College, Morrilton, in the presence of the largest concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives ever assembled on a similar occasion at that place, if not in the county.

Mr. Parks was born in this county May 8th, 1878, the son of John and Frances Hammett Parks. He was twice married, his first wife being Miss Alice Mackey. Their marriage took place in 1895, her death occurring five years later. To their union three children were born, but none of whom are now living. On Nov. 6,1902, He was united in marriage to Miss Rosa Rhoades. To them four children were born, one of whom, a son now 18 years of age with the widow survive.

Dr. Parks professed a hope in Christ 22 years ago, identifying himself with the Christian church. His life thereafter was in perfect accord with the faith he professed. During the past few years of his life he devoted much of his time to the ministry, doing valiant service for the Master’s cause.

Just how long Dr. Parks had been engaged in the practice of medicine the writer does not know. We do know that he enjoyed an extensive practice. In fact, the demand upon his time was far in excess of his physical ability to meet. He never turned a deaf ear to a call for services. He answered all calls alike, cheerfully and readily, giving no thought whatever to the matter of material reward. Out of a great heart of love and sympathy for the afflicted and distressed it is well known that time again he not only gave his time and supplied medicine when he knew no financial recompense could be expected, but often employed help at his own expense to wait upon many he found deprived of the necessary attention.

As a christian citizen and physician no man in the county enjoyed to a greater extent the respectful esteem of friends and neighbors than did he. As a leader of all worthy movements in his community his death came as distinct shock to friends and neighbors from which they will not easily rally.

In addition to being a strong churchman Dr. Parks was an outstanding advocate of education and at time of his death was president of the county board of education. Besides the widow and son mentioned above he is survived by two brothers, Frank Parks of Atkins and Geo. W. Parks of Shirley, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Westerman of this county and Mrs. Janie Lee of Bigelow.