Rev. James M. Starnes

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Clinton Banner
April 6, 1882


Rev. James M. Starnes departed this life in Conway County, Ark., on the 29th day of December 1881. He was sick twenty-seven days. On Sunday, the 25th December, he was left by himself. The house in which he was staying caught fire while he was sleeping, and was awakened by the roaring of the flame above and around him. He got up took his bed and such other things as he thought he most needed, and was able to carry and went out and laid down. Then thinking of his trunk that contained his credentials, he went in again and saved them, thought the roof of the house was falling in. He said "if it was the Lord's will, he would rather live until February court, but the Lord's will be done." His persecutors had carried him through from conference to circuit court, then to county court, and he gained the victory in all. He said "the Lord would carry him through safe," and He has-- and has taken him home to rest. He prayed for his enemies as long as he lived.

His Mother