Joshua Hollett Towery

Submitted by Sandra Nichols

Van Buren County Democrat
February 1?, 1925
Joshua Hollett Towery

Mr. Hollett Towery Dead

Mr. Hollett Towery, one of the county's best known and wealthiest citizens, died at his home at Shirley early Wednesday morning of heart disease, a trouble of which he had been a sufferer for several months. Interment took place today. Inability to obtain the necessary information prevents a more extended notice regarding the deceased's life at this time and will have to be deferred to our next issue.

Van Buren County Arkansas Democrat
Feb 20,1925

Brother J.H. Towery having been a member of the Masonic Fraternity for more than forty years, and in good standing, it is difficult indeed to pay him the tribute so justly due.
It is said that honesty, industry, and thrift are the greatest qualifications of good citizenship. If this be true, Brother Towery was one of the best citizens of his country. He was reared as an orphan without the advantages of an education, but through industry and thrift he accumulated some wealth. But like Zacchaeus, if anone could have shown him where he came by any of his wealth dishonestly, he would have repaid it fourfold. Therefore, be it resolved, that we inculcate within ourselves and our fraternity such principles and attributes of good citizenship as was manifisted in the life of Brother J. H. Towery. Furthermore, be it resolved that we have the faith and confidence in our fellow-man as did our deceased worthy brother; that we be ever as ready to speak words of comfort and encouragement to a brother in need as was he; and that when speaking of a neighbor let not our tongue speak aught but praise and commendation as was his practice. No poor boy who had honestly of purpose and was willing to work for himself ever found a truer friend than J. H. Towery. The writer of these lines knows from personal experience. Therefore, be it further resolved that the young manhood of the community in which Brother Towery resided has lost a worthy friend and adviser who was always ready to stop at any time or at any place to speak good counsel in the ear of one who was worthy of receiving it. Like Lincoln he loved the poor and taught his children to ever respect and honor the man who earned his bread by the sweat of his brow. May it be said to his honor that not one of his children has ever proved untrue to his teaching. Be it resolved that we extend to the bereaved family of our deceased brother our sincere sympathy for their great loss, but may they be consoled in the knowledge that he, having fought a good fight and having been faithful over the few things given him on earth, the Father will make him ruler over many. May a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of our deceased brother and to our county paper.
Resolution Committee
By Tom Cowan

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