Abraham Adams Turney

Submitted by Mary Turney Miller

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Jan 20, 1904

TURNEY - Grandfather A. A. Turney was born November 6, 1832, in what is now Cleburne County, Ark., and after having lived for more than seventy-one years in the same neighborhood, died of pneumonia January 3, 1904, near the spot where he was born. He was married three times, and had thirteen children born to wives proceeded him to the better world. Grandfather was a devoted Christian and had been a consistant member of the M. E. Church, South, for nearly forty years. He lived a life above reproach. His church and community had the utmost confidence in his religion and integrity. He was a true husband, a kind father, a faithful friend and a partiotic citizen. To know him was to admire and love him for his life was filled with good deeds, and his charity was as unbounded as he needs of his fellowmen. In his death the church and community have sustained an irreparable loss, and at his old home thee is a vacant chair that never can be filled. Grandfather is gone and we shall miss him so much! But we can trust Him who doeth all things well. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. U. Witt at the family graveyard near Higden. Grandfather had been an ardent patron of Freemasonry for many years, and his brethren of that fraternity laid his body to rest beneath the clods of the valley, there to await the resurrection morn, when his spirit shall bloom in eternal spring.

His grandson,
Robert Thomas

(Note from Submitter: The obit has a mistake, Abe was born in Smith County Tennessee (later DeKalb County, Tennessee) instead of Arkansas)

(An interesting story - Abe's youngest daughter with his thrid wife was Amanda born 1881. Amanda stayed with her father (who was nearly blind) and refused to marry. So Abe left her his house when he died. At the estate sale after Abe's death, King David Gadberry saw Amanda and fell in love, they married Oct 13, 1904 and the house thus became known as the Gadberry house.)