Although the following petition is by the inhabitants of Conway County, you will find many Van Buren County names on here as this was written before Van Buren County was formed.

Petition to Congress by Inhabitants of Conway County
Jan. 14th, 1833
Conway County Petition
United States Territorial Papers Vol XXI
Arkansas Territory 1829-1836, Page 672-673

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Conway County, January 14th, 1833

To the Hon. The Senate & House of Representatives in Congress.

We the citizens of Conway County, A.T., being situated in a section of county, through which no mail passes, and labouring under all the disadvantages of sending, at least, forty five miles for our letters and newspapers, are constrained to petition your Hon. Body to relieve us of our difficulties by establishing a mail rout through our county. It is the prayer of your petitioners that this rout be established from Batesville on White River to Lewisburg on the Arkansas River, thought to be one hundred & ten miles.- Your petitioners also pray, that a Post Office be established on the said rout on the south fork of Little Red River, sixty five miles from Batesville, and that it be called Pleasant Valley Post Office. And your petitioners further pray that Dr. Samuel Smith be appointed Post Master, and that we receive the mail weekly.

(The signatures below have been put in alphabetical order...they were not in order on the petition)

John Ake
William Ake
Roderick Bair
James Baird
Russell Bates
John Bearden
Bardaman Bennett
John H. Bertram
Hugh Boils
Samuel Brickey
Andrew Carothers
Thos Cornwall
John B. Craig
Timothy Culp
James Fears
Andrew Fewget
James Forest
William Garner
Daniel Griggs
Luke Grimes
Russel Hensly
Clabourn Lewis
F.M. McCallister
John McCallister
John McCallister
Joseph McCallister
Samuel G McHenry
Miles Morrison
Alfred Musick
William Musick
John Null
Phillip Null
Valentine Null
William Null
John Peall
F.O. Powell
Allen Prior
George Risner
John Risner
William Risner
James Shuemake
Samuel Smith
Mark Weaver
James Webster
John Weldon
LeRoy Williams

Answered Feb. 26, 1833 (NA,JD, Sol Treas, Lets. Reed.), in which the account was returned for a correction of spelling of DuVal's first name.
(Endorsed) Arkansas Inahbitants Conway Co. Post Petition for a post route, from Batesville via Little Red-River settlements, to Lewisburgh in Conway County in Arkansas-Feb. 25, 1833
Referred to Committee Post Office 64 Sevier
(petition for a post office be established on the said route on the south fork of Little Red River, sixty five miles from Batesville, and that it be called Pleasant Valley Post Office.