McDaniel Court Records

Transcribed and submitted by Shirley Bogart Harper.

These records were badly damaged and water stained. Any help putting these together with events or additional wording would be appreciated. Or if you have access to these records and can glean more information from them please let us know.
Van Buren AR Circuit Court Records - LDS film # 1029962 1873 "probably" Apr. 
[uncertain what record is, but previous page refers to - left side of page all 
water damaged]: 
                                as Clerk   $277 
                                before Grand Jury 12 
                                messenger to bring up polls 14.00 
                                in the case of W D Jenkins et al 
                                against M.C. Randall next page: paid   To 
Rich'd McDaniel ?In ?The ?Case of State ______ paid   To Andrew Grave as 
witness ___ ___ State [maybe] Richard paid   To Andrew McDaniel ?witness of 
State & Newton McDaniel paid   To Richard McDaniel witness ____ case of State 
& Newton McDaniel [?ca 1876077?] now on this day _________ 
               Certificates of following persons 
               Thomas J McDaniel (3) three 
[can't tell what, but probably school dist. info and the dist is Bradley: T.S. 

LDS film # 1031267: 
[note that the Court Book from which these records were taken has been badly 
water damaged with perhaps only one half side of a page readable (and then 
much "guessing" was necessary. I was unable to locate the original record of 
the several McDaniel entries for "Assault". Only the follow-up records (some 
where the sureties had defaulted getting the person to come into court as 
required) etc.). 
There were numerous references to Judge Marshall L. 

[At the very first of this film case #1 is James Mc______ appears he is fined 
but very little of the record can be read and no date - several cases later is 
a date of Oct 1859]

1st Day March Term 1871 - Wm H. McDaniel on Grand Jury [note some records say 
e.g. State of AR White Co or Searcy Co etc]

Case 12 Dec 1870 "might" say Lafayette McDaniel [but cannot be certain of last 
name] Is acquitted. [my Layfayette is listed on TN 1870 census]

Sep Term 1872 
 Case ?9 or 7? Is Wm Holder (can't read who sureties are) 
 Case 10 Wm McDaniel    Assault    - refers to Mar. Term 1872 [I could not 
locate that record - many pages that term were damaged and too faded to read] 
         Wm McDaniel is principal and C.D. McDaniel is surety at $250 [think 
it indicates C.D. McDaniel failed to have Wm McDaniel there for trial and they 
directing that Wm McDaniel be arrested and held in custody] [same p. can't see 
case number is:] 
 Fred McDaniel   Assault  [think it referred back to Mar Term 1872 and 
apparently Fred did not appear - He is principal and Thomas McDaniel and James 
M. Holderfield are Sureties ($250)... default - arrest Fred and hold in 
 No. 13 [next case after Fred's]  Andrew McDaniel 
Defendant came not - Andrew is principal and Thomas McDaniel and James M. 
Holderfield are sureties ($250) [cannot read remainder] 
 Case 7  Wm McDaniel     Assault 
involves forfeiture of recognizance - set aside Wm McDaniel and C.D. McDaniel 
$250 for Wm's appearance next Term of Court 
[then it list Petit Jury and a couple of case in between - then:] 
 Case 12 Andrew McDaniel   Assault 
[same as Fred's with C.D. McDaniel and ?P.?C. Bennett term of 
 Next Case [cannot read number] ?Maybe Newton McDaniel 
 Assault [there is a two line case just above and it is a McDaniel?] 
[difficult to read] appears similar to the others above - 
 but mentions C.D. McDaniel and William McDaniel. 
 Next Case #17  Newton McDaniel    Assault 
[appears same as above] 
 Case 15  Richard McDaniel     Assault 
Defendant came not  - refers to Mar Term 1872 
Richard McDaniel is surety and what appears to be ?M McDaniel and W. B. Holder 
"entered into their 
recognizance for $250 for the defendants appearance at ___ ____ of the court" 
[the gist is they didn't bring Richard McDaniel into Court as they should and 
are considered to have defaulted and the State issues a summons against them 
(or him) the defendant ___ ___ ___ and I "think" says to arrest Richard 
McDaniel and ... 
 Next Case #16  Newton McDaniel     Assault 
[same as Richard's and Newton is to be arrested 
returnable to the next Term of Court] 
[several case in between - then:] 
 #7 William Holder 
Forfeiture as surety for Richard McDaniel & Wm McDaniel 
 Next case #14 Richard McDaniel 
?For good cause ---- Forfeiture - for Richard McDaniel, Wm Holder and Wm 
McDaniel -  appearance next Term... 
 Next Case [can't read #] Richard McDaniel 
Forfeiture re Newton McDaniel - mentions Wm Holder [then appears to be March 
Term 1873] 
 Case #10 William McDaniel 
This appears to be the verdict of the Jury but cannot read it but believe it 
says not guilty. 
 Next Case #13   Andrew McDaniel 
Not Guilty 
 Next Case #15  Richard McDaniel 
Cannot read, but something about plea of nolle ___ __ __ and cause dismissed 
 Next Case #16  Newton McDaniel 
"At the request of the States Attorney the Court make a ___ ___ ___ Clerk to 
produce the papers ___ ___ ___ ___ by tomorrow morning or show cause ___ __ 
 [Several pages later:] 
#16 Newton McDaniel 
Now comes the Clerk of this Court and makes his ____ writing to the rule made 
on ___ yesterday to produce papers in the above cause that he has made due 
search for the same but they are not in his office and cannot be found   And 
thereupon he is discharged from said rule. 
Thereupon ?comes both the parties to this cause by attorney and State by 
Attorney by ___ ___ the Court enters a nolle id is the ____ Court ordered that 
this cause be ?dismissed? and that the County of Fulton pay all costs ?in? the 
?suit ___ ___ and that the defendant _____ 

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