Birthdays in the Newspaper
Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Democrat
July 15, 1932
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Suggs are the parents of a boy baby born July 3d. This is their second child, both boys.

April 21, 1933
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Suggs of the Barrens community have been rejoicing since Friday over the arrival of a fine boy baby. This is their fourth child---- two girls and two boys.

December 12, 1935
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Suggs, who live on highway 16, have been rejoicing since Tuesday morning of last week over the arrival of a 12 pound girl baby who has been christened Molina Mae. This is their fourth child --- two girls and two boys.

January 16, 1936
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Suggs of Choctaw are the parents of a boy baby at the home of Mrs. Suggs’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Holly, Tuesday, January 7th. Mrs. Suggs will be better remembered as Miss Eula Holly.

April 23, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Suggs are the proud parents of a girl baby born April 4th. It is their fifth child and has been christened Elsie Lucretia. Mother and babe are doing fair.


Van Buren County Democrat
January 18, 1924 p1, c6

Who was the first child born in your township? This question was asked of Democrat readers several weeks since and the first and only reply received thus far is from our good friend "Uncle Baz" Thomas of Oak Flat, Washington township. The first child born in that township was his son, Benjamin P. Thomas, his birth occurring in a plank house on Peyton Creek where the venerable father yet resides. For more than 41 years this house has served as the postoffice for that community, Uncle Baz acting as postmaster throughout all those years. Among other settlers residing in the community at that time Uncle Baz recals L.M. Taylor, Joe Jacks, Jim Vernon, John Emmett, Page Hatchett, T.J. Archer and W. Whitmire. The first school attended by young Thomas was taught by W.H. Wynn, the school house being located on the mountain near location of present school house in Dist. No. 43. Upon reaching manhood's estate he married Miss May Hensley. For a number of years prior to his death in 1914 he was engaged in the mercantile business at Leslie. His widow and four children survive. Who will give us a history of the first birth in another township?


Van Buren County Democrat
January Birthdays

Miss Jessie KEMP January 3rd Clinton
Mrs. Mary ANDERSONJanuary 6th Shirley
Mrs. Josie DAMERON January 6th Clinton
Mrs. J.T. WHILLOCK January 7th Clinton
Bethel WHITE January12th Higden
Mrs. John LINSIN January 16th Plant
Mrs. Bettie GOATS January 16th Copeland
Mrs. R.F. PATE January 16th Clinton
Joe HARNESS January 16th Lexington
Brad FRASER January 18th Clinton
Mrs. D.A. PATTON January 23rd Clinton
Lela CLARK January 24th Lexington
E.E. CANERDAY January 24th Clinton
James WILLIAMS January 26th
R.M. HAYES January 27th Elbert
Osco HALL January 31st

Van Buren County Democrat
January 25, 1924

R.M. Hayes, whose birthday is listed above, was born in Union County, Ga., Jan. 27th , 1862. He came to Van Buren County 44 years ago this month and in July of the following year married Rebecca Byers, also a native of Union County, Ga. They have been blessed with 5 children, 23 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.


Van Buren County Democrat

L.H. GRIGGS February 1st Scotland
Sherman MERRYMAN February 1st Clinton
Thelma McKNIGHT February 1st Bee Branch
Uncle Rich HARDESTER February 1st Rex
Viola ROLLINS February 1st Shirley
Mrs. Mollie BRADLEY February 1st Clinton
Tom PATE February 1st Clinton
Quinnie LEWALLEN February 1st Morganton
Sallie UNDERWOOD February 1st Clinton
Vernie HALL February 2nd Scotland
Beulah SMITH February 2nd Choctaw
Clarence BURNETT February 2nd Cleveland
Lucille HALBROOK February 2nd Cleveland
Mrs. Will PLEDGER February 3rd Bee Branch
V.P. BUMPERS February 3rd Quitman
Ruby LONG February 3rd Clinton
Lesby TRAWICK February 3rd Quitman
Mrs. Jess PICKLESIMER February 3rd Rex
Junious WRIGHT February 3rd Bee Branch
Luster STORY February 4th Choctaw
Gladys GOLDMAN February 4th Archey
Myrtle GRADDY February 4th Morganton
A.B. MOORE February 4th Choctaw
Cleba PRESLEY February 5th Morganton
J.H. JOHNSON February 5th Bee Branch
Carrie BRADFORD February 5th Shirley
Cleba PRESLEY February 5th Morganton
Sherrell HALBROOK February 5th Cleveland
W.H. ANDERSON February 5th Shirley
Mary E. MOORE February 5th Quitman
Mrs. Zura MASSEY February 5th Shirley
Ollie SHIPP February 6th Formosa
J.B. WHALEY February 6th Morganton
Mrs. J.L. ROGERS February 6th Choctaw
Marion KOONE February 6th Scotland
Daniel KOONE February 6th Rex
Lillian ALEXANDER February 7th Shirley
D.C.BRADFORD February 7th Shirley
Vernon WATTS February 7th Dennard
Dixie ROWE February 7th Little Rock
Lela MAHAN February 7th Bee Branch
Mrs. Peggy KOONE February 7th Scotland
Tommy GADBERRY February 7th Shirley
James WRIGHT February 7th Crabtree
Miss V.E. STERLIN February 8th Elba
Martha MOODY February 8th Copeland
E.L. PRESLEY February 8th Morganton
Veldenia REEVES February 8th Rupert
Mrs. J.A. GROSS February 9th Scotland
Mrs. F. O. BLAIR February 9th Plant
Mrs. D.A. DEAN February 9th Rex
Bethel SUMNERS February 9th Bee Branch
Mrs. F.J. PARKS February 9th Dennard
Lucy Belle OLIGER February 10th Clinton
Hazel SHOPTAW February 10th Scotland
Mary A. ANDERSON February 10th Shirley
Kermit FULKS February 10th Morganton
Edd HARNESS February 10th Lexington
James H. FRASER February 10th Clinton
Riley QUATTLEBAUM February 11th Bee Branch
C.M HOTTEN February 11th Shirley
Cora EADES February 11th Clinton
Hiram N. PRIVITT February 11th Shirley
Miss Norma DEAN February 11th Rex
Monroe WATSON February 11th Crabtree
G.C. MORROW February 11th Clinton
Willie PAGE February 11th Crabtree
Lena WRIGHT February 11th Bee Branch
Vennia EMMONS February 11th Clinton
Mrs. H. SHADWICK February 11th Shirley
Mrs. M. KILPATRICK February 12th Scotland
Lincoln GUFFEY February 12th Lexington
Jess SMITH February 12th Choctaw
Harvey GRIGGS February 12th Clinton
Alvin NELSON February 12th Morganton
Mrs.Ida SUGGS February 12th Choctaw
R.H. LUTE February 12th Clinton
Jim HOLLEY February 12th Clinton
Nancy J. HOLLEY February 12th Clinton
Willie Fay STERLIN February 13th Elba
Alice BRANNON February 13th Quitman
Mrs. Belle EVANS February 13th Shirley
Amos BATES February 13th Bee Branch
Minnie KEMP February 14th Clinton
Bet LOFTIS February 14th Bee Branch
Nell O'Neal, age 2 February 14th Clinton
Mrs. Leona ISAAC February 14th Archey
Eathel BRADBERRY February 14th Clinton
Malena O'DELL February 14th Choctaw
Mrs. J.M SCOTT February 14th Dennard
Leonard HARNESS February 14th Lexington
Lillie CRAVENS February 14th Clinton
Martin WARD February 15th Bee Branch
Viva WILSON February 15th Una
Ethel UNDERWOOD February 15th Clinton
Mrs. S. MIDDLETON February 15th Dennard
W.P. BUMPERS February 15th Quitman
Mrs. Josie ENGLAND February 15th Shirley
Jim WHALLEY February 16th Morganton
Ralph WRIGHT February 16th Crabtree
Olin HUNTER February 16th Clinton R.F.D.
Mrs. Sara HATCHETT February 16th Clinton
Doyle O'NEAL February 16th Scotland
Ike GILDESLIEVE February 17th Plant
Guy RHOADES February 17th Choctaw
Tom HUNTER February 17th Choctaw
Mrs. M.A. BANKS February 17th Clinton
Peggy WARD February 18th Clinton
Odis KINGSLEY February 18th Rex
Belle MASSEY February 18th Shirley
Norman O'NEAL February 18th Scotland
Alice BATES February 18th Bee Branch
Leland O'NEAL February 18th Scotland
Joe DEMPSEY February 18th Rt 3, Shirley
Cecil SICKLER February 19th Plant
Charlie PATTERSON February 19th Clinton
H.H. PRUITT February 19th Clinton
Garner FRASER February 19th Clinton
John HALE February 19th Rex
Billy Gean PEARCE February 19th Shirley
Carrie JACOBS February 19th Walnut Grove
Clarence SUMNER February 19th Bee Branch
Eileen McALISTER February 19th Clinton
Bess BRADLEY February 20th Clinton
J.R. STERLIN February 20th Elba
M.E. MADDOX February 20th Clinton
Anderson CUMMANS February 20th Formosa
Mrs. Dora RUSSELL February 20th Formosa
Velma WOOD February 21st Morganton
Avis WOOD February 21st Morganton
R.M. HENRY February 21st Dennard
Gus UNDERWOOD February 21st Clinton
Manda MADDOX February 21st Clinton
Rosa BONDS February 21st Shirley
R.M. HENRY February 21st Dennard
Mrs. S.T. PERKINS February 21st Plant
Wilener BRAMLET February 22nd Plant
Chas. F. WOOD February 22nd Morganton
Mavis McKIM February 22nd Bee Branch
John BOWLING February 22nd Clinton
Edith HALL February 22nd Scotland
Mabel WINNINGHAM February 22nd Formosa
A.J. WRIGHT February 22nd Rex
Elbert SCOTT February 22nd Dennard
Helen REEVES February 22nd Lexington
D.C.GOATS February 22nd Copeland
Minnie JOHNSON February 22nd Clinton
Bud CATES February 22nd Clinton
T.A. PRUITT February 22nd Rex
Annie BONDS February 22nd Shirley
Loy HARNESS February 22nd Shirley
Mrs. Ad FRENCH February 22nd Bee Branch
Mrs. H. BRIGHAM February 22nd Copeland
Opie REEVES February 23rd Lexington
Varis SMITH February 23rd Una
C.F. FULLERTON February 23rd Bee Branch
Mrs. L.V. CROOK February 23rd Clinton
Bretta D. TOWERY February 23rd Shirley
P.CUMMANS February 23rd Lexington
Jurda HUTTO February 23rd Bee Branch
Junior BOWLING February 23rd Clinton
J.W. McALISTER February 23rd Clinton
Cloie & Clay REEVES February 23rd Rupert
Mrs. Athel ROGERS February 24th Scotland
George GUFFEY February 24th Lexington
Ray WATTS February 24th Dennard
Oscar MOODY February 24th Copeland
Claud F. O'NEAL February 25th Scotland
Joe WHILLOCK February 25th Clinton
Burl DUNCAN February 25th Choctaw
Gus PATTERSON February 25th Clinton
W.M. SANFORD February 25th Lexington
J.S. HUDSON February 25th Quitman
Mrs. Luke HUIE February 26th Choctaw
Floyd JACKSON February 26th Crabtree
Sareptia WATTS February 26th Dennard
Will SHANNON February 26th Choctaw
Harvey ALEXANDER February 26th Shirley
Mrs. J.H. PATTERSON February 26th Archey
Woodrow BRADFORD February 27th Shirley
Bryan JOHNSON February 27th Clinton
Albert BLUE February 27th Scotland
Arthur WRIGHT February 27th Crabtree
Miss Eathel HOLLEY February 27th Clinton
A. Dunsworth February 27th Cleveland
Hobert HOOTEN February 28th Shirley
Sherman LINDSEY February 28th Scotland
Mrs. M.A. STERLIN February 28th Elba
Esta BROWN February 28th Shirley
Athel WATSON February 28th Crabtree
Vivian EMMONS February 28th Scotland
Brat FULKS February 28th Morganton
Virgil STERLIN February 28th Elba
Winfred SNEED February 28th Quitman
Mack EVANS February 28th Shirley
Gracie CLARK February 28th Lexington
Mrs. R.C. RILEY February 28th Archey
Virgil STERLIN February 29th Elba
J.G. EVANS February 29th Clinton
Arthur BOWLING February 29th Scotland
Herman McKIM February 29th Bee Branch
W.M. KUYKENDALL February 29th Clinton
Mrs. Rush HOOTEN February 29th Shirley
Mrs. J.H. LINDSEY February 29th Scotland

Van Buren County Democrat
January 25, 1924

The 16th of February Aunt Sarah Hatchett, nee Harrison, providence permitting, will have the exceptional privilege of celebrating her 78th anniversary, her birth occurring in Hardin County, Tenn., Feb. 16th, 1846. Her residence in Van Buren County dates from 1852. She is the mother of eight children, seven of whom survive and with one of whom, Mrs. D. A. Patton, she makes her home. There is much we would like to say concerning the life and deeds of this venerable lady, but time and space precludes in this connection.

Van Buren County Democrat
March Birthdays

J. R. McALISTER March 1 Clinton
Mamie HORTON March 1 Clinton
Willie NELSON March 1 Bee Branch
Bonnie B. LEFLER March 1 Clinton
R.C. ELLIOTT March 1 Shirley
Walter MORGAN March 1 Scotland
Nicey OLIGER March 1 Clinton
Hays MIDDLETON March 2 Dennard
T. H. HORTON March 2 Oak Flat
Imogene ROGERS March 2 Scotland
Lora STROUD March 2 Scotland
Jack HUIE March 3 Formosa
Mrs. Mary McGEE March 3 Dennard
Jesse SMITH March 3 Clinton
Manuel GOLDEN March 4 Archey
Winnie DEASON March 4 Clinton
Earl PRESLEY March 4 Bee Branch
Fay TRAWICK March 4 Quitman
Geo. W. WARD March 5 Choctaw
Mrs. Opal HUIE March 5 Formosa
Mildred MOBLEY March 5 Lexington
Mrs. S.A GOATS March 5 Copeland
Margaret GRADDY March 5 Bee Branch
C. B. MOORE March 5 Choctaw
Jim JONES March 5 Cleveland
Alonzo NUNLEY March 6 Dennard
Lelah McALISTER March 6 Clinton
Veda LENTZ March 6 Cleveland
Borden STROUD March 6 Scotland
W.G. GORDON March 6 Bee Branch
Mildred CROWNOVER March 6 Cleveland
Ewan SCROGGINS March 6 Cleveland
Mrs. Etta BURT March 7 Copeland
W. F. McALISTER March 7 Clinton
Vesta RING March 7 Lexington
Jim W. WARD March 7 Bee Branch
Harmon FRENCH March 7 Bee Branch
Keith BRADFORD March 7 Shirley
Mrs. J. P. MORGAN March 7 Scotland
Mack FIRESTONE March 8 Archey
Pauline WILLIAMS March 8 Lexington
Onva CLARK March 8 Lexington
Mrs. W. C. KOONE March 8 Cleveland
Y.S. THOMASON March 8 Botkinburg
Velma Laverne COOPER March 8 Rockyhill
Mrs. Belle BURNETT March 8 Cleveland
Jesse B. BLUE March 8 Scotland
Maggie VANNOY March 9 Dennard
Minnie SHANNON March 9 Choctaw
Martha BEVERAGE March 9 Scotland
J. L. WARD March 9 Quitman
A. J. MEELER March 10 Cleveland
Melvada LAMAR March 10 Plant
James WATTS March 10 Lexington
Troy LEFLER March10 Cleveland
W.D. ARCHER March 10 Dennard
Cecil GRADY March 11 Bee Branch
Mrs. W. T. DAVIS March 11 Clinton
Margariete BROWN March 11 Bee Branch
John M. COOPER March 11 Quitman
M. B. HAWKINS March 12 Scotland
P. A. ARNHART March 12 Copeland
Lowell B. GOODEN March 12 Choctaw
Rose HALBROOK March 12 Cleveland
Alvin MAYALL March 12 Cleveland
A. J. BONDS March 12 Plant
Everett RUSSELL March 13 Dennard
Sarah Belle ARCHER March 13 Dennard
Mrs. Delta SNEED March 13 Quitman
Lorine MORGAN March 13 Scotland
Obie GOLDEN March 14 Archey
Viller BARNES March 14 Copeland
Bessie GARDNER March 14 Copeland
Hessie GARDNER March 14 Copeland
Ellene CROWNOVER March 14 Bee Branch
Farris HUNTER March 14 Bee Branch
Mrs. R. J. WHILLOCK March 14 Elba
J. E. McKNIGHT March 14 Bee Branch
Vena Beatrice COUCH March 14 Archey
Norma WARBRITTON March 14 Bee Branch
Orville MERRIMAN March 14 Clinton
Chas. WILLIAMS March 15 Lexington
Mrs. Nancy WEBB March 15 Clinton
Harvey J. HALL March 15 Higden
J. H. BUMPERS March 15 Quitman
A. M. LESLEY March 15 Bee Branch
Roy Fay BURNS March 15 Clinton
Bobby JOHNSON March 16 Clinton
Corene JOYNER March 16 Bee Branch
Dewel SHANNON March 16 Choctaw
Jewel SHANNON March 16 Choctaw
Mrs. C. M. ELLIOTT March 16 Shirley
Hazel LENTZ March 16 Cleveland
Lavern WHITWORTH March 16 Clinton
Mrs. Sippie MASSEY March 16 Scotland
W. L. KILPATRICK March 16 Woolum
Robert NEWLAND March 17 Dennard
Lloyd WHITE March 17 Higden
Afton KINCAID March 17 Formosa
Mrs. Myrtle GROVE March 17 Dennard
Minnie BRADLEY March 17 Clinton
Mrs. A. M. EMERSON March 17 Rupert
A. J. PATTERSON March 17 Quitman
Willard LEONARD March 18 Bee Branch
Otheal FAIN March 19 Bee Branch
Claud CROWNOVER March 19 Bee Branch
May McKNIGHT March 20 Clinton
Wilma COLLUMS March 20 Bee Branch
Victor EMERSON March 20 Rupert
Valjean RUSSELL March 21 Cleveland
K. J. BRADFORD March 21 Shirley
Bertha MARCHBANKS March 22 Rex
Fay SMITH March 22 Shirley
Ray SMITH March 22 Shirley
Rev. W. W. WILLIAMS March 22 Shirley
Cordelia STROUD March 22 Scotland
Tennie STROUD March 22 Scotland
C. A. MOBLEY March 22 Quitman
Wilson MOBLEY March 22 Quitman
Mrs. Bessie EVANS March 22 Quitman
Marion SMITH March 22 Clinton
Doyle WHITE March 23 Higden
Aviel FULLERTON March 23 Bee Branch
W. M. PEEL March 23 Clinton
G. H. PATTERSON March 23 Quitman
Hallie DUNSWORTH March 24 Scotland
Bevi HODGES March 24 Copeland
Devie EMERSON March 24 Clinton
Miss Leona GROSS March 24 Formosa
Johnie R. BROWN March 24 Bee Branch
Julia WELLS March 24 Cleveland
J. C. BRADFORD March 24 Shirley
G. E. HORTON March 25 Oak Flat
Miss Lizzie LOTT March 25 Copeland
M. B. LEFLER March 25 Clinton
Mrs. W. O. FOX March 25 Shirley
Nellie ABRAM March 25 Eglantine
Bessie EMERSON March 25 Rupert
Inez TOWERY March 26 Shirley
Elliott ISAACS March 26 Plant
Luther SUMMERS March 26 Cleveland
Mrs. Adda WARD March 26 Choctaw
A. B. MOORE, Jr. March 27 Choctaw
Linton JACOBS March 27 Clinton
Frank CAMPBELL March 27 Clinton
Ace LOTT March 27 Scotland
Ernest JACOBS March 28 Clinton
Roscoe SUMNERS March 28 Bee Branch
J. D. BONDS March 28 Shirley
W. P. SNEED March 28 Quitman
Luther BEAVERS March 28 Clinton
Helen Marie BOONE March 29 Bee Branch
Houston C. McKIM March 29 Bee Branch
Miss Bethel OTT March 29 Archey
Ruth CULLUM March 29 Eglantine
J. W. BROWN March 29 Bee Branch
Sue JORDON March 30 Shirley
Leila HAWKINS March 30 Scotland
Wylie SCROGGINS March 30 Cleveland
Robert WADDELL March 30 Clinton
Sallie Cottrell HALL March 30 Higden
Sam CULPEPPER March 30 Clinton
A. B. O'NEAL March 31 Scotland
Lowell O'NEAL March 31 Scotland
Werta Rea RIFFEY March 31 Quitman
Woodra Ree RIFFEY March 31 Quitman
Mrs. Bettie LESLEY March 31 Bee Branch

Van Buren County Democrat
March 7, 1924

Through an oversight last week we failed to include in our list of February birthdays the names of Clois and Clay Reeves, twins, born Feb. 23d, 1911, also, Veldenia Reeves, born Feb. 8th, 1924, all of Rupert.

Van Buren County Democrat
March 14, 1924

I was 73 years old March 5th, was born and reared in Van Buren County and thin there is no other county like it, says Mrs. S. A. Goats of Copeland on a postcard addressed the Democrat.

Tuesday was Mrs. W.T. Davis' 65 birthday anniversary and in honor of the occasion she entertained at dinner the families of her two daughters resident of Clinton, Mesdames Fraser and Koone.

Last week's list of birthdays contained the names of twins Dewel and Jewel Shannon, children of Mr. and Mrs. Will Shannon of Choctaw township. This week we have two others Bessie and Hessie Gardner of near Copeland. Who knows of other twins in the county born in March?

Van Buren County Democrat
March 21, 1924

Dear Mr. Oldham: March 31st is my birthday; was born in 1886. My youngest son, Lowell, was born March 31st, 1920. He is a fine baby, of course full of life and loves baby chicks. Good Wishes. A. B. O'Neal, Scotland.

In reporting the date of her birth Mrs. Sam Culpepper remarked that she had a twin sister, Mrs. Ant Evans, also a cousin of same age, but these had quit having birthdays. Mrs. Evans, who makes he home with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rainey, now lives at Memphis. Mr. Rainey being employed on the News Scimitar.

In sending in the date of her birth, March 8th, 1875, Mrs. Belle Burnett of Cleveland says she is a native of Alabama but has lived in Van Buren and Conway counties since 1860, excepting 11 months spent in Bradley County. Mrs. Burnett says she was married in 1894 and is the mother of fifteen children, eight of whom are now living.

In sending the Democrat the date of her birthday, March 16th, Mrs. J. O. Massey, nee Morgan, says the 7th of March was also the anniversary of her marriage. After 17 years of married life she says that neither she nor her husband have yet grown tired of sharing each other's joys and sorrows. Here's hoping our friends will live to enjoy many happy returns of their marriage anniversary.

Van Buren County Democrat
March 28, 1924

Mrs. W. O. Fox of the Weaver Creek neighborhood writes the Democrat that she was 54 years old the 25th and that she had been in the county less than four years, but wished she had been here longer as she liked this part of the state very much and it is home now.

Van Buren County Democrat
April Birthdays

Mrs. Keith BRADFORD April 1 Shirley
Leeottie PATTON April 1 Clinton
Mrs. Myrtie DOUTHITT April 1 Shirley
Mrs. Laura SIMMONS April 1 Clinton
Marvin BOYKIN April 1 Clinton
J. W. HINKLE April 2 Shirley
Mrs. Charles PATTON April 2 Archey
Bobbie PATTERSON April 2 Quitman
Mrs. Alice HALL April 2 Scotland
Mrs. Mary GUILING April 2 Scotland
W. T. PRESLEY April 2 Damascus
Faye WILLIAMS April 2 Oak Flat
Verlie HARDIN April 2 Bee Branch
Harold ROGERS April 2 Damascus
J. W. DUNCAN April 3 Shirley
Penzil EMERSON April 3 Rupert
Codie HUDSON April 4 Quitman
Silas OSBURN April 4 Copeland
Mrs. Ann BOST April 4 Scotland
Mrs. Della BUMPERS April 5 Quitman
Mrs. Ira PERKINS April 5 Shirley
Miss Essie HALL April 6 Scotland
Elda EMERSON April 7 Rupert
Mrs. V. P. BUMPERS April 8 Quitman
Thos. JONES, Sr. April 8 Copeland
Ruth EMMONS April 8 Scotland
Willard SMITH April 8 Choctaw
Kathlyne SMITH April 8 Choctaw
Opal KILLOUGH April 9 Dennard
Lela MORRISON April 9 Scotland
Raley DOUTHITT April 9 Shirley
Eugene POWERS April 9 Shirley
Helen MORGAN April 9 Scotland
J. A. HAYES April 9 Rockyhill
Mrs. Louise CLAIBORNE April 9 Dennard
Elva GOATS April 9 Copeland
Wanda TOWERY April 10 Shirley
Dollie HOLLEY April 10 Shirley
Thelma ROLLAND April 10 Liberty
Mrs. Jesse SIMPKINS April 11 Shirley
Mrs. Pearl SMITH April 11 Clinton
Amy GRAHAM April 11 Bee Branch
Elizabeth SCROGGINS April 12 Cleveland
Delia WOOD April 12 Morganton
Dorthea McGEHEE April 12 Choctaw
Pensy RAYMER April 13 Morganton
Helen TRAWICK April 13 Quitman
Devoe HUNTER April 13 Clinton
Marie SHANNON April 13 Choctaw
Mrs. J. L. MIZELL April 14 Scotland
Willie HEFNER April 14 Rupert
Cecil BURGESS April 14 Clinton
Robert ISOM April 14 Clinton
R. T. CROOK April 14 Clinton
Gertie HARDIN April 15 Scotland
Bert HARDIN April 15 Scotland
H. F. HARDIN April 15 Scotland
Jewel ARCHER April 15 Dennard
Mrs. Jos. HANCOCK April 16 Dennard
Lloyd WALDRIP April 16 Dennard
Evelyn CALVIN April 16 Rumley
J. H. DUNCAN April 16 Choctaw
Opal MIDDLETON April 16 Dennard
J. L. MIZEL April 16 Scotland
Garner Dale BOONE April 17 Morganton
Ava Lee HUIE April 17 Choctaw
Ralph NEWLAND April 18 Dennard
Hazel MASSEY April 18 Scotland
Leone JONES April 18 Scotland
Bramlet SIMPKINS April 18 Shirley
Oid STERLIN April 18 Elba
J. A. JOHNSON April 19 Elba
Winnie UNDERWOOD April 19 Scotland
Warren QUATTLEBAUM April 19 Bee Branch
Virgil MOORE April 20 Morganton
Annie CATES April 20 Formosa
Clarie CATES April 20 Formosa
Luther LOUDERMILK April 20 Copeland
Charles JOHNSON April 20 Bee Branch
William BARTON April 20 Lexington
Merle WARD April 20 Choctaw
Winona HAYES April 21 Oak Flat
Luther BRADLEY April 21 Clinton
Irene OSBURN April 21 Copeland
Oretta HANCOCK April 21 Dennard
Mrs. Dick SIMPKINS April 21 Shirley
Scott COUCH April 22 Archey
Mrs. Parlee UNDERWOOD April 22 Clinton
J. H. COTTRELL April 22 Clinton
Bonnie Lee HUNTER April 22 Bee Branch
Lindsey HATCHETT April 22 Clinton
Mrs. T. C. SUMNERS April 23 Bee Branch
Mrs. Essie HUGGINS April 23 Formosa
Mollie SNEED April 23 Quitman
Jesse SMITH April 23 Dennard
Velma PACK April 23 Scotland
W. R. MORGAN April 23 Scotland
Clara HOGAN April 24 Scotland
J. M. PERKINS April 24 Shirley
Frank BURGESS April 24 Shirley
Glenney JENNINGS April 26 Morganton
Mrs. Sarah BAKER April 26 Morganton
Ethna BOONE April 26 Bee Branch
Onia JONES April 26 Scotland
Don BURGESS April 27 Clinton
Bertha JOHNSON April 27 Bee Branch
Mrs. A. L. DEAN April 27 Scotland
Amos V. PRESLEY April 27 Damascus
M. C. WILLIAMS April 28 Oak Flat
Mrs. Chlarice LEFLER April 28 Shirley
Claudie MASSEY April 28 Scotland
Mrs. Mary MASSEY April 29 Scotland
Johnie JONES April 29 Scotland
Maymie ROACH April 29 Clinton
Wilmeth BAKER April 29 Morganton
Orien McGLATHERY April 30 Arlburg

Van Buren County Democrat
April 11, 1924
In the list appearing this week is the name of a youth nearing his 87th mile post; J. L. Mizell of Craig Township. Twins, a brother and sister, are also listed from the same township. How many other twins in the county who were born in April we wonder.

Van Buren County Democrat
April 18, 1924
Mrs. Parlee Underwood whose anniversary is listed above, writes the Democrat that she has been a citizen of this county for 45 years, coming here from Sharp County, where she was born, when six years old.

In reporting the date of his birth, along with that of his mother, J. M. Perkins, says: My mother, Mrs. Ida Perkins, was born April 5th, 59 years ago, and has passed her entire life within one mile of where she was born. But during these 59 years she has moved five times.

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