Early Days in Rex Community 1942

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Van Buren County Democrat

March 20, 1942

Early Days in Rex Community

(By Pearl Cavender)

The first settler in Rex as Elisha Dean. He first settled between Rex and where E. E. Vaughan now lives and later moved to Rex. The next settlers were Sam Henley and Demp Beverage. Jodiah Dean, son of Elisha Dean, built the first store in Rex near where Preston Jones now lives. He later built a store south of John Hale's house where Juanita Cloe lives. The first post office building was across the road from where the post office building now stands. The first school near Rex was at Sandy Gap, between Rex and E. E. Vaughan's. There was a two-story building near where John Hardester lives. The upper story was used for a lodge room, while the lower story was used as a church house.