Towns and Communities of Van Buren Co.

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The purpose of this page is to list and locate the towns and communities of the county...whether still active towns or not. If you can help in this endeavor, please contribute any information you might have.

The towns that are underlined with a link have histories and stories when you click on them.

Hope we can include many more histories with your help.

For the towns identified with a township and range location, click on the Township & Range link and you will get an owners plat map showing the location of the town.
The location within the section is approximate. Clinton and Fairfield Bay cover more than one section.

Full County Road Map showing towns

Van Buren County Populated Places Maps

Alread S 3 T11N R16W
Archey (historical) S 30 T12N R15W
Archey Valley S 7 T12N R16W
Austin S 10 T10N R17W
Banner S 8 T11N R13W
BEE BRANCH S 5 T 9N R13W See Greasy Valley also
Beverage Town S 25 T10N R16W
Bloomington (historical) S 3 T10N R13W
Botkinburg S 7 T12N R14W
Brock Creek
Burnt Ridge S 18 T11N R13W
Butter Creek (historical)S 2 R10N R15
Buzzard Roost(historical)S 19 T11N R15W
Chalk (historical) S 34 T11N R12W
Chimes S 12 T12N R17W
Choctaw S 1 T10N R14W
Choctaw Pines S 11 T10N R13W
Claude S 33 T10N R15W
Clinton S 15 T11N R14W
Crabtree S 3 T11N R15W
Culpepper Mtn S 24 T11N R14W
Dabney S 3 T11N R17W
Damascus S 32 T9N R13W
Dennard S 19 T13N R14W
East Mountain(historical)S 21 T10N R13W
Edge (historical) S 13 T10N R16W
Eglantine S 19 T11N R12W
Elba S 14 T13N R14W
Fairbanks S 5 T 9N R12W
Formosa S 32 T10N R14W
Gladys (historical) S 29 T11N R15W
Gravel Hill S 30 T10N R15W
Gravesville S 26 T 9N R13W
GREASY VALLEY S 5 T 9N R13W See Bee Branch also
Green Tree S 8 T10N R13W
Gridley (historical) S 15 T10N R16W
Kinderhook (historical) S 15 T12N R12W
Koch Ridge S 11 T11N R15W
Koones Gulf (historical) S 25 T11N R17W
Latham (historical) S 28 T11N R16W
Liberty Springs S 17 T10N R17W
Massey Mountain
Morganton S 26 T10N R13W
Oak Flat (historical) S 14 T13N R15W
Old Botkinburg S 16 T12N R14W
Old Liberty (historical) S 34 T10N R16W
Old Rattlesnake
Owl's Cove
Palisades S 2 T10N R13W
Pee Dee S 7 T11N R13W
Pine Mountian(historical)S 9 T10N R15W
Plant S 26 T13N R14W
Pleasant Grove S 20 T10N R15W
Poe (historical) S 21 T12N R12W
Rabbit Ridge S 23 T 9N R14W
Racket Ridge (historical)S 36 T11N R16W
Red Hill S 31 T13N R14W
REX S 8 T11N R16W
Rocky Hill S 28 T13N R15W
Rumley S 8 T13N R14W
Rupert S 33 T12N R16W
Scotland S 8 T10N R15W
Settlement (historical) S 25 T12N R13W
Shake Rag (historical) S 21 T11N R14W
Shirley S 25 T12N R13W
Southside S 9 T 9N R13W
Steel Chapel
Stumptoe S 32 T10N R17W
Sulphur Springs S 20 T10N R12W
The Gulf
Una S 10 T12N R17W
Walnut Grove S 26 T11N R15W
Whipple S 27 T 9N R14W
Williams Gulf(historical)S 24 T11N R16W
Woolum S 2 T12N R16W
Zion Hill S 28 T12N R17W


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