Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Submitted by Virginia Campbell

The following information was taken from the fall 1986 issue of the Van Buren County Historical Journal
written by Stella Bradford Kellermeyer


I have a book called "Sowell's Chapel Church Book" dated May 10, 1873. It was given to me by my Aunt Mollie Hensley, she was the sister of my father and the wife of Johnny Hensley. My parents were John Mathis Bradford and Effie Bell Clark Bradford. My father's parents were Daniel and Artie M. Bradford and my mother's parents were Dr. James R. and Sarah Church Clark. Dr. Frank Clark, one of the outstanding pioneer doctors of that day was my mother's brother. The first entry in the book is dated March 3rd, 1883 at Middle Settlement, Arkansas. Aunt Mollie told me there was at least 10 years or probably more years of the minutes missing. The book is called the "Church Register of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The book was published by the Cumberland Presbyterian Publishing House, Nashville, Tennessee, 138 Church Street. Every meeting called "Sessions" met on Saturday afternoons and was always opened with prayer by the pastor, or one of the elders or deacons. I can never name them all, I do not know all the people who had a part in establishing and serving the early church for so much of the record is lost. I am proud of the fact that so many members of my family were among the leaders in their communities and the church. My great grandfather Bennett Bradford and my grandfather, Daniel Bradford and his brothers, John and Lewis Bradford and their families were faithful workers and members all their lives. I do not remember the old Sowell's Chapel but my mother told me where it stood, south from the old Mt. View School House, does anyone remember the old spring? It was close by. The old settlement, Mt. View, Star Mt., Eglatine schools and Church houses served the communities and county and state for every good purpose. That was where we went to school and church, besides serving the church they had their lodge meetings, debates, spelling bees, Christmas celebrations, etc. The children of several generations in the different communities got good and lasting education in their little one room school houses. I well remember Rev. J. B. Fortner and many many more who carried on this work....


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