Snow Lick Baptist Church Organizational Papers

Submitted by Arnie Millsap

The original copies were in possession of my great aunt Laura Amanda Striet nee Millsaps, 1896-1996. When she crossed over her son took the records to the Post Falls, Idaho Historical Society. The records were in two ledgers and included the Church the family started in Idaho known as the Pleasant View Baptist Church, which still exists today. Jesse Blackburn Millsaps moved his family from Blount County, Tennessee to the Arkansas area in about 1888 and from there to Northern Idaho in about 1902.
Her father, Jesse Blackburn Millsaps died in 1928. Aunt Amanda was a bit upset by how the church went and so kept the records until she crossed over. For years the rumor around the church was that the records were hidden behind the wall boards. They were not.

Surnames found in these documents: Billings, Burnett, Meigs, Coldwell, Phillip, Shelds, Amos, Byram, Cosley, Millsaps, Boyd, Bridges, Hefner, Walker, Giles, Birm, Pickelsimor, Yarber, Mils, Pack, Roers, Bruse, Blaney, Tucker, Rusel, Turney, Pruet, Nute, Jones, Morgan, Campbell, Buyran