County Tax Records 1855

Transcribed by Lynn Risener

Although I have only listed the names, the old tax records show much more than just a list of names, including the following:
No. of persons to pay tax
Land description of any land they might own in VB. County
(If they had a land description listed, I have placed an * after their name)
No. and value of slaves from ages 8-60
No. and value of sawmills they might own
No. and value of horses, mules and cattle they own

1855 is the last year I will be transcribing at this time.
On this micro film the years 1856-58 and 1865-67 are also listed.
If you would be interested in transcribing any of these please let me know.

All tax records transcribed from Family History Library Film #2363107

"A List of Persons and Property Assessed for Taxation in Van Buren County in the State of Arkansas for the Year AD 1855"

Arnold, Samuel
Arnhart, Jacob
Arnold, Runkin *
Arnold, Benj T?. *
Alison, Hiram *
Arnold, James
Alison, Absalom
Akin, S.C. *
Akins, Jas junr *
John Counts senr *
Akin, Jas C. *
Akin, John M. *
Allen, William *
Allin, Eli *
Allen, Lewis *
Allen, Jesse *
Allen, Deliha *
Brooks, Jas M. *
Barnes, J.C.
Bunton, Robert
Brown, George *
Barnes, G.B.
Barnes, Dempsey
Baker, Thomas *
Burgess, Warren *
Bond, William
Browning, Charles
Browning, Wm Senr
Browning, John
Browning, Hawkins
Browning, Robert
Browning, Wm junr
Bittle, Henry Senr *
Bittle, Levi
Bittle, Lewis
Bittle, Henry junr
Bittle, Wm senr *
Brown, G.T.
Brewer, Calvin *
Brewer, Joice
Brewer, James
Brewer, L.C.
Brown, Seville *
Brown, Washington *
Bailey, Binout? H?.
Blankenship, Wm *
Bean, Elijah *
Brouce, David *
Bean, Jesse
Baskins, Aaron
Bean, David
Bradford, Benet
Bradford, John A. *
Bradford, Wm C.
Bradford, T?. M.
Bradford, Wm K. *
Bradford, D.R.
Bradford, J.T.
Bradford, Z.O.
Bain, Roderick *
Bradford, George
Brown, Saml
Brown, A.J. *
Bridges, W.W.
Brickey, Jarret *
Brickey, Jackson
Brickey, Jesse
Brock, Josiah *
Brock, W.W.
Broadway, R.
Bradley, James
Bradford, George senr
Bailey, Joshua *
Bradford, James
Bayakin, Samuel *
Bradley, Sion
Baskins, J?. W.
Bradley, John
Bradley, Wm T.
Bron, James
Boyer, Levi *
Barlow, A.G. *
Baskin, William
Brewer, Enoch *
Bradford, Wm senr *
Castlebury A. Cindu?
Cotrell, Jas M.
Cotrell, William
Caigle, Volentine
Causey, Frederick
Clifton, Nathan *
Chandler, Joseph
Christopher, Jonathan *
Castleberry, David
Cassel, John
Cotton, Saml B.
Cotton?, W.D.
Cotrell, Gilbert *
Cotrell, John
Christopher, And
Campbell, Richard
Cook, Austin
Cattage, James
Collum, Wm senr *
Cornwell, James
Cockran, John *
Cook, Isham
Chapman, A.B. *
Casey, Levi *
Chance, John *
Chance, Pernell *
Cronn?, George *
Cullum, L?. M. *
Cullum, William
Cullum, Elizabeth *
Cullum, John
Connor, John T?. *
Christopher, Wm
Crausley, Cyrus *
Castleberry, M.C. *
Denton, John *
Dawson, Eli
Denton, C.
Dunn, David
Davis, Weat
Dickenson, Isaac
Duncan, C.L. *
Duncan, H.B. *
Donham, James T. *
Davis, Jesse *
Dilly, James
Dickerson, Benj
Dempsey, G.W.
Douglass, John
Davis, A.B.
Daniel, William
Eades, Jacob
Edwards, Jesse *
Edwards, A.J.
Emison, Isaac
Eakin, Joseph
Edwards, Thos J. *
Eubanks, Joseph
Eubanks, Robert *
Freeman, Squire *
Freeman, Saml *
Fulkerson, James
Farley, Stephen *
Greason, W.R.
Giles, William
Greason, H. *
Goodnight, H?.
Goodnight, Phillip
Goodnight, Luke
Goodnight, James
Goodnight, Thos
Goodnight, John
Gill, John
Goodman, C.
Gadberry, William *
Graham, Aquilla
Graham, T.L. *
Goff, John H.
Goff, William F?. *
Garner, W.W. *
Guthrie, T.W. heirs
Gibbs, William
Goodman, D.O. *
Goff, Samuel *
Gebbs, George W.
Grey, Thomas
Griggs, Daniel *
Griggs, John M.
Goodwin, M.J.
Griggs, Thos J.
Griggs, Thoephulis
Griggs, Mays *
Griggs, Samuel *
Gibbons, Oziar
Gosnel, Charles
Gosnel, Emeriah
Gosnel, William
Guinn, William
Gardner, Wiley B.
Griggs, Saml T?. *
Griggs, D.B.
Grant, William *
Griggs, John A. *
Gillum, C.A. *
E. Smith *
Graham, D.L. *
Sarah Swift *
Giles, Henry *
Gatton, John L.
Graham, Joel heirs *
Gatton, Henry J. *
Goff, Jesse *
Gadberry, A.L.
Harrington, Hez
Harrison, R.S?.
Harrison, J.S.
Harrison, G.W. *
Hanell, E.
Hill, J.C.
Hensley, Wiliam
Holmes, Wm senr
Holmes, William junr
Henderson, A.
Henderson, Rufus R.
Henderson, Ransom *
Hatachett, Page *
Hatchet, George
Harness, John
Hensley, Feilding
Harness, Thomy
Huggins, A.J.
Hensley, Sampson
Hopson, John
Ham, William S.
Ham, John M. *
Ham, J.M. junr
Hensley, Volentine
Hulsey, Elijah
Hulsey, Adler
Hartwick, Matthew *
Hill, R.S. junr
Hill, R.S. senr
Wm Blankenship *
Hunsucker, G.W. *
Hunsucker, David
Hardwick, George
Hackney, Henry
Hammons, A.L.
Horton, J.J. *
Holland, Calvin
Holland, Albert
Huie, Jesse
Holsonback, K?. A.
Hunt, Henderson
Huie, Elisha
Huie, John
Hunter, Wm
Huie, Richard G.
Huggins, F.M.
Huggins, Joseph
Howell, T.A.
Hatchet, E.G.
Hunter, Isaac *
Harrington, Wm
Harrington, Dury
Huie, William
Hall, Joshua *
Hall, Robert
Howard, Wm
Halbrook, J.E.
Halbrook, William
Halbrook, Jeremiah
Hill, Henry
Holmes, Benjamin *
Harden, George
Hartwick, Leonard
Hartwick, Rederick
Hopson, Mary *
Hopson, Sm S.
Huie, Richard *
Juie, James
Juie, George
Halbrook, James
Holmes, Welson
Johnston, Wm
Johnston, S.D.L.P.
Joslin, L.B.
Jackson, John
Jones, Abram
Joslin, William *
Johnston, Patrick?
Kales, Daniel
Kemp, Barton
Kennedy, John
Kendall, John *
Kendall, Samuel *
Kendall, Calvin *
Kales, John W. *
Kales, John *
Kales, Moses *
Kennedy, G.W.
Kales, P?. *
Lee, John E.
Laning, Joseph
Lockart, Adam
Lockart, James
Lockart, Moses
Lewis, John
Lockart, William *
Lovelace, M.R. *
Loftis, Thos J. *
Loftis, L.H.
Lay, William H. *
Love, Benjamin
Love, Wm B. *
Lay, Jesse *
Lee, George *
Linn, William
Linn, Catherine *
Leonard, Wm
Lewis, J.B.
Linn, Asa
Leonard, Wm. C.
Lafferty, H.G.
Lafferty, John L *
Maddox, James *
McKelvey, John
Morrow, G.W.
Marshal, J.K.
Melton, Thos junr
Melton, J.A.
Melton, John senr
Meriman, Carroll
Moody Jonathan
Moss, James *
Mayer, Jas A.
Melton, Thos junr
Melton, John junr
Melton, Hardy
Melton, Jacob
Montgomery, D.J.
McAlister, Daniel *
McAlister, Jas *
Miller, C. *
Meller, John B. *
Crawford, Walker       }
heirs of McAlister W.L.} *
Magness, William
Magness, Morgan *
Motron, S.T.L.
Martin, W.W. *
Martin, G.L.
Moon, G.W. *
Magness, Daniel *
Martin, John *
Mills, Lewis *
Michael, Wm M. *
Martin, John W.
Maddox, John *
Mincey, Daniel
Morrison, T.J.
Maddox, William *
Musick, alford *
McAlister, John F. *
McAlister, Mike &}*
Joshua James     }*
McAlister, Joseph
McCagleman, S.M.
Mills, Elisha *
Mills, William
McCaslin, John senr
McCaslin, Wm
Mitchell, Wm R.
McAlister, C.
Meeler, Stephen
Martin, William
McCoy, A.F.
McCoy, A.J.
McCaslin, Jno junr
Marwell, Bailey
McAlister, Wm B. *
Magness, Robert
Magness, John A.
McKiney, Wm *
Nichols, James
Nixon, John G. *
Null, J.W.
Neal, S.L. *
Nelson, John *
Neal, Joseph
Norman, R.L.
Odom, N.F.
Odom, Richard
Pearce, Jas M. *
Pearce, D.H.
Parsley, John
Parker, John
Pearce, S.P. *
Pruit, John D. *
Pruit, Wililam *
Pruit, Benjamin
Palmer, Benj *
Presley, R.F.
Poe, James
Parish, John
Patty, Obid *
Presley, L.J.
Pearce, William *
Polls, William
Pennington, N?. J.
Pruit, David *
Pruit, A.M.
Pruit, D.F.
Pruit, A.J.
Pruit, L.H. *
Pearce, Wm C. *
Parsley, Enos *
Peel, John S.
Polk, Charles
Parsley, Archibald
Parsley, Stephen
Powell, Isham
Powell, Ambrose
Powell, P.O. *
Parker, John
Parker, Elisha
Parnell, Wm
Parnell, Volentine
Patterson, Simeon
Patterson, J.B.
Provce?, Phillip
Patten, William *
Patton, T.C.
Presley, James
Parish?, Thomas
Roberts, Floyd
Reasor, J.S.
Rumley, Cornall
Risner, Thomas
Rogers, Robinson
Rogers, Richard
Rayny?, Anetslus?
Ramsey, Daniel
Robingson, Wm T. *
Ridgeway, s.E. *
Rhodes, Samuel *
Rogers, George
Rogers, A.J.
Rhodes, William
rogers, John *
Rase, Jesse
Reed, H.T.
Rogers, C.R.
Roberts, J.C. *
Robinson, A.G. &}*
Jas Robinson    }*
Robinson, Marian
Read, Reacy
Rhoads, Robert
Riley, Ningen *
Riley, Hugh
Rhoades, George W.
Roberts, J.M. C.
Robinson, James *
Runion, John
Ridens?, Jas T.
Ranmsey, Thomas
Sanders, L.S.
Sanders, Jas L.
Starnes, A.P.
Smith, John *
Smith, L.H.
Smith, A.B. *
Ship, Jesse R.
Sowell, T.M. *
Sowell, Lewis
Sowell, Elijah
Smith, Elias
Sowell, Wm J.
Sowell, Elizabeth *
Sutten, Logan
Shigall?, thos
Starnes, J.T.
Smith, Hiram
Sparkman, Henry *
Sparkman, John
Shipley, James *
Sparkman, J.W.
Sparkman, Thos J. *
Sparkman, William *
Smith, Haywood *
Smith, James
Stephens, John
Stephens, James *
Stephens, Saml junr
Stephens, George
Simpkins, Stephen *
Simpkins, Jacob
Stephens, Samuel
Sherman, G.W.
Sparkman, James
Smith, A.H.
Stobaugh, Armanis
Scarlet, James *
Stobaugh, I.J. *
Starkey, Caleb
Shoat, William
Stobaugh, E.S.
Stroud, James
Stobaugh, Armanis senr
Ship, William
Smith, William *
Stobaugh, T.W. *
\Scarlet, Jacob E. *
Smith, Elbert *
Sherman, Wm
Snead, Armanias *
shelton, James
shelton, William
Thacker, Wm
Turney, Daniel *
Turney, Hannah *
Turney, James? *
Turney, Turmain?
Turney, Henry
Turney, Wm J. *
turney, Abram
Taylor, William
Thurmon, Alen
Turney, Joseph *
Turney, P.C.
Tredaway, Charles
Thompson, William *
Teage, Richard
Teague, William
Thompson, John
Vanmeter, John *
Venable, L.R.
Watts, William
Wilson, John S. *
Work, A.C.
Watts, Richard
Watts, Asa
Waldin, Jas A.
Weaver, Mark
Wever, Noah
Weaver, Joshua
Wood, James
Wiat, Henry
Witt, Alison *
Witt, Jesse *
Williams, Daniel
Wiley, James *
Williams, Abram
Williams, M.M.
Williams, Josiah
Wheelus, Isaac
Waddle, William *
Westerman, Wm
Williams, J.E.
Williams, E.S. *
Warren?, Wm D.
Webb, James J.
Williams, R.L.
Williams, Wm S.
White, John
Witt, Jeremiah
Wet, Alex A.
Wood Saml Hinsy? *
Williams, L.D.
Youngblood, Wm
Yound, Edward
York, John

         Non Residents Land Owners paying 1855 taxes in Van Buren Co.

Alvis, May
Beal, William
Langford, E.M.
Langford, H.C.
Vanmeter, s.T.
Sutton, J.W?.
Langford, J.P.
Middleton, P.S.
Moon, David L.
Mann, Sarah E.
Lancaster, A.J.
McClure, John
McClure, Volentine
Davis, John W.
McAuley, Hiram
Gatton, Saml
Wharton, John W.
Ruddle, John
Stover, Manervia E.
Stover, Martha E.
Stover, Hariet V.
Stover, Wm B.
Stover, Rhoda C.E. P.
Stover, Louisa E.
Stover, Powell
Stover, Hariet M.
Stover, Maryann W.
Arnold, Alfred
Collen, J.A. heirs
Goodlow, T.H.
Henderson, Joseph
Hatachett, King
Jones, J.T.P.
Walker, Louisa
Woodruff, Wm E &}
George Shears   }
Patterson, J.H.

                           1855 Tax Book Summary

27 town or city lots
71 slaves
3 sawmills
2 tanyards
1 distilleries
1 pleasure carrige
661 horses & mares
72 mules
8 jacks & jennies