Pg 81-82 Probate Book A

Probate Court Oct. Term, Oct 14, A.D. 1859

Affa Hugins petitioner vs Heirs of Eli Huggins Decd

     To the Honorable Judge of the court of probate to the October term A.D. 1859

        Your petitioner Affa Huggins would most respectfully state to your honor that at the July term of your Honorable court A.D. 1857 your petitioner petitioned your Honor court to appoint commissioner to Lay off his Dower in the following slaves to wit.  Ahthery, Margaret, Leonis, Charlotte, Riley and Boy which ___ due consideration by your Honor Court did cause to be made ___ appointing Calvin Brewer, William Cullum Sns and Robert S. Hill said commissioners and the said Calvin Brewer, William Cullum Srs  did under the law made and provided for in such cases to Lay off her Dower in such slaves of the Estate of Eli Huggins decd to wit..  Margaret and Riley as her Dower portion in said slaves as the widow of Eli Huggins deceased which refrost? was by your Honor received and made a matte or record of the Probate court of the county of Van Buren

       Your petitioners would most respectfully state to your Honor that said refrost? and all the orders made and concerning said Dower was on the 27th day of February A.D. 1859 destroyed by fire by the clerks office of the county of Van Buren.

      Your Petitioners would ask that your Honorable Court would make as cause to be made all orders and Records heretofore made in and concerning said dower heretofore made and destroyed by said Conflagration and all other orders that may seem right and just in the premise and in duty bound will ever pray __ and the court being sufficiently advised in the premises therein it  was ordered by the court that said Petition be spread upon the Records and that the report of commissioners be re-instated and placed upon the docket and relate back to the time date of the record things? as though said papers and Records had not been destroyed by fire.