Probate Misc. Records 1859

Transcribed by Lynn Risener
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Allen, Thos E.

Bond as Constable  for Griggs Twsp to fill the vacancy left by resignation of Joe N. Starkey.  Security: Thos M.  Barber & Monroe Gilchrist

Apr 25, 1859


Samuel C. Akin, John Rodgers, Wm Gosnisel, Richard Logan, Aaron P. Starnes, John Cottrell, D.R. Bradford, Wm Bittle Sr., John Hodges, Elijah Beard, Andrew J. McNutt, James Shelton  Jury duty.  Samuel C. Akin was foreman April  4, 1859 27
Leononas Hartwick, Wm Bradshaw, Carrol Merriman & Wm Magness failed to appear for jury duty April 4, 1859 27
Allen, Thomas E. sworn in as depty sheriff Apr 5, 1859 29
Thomas G. Grayson, William Grayson, Sarah Moore all failed to appear before the Grand Jury Oct 5, 1859 30

Akin, John M.

Bond & Guardian of Ellen Harriet James, John David & Zelpha Akins, minors . David Gosnel security

13 Apr 1860


Akin, John M.

Last will & testament
June 5, 1861, filed and recorded June 20, 1861
in feeble health
Wm Maddox & Mathew Stroud executors

June 5, 1861


Bradley, Ansolin & Mary C. Kerr

Bond as joint guardians of  Susan A. Kerr, William Kerr, Sarah P. Kerr, Nancy An Kerr, Eliza Kerr & Joseph Thomas Kerr

Apr 13, 1860


State of Ark vs John Bradley charged with assault and battery - $200 bail pd by Luther R. Venable April 6, 1859 30

Bittle, Henry

Last will & Testament
Dated 5 Mar 1860
Names mentioned: Wife- Charlotte
7 youngest children - Margaret M. Bittle, America J., Cena D., Easter Ann, Abraham L., Hannah E., Amanda J. Bittle
Oldest son living H.Bittle
Grandson Jesse Bittle
Witness: Calvin Kendel & S.H. Brady. Exec: Wm Cullum Sr.

5 Mar 1860


Bradford, Geo N.

Last will & testament
Apr 10, 1960, filed May 11, 1860
In feeble health
wife Nancy Caroline
James Scroggins - a 3 yr old horse, etc
Joseph Bradford, a minor, Abagail R. Bradford, minor, dau Roena
Admin: John Maddox & Zelmon O Bradford

Apr 10, 1960


Bean, Lucy

Last will & testament
June 7, 1860, filed June 8, 1860
Lived in township of Cadron.
6 children to divide $1 - Betsy Ann Prover?, Perry Kalin, Caroline Grant, P. Hartwick, George W. Bean, Lidia Jane Wyatt
son John M. Bean - his promise to support me I give the balance of the estate

June 7, 1860


Burnes, Edward W.

 and wife Emaline, late Emaline Driggins, one of the litigators of Spencer Loyd of Tenn. decd, appoint Robert Driggins, Bledsoe Co., Tn as attorney

Apr 21, 1860


Bullington, S.G.

Bond as Constable



Bradford, Bennett

 Bond as Constable in Albion Twsp
Securities: Lewis Dickison & Eli Dickison $500

Aug 11, 1860


Burris, E.W.

Power of Atty to Robert Driggins



Bailey, John W.

Cert to Samuel G. Kendall as Dpty Sheriff,  John J. Nixon County Judge

Sept 15, 1860


Bailey, John W.

 Cert to J.C. Bradshaw as dpty sheriff

Sept 12, 1860


Bailey, John W.

 Cert to J.C. Bradshaw as dpty sheriff (Bradshaw says something about "?????? since 1st day of Jan 1838")

Nov 8, 1860


Bradley, J.T.

 Bond as Clerk of Circuit Court
Securities: John M. Bailey, C.G. Hatchett, Samuel Rhoads, Wm Cullum, Jas C. Bradshaw, Charles Polk $4000

Oct 24, 1860


Bradley, J.T.

Bond as recorder
Securities: R.S. Hill, J.F. McAlister, Samuel Boykin, M.D. Pavott, A.B. Gaylor, Enoch Brewer $2000



Bradley, John W.

Bond as sheriff
Securities: L.R. Venable, Lemuel Boykin, Samuel Rhoads, John Baily $6000
On Sept 5, 1860 he was appointed by the governor of Ark as sheriff of Van Buren Co occasioned by the failure of Wm H. Griggs to give his bond as collector of the County

Sept 20, 1860


Bradley, John W.

Bond as collector



Bradley, John W.

 Bond as sheriff
Appointed by governor as sheriff of Van Buren Co occasioned by the removal of Wm H. Griggs late sheriff
Securities: Stephen Simpkins, Wm Cullum Jr., Josiah smith, J.T. Bradley & James H. Patterson $6000

Sept 10, 1860


Bradford, Wm

 Deed of Gift to E.H. Hunter, Recorded May 23, 1856
...dau Elizabeth H Hunter formerly Bradford. Unto said Elizabeth Hunter to thy heirs of her body a negro girl named Semire, twelve years old, the said servant girl to have and to hold as the lawful property of the said Elizabeth H. Hunter and the heirs of her body the same servant girl as her and theirs.
Witt: Z.B. Jennings, Wm Gipson, Isaac Hunter
Deed of Gift filed 4 Dec 1860 by Wm D. Hunter for purpose of having same re-recorded

May 10, 1856


Bailey, John M.

cert. to John Hancock as depty sheriff. He says he has been an adult in this state of Arkansas since the 1st day of January 1838

Mar 1, 1861


Brown, George

to bond for keeping pauper, Mrs. Thompson and child

Apr 11, 1861


Brickey, Jarret

to bond to letter of admin Gabriel Eads. Sec: Daniel & Thos J. Griggs
"Died intestate on or about Aug 20, 1861"

Aug 28, 1861


Brickey, Jarret & Jesse Roso

Guardian for Lewis Eads. minor



Bailey, John W.

to bond as sheriff

June 13, 1861


Rhoads, Robt. E. & Bradford, Sarah

to bond to letters of admin. Jas M. Bradford
"Died intestate on or about 10 July 1862"

Mar 9, 1863


Brown, Washington "died intestate on or abt June 1, 1859".  Other names mentioned Hiram N. Gatton, Henrty J. Gatton & Moses Brown  Apr 2, 1860 June 1, 1859 50
Christopher, Andrew Bond as constable -   Union Twsp.  Securities: Wm Thompson & Benj Holmes July 12, 1859 38
Cosey (Casey?), Moses Mortgage to Thomas W. Barber. One red steer & one dark brindle ox with horns sawed off about 8 yrs old. Received $25.00 on loan. May 26, 1860  66-67
Cullum, Wm Jr. Bond as Internal Improvement Comm.
Securities: Stephen Simpkins, John M. Briley, J.W. William, Wm Cullum Sr., Robert S. Hill & John Stephens $20,000
Aug 13, 1860 79-80
Cosey(Casey?), Mary A.W. Bond to letter of admin of Levi Casey who "died intestate on or about 22 Dec, 1861 Jul 15, 1862 146-148
Culum, Wm Bond to letter of admin of Samuel Stephens who "died intestate or or about Jan 15, 1863" July 30, 1863 191-193
Craig, Jas M. Bond to letter of admin of David H. Prothos who "died intestate on or about Dec 1862(no day given) Jan 1, 1863 196-198
Cullum, Wm Bond to letter of admin of Wm. Gadberry who "died on or about Feb 17, 1863" Feb 23, 1863 198-200
Chapman, A.B. Last will and testament
July 16, 1860, filed Mar 16, 1863
others mentioned: Wife-Eliza Jane Chapman, heirs: J.G. Chapman, J.N. Chapman, T.S. Chapman, Mary W. Chapman, James L. Chapman & Nancy E. Chapman.

to wife following names Negros - Henderson & Rachel. At her death Hannah goes to oldest sons J.G. & J.N. and Rosie and her increase go to the four youngest children, L.S. Mary W. Jas L & Nancy E.
Thos S. Chapman
of Union Co Ky owes him money he wants collected
Exec-John Miller and wife E.J. Chapman
July 16, 1860 204-206
Davis, Jas H. to bond as constable in Mountain Township. Securitied J.N.A. Billingsly & James L Jones. Aug 9, 1860 72-73
Daugherty, Davis G. to bond as constable in Little red River Township. Securitied: James Stephens, A. Allison & Thos M. Cullum   77
Davis, Samuel C. bond to letter of admin J.A.K. Davis Securities: Hiram M. Gatton & J.D. Davis Jan 12, 1861 106-107
Davis, Samuel C. bond to letter of admin John Zaice who "died intestate on or about Nov 5, 1860 Jan 14, 1861 107
Davis, A.B. bond to letter of admin Edward Farley who "died intestate ---, --, 1862 (only date given) Nov 1862 185-187
Farley, Stephen bond as Constable in Davis Twsp  to fill vacancy of resignation of Daniel Linn.  Security: Lemeul Boykin & J.T. Bradley April 25, 1859 34
Griggs, Wm H. Bond as  Sheriff -   Elected Aug 2, 1858.  Securities: R.S. Harrison, Wm R. Greesom, Isaac Wheelis, Benjamin Holmes, Wm Leonard, M.D. Pavatt & Daniel Griggs May 30, 1859 37 & 337
Gatton, Hiram.N. Bond as Constable - Sugarloaf Township -   Securities: John L. Gatton & George O. Brown July 12, 1859 39
Griggs, Daniel Bond as Agent for Van Buren Co forfieted - $8,000   Securities: W.W. Bridges, George Brown?, Michael McAlister, James Robinson, John F,. McAlister & Mays Griggs in the town of Clinton. July 12, 1859 40
Garner, N.S. Bond as Constable of Cadron Twsp.  Securities: N.W. Garner & Jesse Witt  Dec 15, 1859 44
Griggs, Daniel  Bond as guardian of Daniel J. Akin, Sarah C. Akin, Lucinda c. Akin, James Akin & Malinda J. Akin, minors of Samuel C. Akin, decd.  Securities: Wm Thompson, Charles Polk & Elisha Huie Oct 13, 1859 44-45
Gatton, Hiram N. Bond to letter as adm. of Washington Brown who "died intestate on or about June 1, 1859 April 2, 1860 49-51
Griggs, Wm. H. Cert. to Anthains? B. Gaylor as deputy sheriff June 7, 1860  66
Gatton, H.N. to Bond as constable in Sugar Loaf Twsp
Security: S.G. Bullington $500
Aug 10, 1860 78
Griggs, Wm. H. & Rachael to Bond & letters of Adm on the estate of Mays Griggs who "died intestate on or about June 8, 1860" Nov 29, 1860 102-104
Greeson, Hartwell Bond as guardian of Jeb Thomas, James & Geo W. Baker, heirs of Thos. Baker decd. Oct 11, 1860 110-111
Gadberry, John Bond as Guardian of Wm H. & Miley J. Gadberry, heirs of John Gadberry Oct 11, 1860 111-112
Griggs, Samuel Last Will & Testament
Mar 4, 1861, filed Mar 22, 1861
in feeble health
Wife - Fanny
"I wish one or two of the children to go on the Stobaugh place and keep it in repair and have all they can make on it and at her (Fanny) death to have to divide"
Mentions Andrew J. Stobaugh under 21
Witt: John F. McAlister, Daniel Griggs, Joseph McAlister
March 4, 1861 117-119
Grisham, J.E. to Bond & letter of admin of Alexander Thurmanwho "died intestate on or about June 16, 1858 Jan 16, 1862 148-150
Griggs, John M. & Daniel to Bond & letter of admin of Richard P. Griggs Feb 20, 1862 159-160
Gurley, Jesse L. & Barber, Thomas W. to bond & letter of admin of A.P. Stinson of Jackson Co., Ar Jan 10, 1862 173-175
Guthrie, Adam & Cullum, Eliza to bond & letter of admin of Wm. Cullum Jr who "died intestate on or about Oct 12, 1862"
Securities Absolum Bradley, & Jesse D. Gurley
Oct 21, 1862 181-182
Gatton, Hiram N. to bond & letter of admin of John L. Gatton who "died intestate on or about Jan 22, 1863" May 27, 1863 206-208
Gwinn, Thomas, Gwinn, William & Moore, Sarah Failed to appear before circuit court grand jury April 6, 1859 30
Harrington, Wm Bond as guardian of Peter Carpenter, a pauper.  Securities: Wm H. Giles & Martin D. Pavett Oct 14, 1859 43
Hunter, Isaac Power of Atty to Josiah Foster of Maury Co, Tn to sue estate of Franklin Hunter decd of Maury Co., Tn May 7, 1860 56-58
Hunt, John B. to bond as Constable in Cadron Twsp Aug 9, 1860 74
Holley, R.M. or R.A. to bond as Constable in Holley Twsp. Security: Jasper Cline Aug 9, 1860 74-75
Halbrook, James Bond as constable in Griggs Twsp. Securities: Robert J. Pike, A.B. Gayland, Benj Holmes Aug 11, 1860 76
Hancock, John Bond as Constable in Piney Twsp.
Security: J.W. Wortham & John Lovin $500
Aug 15, 1860 80-81
Holmes, Benjamin  Bond as County Treasurer
Securities: William D. Holmes, Pashur? Renfrow, L.L. Saners, J.T. Sanders, R.Z. Harrison, A. Stobaugh, Isaac Wheeliess, Charles Polk $5000
One same date, different doc: James Maddox, Richard Watts, James Chistopher, Wm D. Holmes, J.T. Bradley $5000
Oct 27, 1860 99-100
Hall, Elijah Bond as guardian for May E. Mills & McConick J. Mills, minors under 21 Jan 17, 1861 108-109
Harrington, Hezekiah Bond as Poor House Keeper, Sarah Thompson a pauper and her little daughter Sarah. Security: Jesse Roso Jan 18, 1861 109-110
Holmes, Wm. D. to bond & letter of admin of Mary Castleberry who "died intestate on or about Aug 3, 1861". Sec: Benj Holmes, James Christopher Aug 12, 1861 128-129
Harrison, George W. to bond and letter of admin. of Geo M. Morrow who "died intestate on or about Sept 1, 1861 Oct 26, 1861 134-135
Harrison, G.W. & Greeson, Wm. L. to bond & letter of admin. of Geo E. Hatchett who "died intestate on or about Nov 1, 1861" Nov 16, 1861 139-140
Harmon, John M. to bond & letter of admin of J.M. Harmon, Jr who "died intestate on or about Oct 17, 1861" Dec 19, 1861 144-146
Hunsucker, G.W. & Lafferty, Nancy Permelia to bond & letter of admin of Henderson G. Lafferty who "died intestate on or about Oct 26, 1861 Feb 18, 1862 154-158
Johnson, Wm  Bond as guardian  of Letha Collom.  Security: Squire Freeman. Oct 14, 1859 47
Johnson, Thomas to bond as Constable in Liberty Twsp. Aug 9, 1860 73
Kaler, John Bond as Common School Comm.  - Securities: S.F. L. Morton, Jesse Allen Sept 3, 1859 42
Kinsey, Mary P., widow of Thomas E. Kinsey to Power of Atty Sept 5, 1860 101
Kaler, John W., late of the County of Ripley, Miss. Bond & letter of admin - Mary A.W. Casey who "died intestate on or about Mar 10, 1863 Nov 18, 1863 201-203
Lafferty, John L. Bond as guardian of Jane Jones & Elizabeth Jones...other names mentioned J.B. Lewis & Wm Johnson Apr 12, 1860 51-52
Lockard, Adam  Bond as guardian for William Grimes, Jane Grimes & Senna Ann Grimes.  Other names mentioned J.B. Lewis & P.T. Bradley Apr 12, 1860 52-53
Lafferty, H.G.  Bond as Constable in Valley Twsp
Security: Enoch Brown & Wm. Bittle
Aug 11, 1860 79
Love, Eliza Mar 8, 1860 last Will & Testament
"give unto my daughter Sarah F. Love all my right and title and claim unto my Negro woman named Silvey to have and to hold the said Negro woman to my daughter Sarah F. Love and her heirs forever against the claim or claims of all person after my death and not until then with the exception of the first child the said Negro woman should raise after it is weaned from its mother. Then the said child to belong to my son W.B. Love and to his heirs forever and all the stock that I shall own at my death to have and to hold the above named child and stock to the said William B. Love and his heirs forever after my death in witness whereof I Elizie Love have hereunto signed and sealed the above deed on this the 8th day of March AD 1860
Witness: J.W. Wortham & Richard K. Dodd
Mar 8, 1860 84
Linn, Asa bond as Constable of Davis Twsp. Oct 28, 1861  138
Langford, Eli N. Last Will & Testament
Jan 10, 1862, recorded Apr 12, 1862
other names mentioned: Francis Watkins, dau of Margaret J. Watkins his oldest daughter. Heirs of Curisies? E. Satterwhite 2nd oldest daughter, Sarah F. Vanmeter 3rd oldest daughter, heirs of Mary Ann Middleton, Hannah C. Langford 5th oldest daughter, Elizabeth R. Moore? 6th oldest daughter, Dicy N. Sutton 7th oldest daughter, heirs of J.P. Langford his oldest son, Eli N. Langford his youngest son, Rebecca L. Moore 8th oldest daughter, his aged mother and his wife Morning Langford who is also the executor
Leonard, Wm appt deputy sheriff Apr 5, 1859 28
McClure, Stephen (of Conway Co. Bond as guardian to Jesse M. Goff, Wilson Z. Godd, Nancy Goff, Elizabeth Goff & Emily Pearline Goff, heirs of Jesse Goff, decd.    Securities: J.T. Bradley  all of VB Co. Oct 14, 1859 46
Maddox, John & Z.O Bradford to letters testamontary on state of Geo N. Bradford May 11, 1860  63-64  67-68
Meacham & Galbreath plaintiff vs Monroe Gilchrist defendant Did not find info on page 30 or close April 25, 1859 30
Moore, Lewis B. to mortgage to T.W. Barber, several tracts of land with lengthy descriptions June 30, 1860 68-70
Morrow, Geo W.  to bond as constable in Hartzoggs Twsp
Securities: Benj Holmes & Joel Dyor $500
Aug 1860 85
McName, Wm P. to bond as constable in Cadron Twsp
Securities: W.W. Garner & Jesse Witt
Sept 10, 1860 87
McCauley, John C. to bond and letter of admin Moses Brown who "died intestate on ---, --, 1860" (only date listed) Jan 24, 1861  104-106
McAlister, John F. Bond as guardian of Malinda C. Griggs, minor Apr 11, 1861 121
Maddox, Wm & Stroud, Matthew to bond & letter testamontary of J.M Akin June 20, 1861 125-126
McAlister, Michael & John F. & Maddox, Wm to bond & letter of admin. of Mays Griggs who "died intestate on or about Oct 15, 1860" Oct 31, 1861 136-137
Maddox, James & Martin, John W. to bond & letter of admin of Wm B. Jones who "died intestate on or about Nov 1, 1861" Feb 13, 1862 155-157
Mills, Wm S. to bond & letter of admin of John M. Dean who "died intestate on or about April 6, 1862" April 18, 1862 163-165
Maddox, John & Hunter, Isaac bond as guardian of Martha Jane, Emeline & Sarah Ann Maddox July 17, 1862 175-176
Maddox, John Last Will & Testament
Feb 2, 1863, filed Feb 23, 1863
David Maddox suceed him is George T. Maddox
Living heirs-Sarah Leonard formerly Sarah Maddox & her bodily heirs, David Maddox, George T. Maddox, Levity Jane Maddox and her bodily heirs, Wm Sherman Maddox & John C. Maddox
witt: George Hardin, John P. Parish, Davis Loyd & J.L. Vaughn
Feb 2, 1863 194-196
Neal, Wm D. to license for "hawking & peddling merchandise" in Arkansas for 6 months June 28, 1860 72
Pearson, John L. bond as constable -  Securities: Daniel Griggs & Jarome B. Lewis - Cadron Township.  July 12, 1859 41
Picket, Alexander C. Esp. enrolled as Atty at Law Chancery Court  by motion of W.E. Gibbs April 5, 1859 29
Presley, Robert F. bond as guardian of Samuel Presley. James Presley security Apr 12, 1861 122
Presley, Robert F. & Wm. G. bond as letter of admin for Manerva E. Presley who "died intestate on or about Oct 4, 1861" Nov 27, 1861  141-142
Potter, Wm bond to letter of admin for Daniel Ramsey who "died intestate on or about Feb 2, 1862" July 15, 1862 166-168
Reed, Orpha Mortgage to Absolum Holley, One bay horse 5 yrs.
Absolum Holley to pay to Thomas W. Barber 16.53 and to James Christopher 6.15 and to Thomas E. Allen 2.23, to Orpha Reed 4.59 all for George W. Reid. To be paid back with 10% premium by July 15, 1860
May 12, 1860 63-65
Rodgers, Charles R. Bond as Coroner of Van Buren Co. Oct 25, 1860 123-124
Rhoades, Robert A. Bond & letter of admin for Jas M. Bradford who "died intestate on or about April 1862 (no day given) August 21, 1862 177-178
Riley, Charity C. bond & letter of admin for Ningen Riley Jr. who "died intestate on or about Sept 26, 1862" Nov 6, 1862 183-185
Rosson, Simon E. or Izard Co. bond & letter of admin for Wm Pruitt who "died intestate on or about Nov 28, 1862" Dec 22, 1862 189-191
Rhoads, R.A. bond & letter of admin for Hiram H. Bradford who "died intestate on or about Sept 30, 1862" Mar 9, 1863 209-211
Starkey, Caleb Mortgage to Isaac Wheelis - one yoke of steers abt 3 yr old.  $21.25 to be paid by March 1, 1860 Jan 20, 1860 48-49
Sanders, Allen N. sworn in Depty Sheriff April 5, 1859   29
Scarlett, Jacob E. Last Will & Testament
Jan 2, 1858, Jan 19, 1858, filed Aug 20, 1860
Lives in Cadron Twsp and is feeble of body
Names mentioned: Son Lewis J. Scarlett, Justine, Scarlett, James Scarlett. Son James Scarlett daughters - Elizabeth Ann, Persnely Ann, Elzira Ann, Nancy Ann.
Lots of land descriptions
Jan 2, 1858 85-86
Sowell, Elizabeth to Power of Atty to Wm. J. Sowell in suit against estate of Nicholas Welch decd of Dector Co., Tenn Oct 15, 1860 89-90
Smith, John to bond to letter of admin to Richard Watts who "died intestate on or about Dec 16, 1860" July 7, 1861 112-114
Stroud, Mathew Bond to letter testamontary J.W. Akin June 20, 1861 125-126
Sanders, James L. Bond & letters of admin - Lurany Barnes who "died intestate on or about 13 day of August, 1861"   130-131
Sowell, Elijah M. bond & letters of admin - Jas L. Sowell who "died intestate on or about 15 Jan 1862 in the town of Nashville, Tenn in the Confederate service"   161-163
Stephens, James & Simpkins, Stephen bond as Guardian for Elizabeth, Martha R., Nancy, Amanda & Rebecca Conners April 18, 1862 172-173
Sowell, Elizabeth bond & letter of admin - Lewis Dickens who "died intestate on or about --- --, 1862" (only date given) Dec 11, 1862 187-189
Sowell, Elijah M bond & letter of admin - James L. Sowell who "died intestate on or about Jan 15, 1862 in the town of Nashville, Tenn in the Confederate Service" Mar 29, 1862 161
Thompson, Sarah Ann bond to maintain custody of her children Martha & James, dated Jan 15, 1860 48
Thornbough, Allen bond as Constable in Giles Twsp. Aug 11, 1860 76-77
Towery, A.J. & Maddox, John bond as guardian or Evaline & Sary Ann Maddox minors under 14 Jan 16, 1862 150-152
Thornbrough, Allen bond as constable in Little Red River Twsp Jan 13, 1862 152-153
Thornbrough, Allen bond as Internal Improvement Comm. to fill vacancy of Wm Cullum, late May 16, 1862 168-169
Thornbrough, Allen bond & letter of admin - J.L. Sowell who "died intestate on or about Jan 15, 1862" July 15, 1872(I think it was really 1862) 169-171
Turney, Hannah Last will & testament
Sept 18, 1862, Sept 19, 1862
(See Complete Will)
others mentioned: sons Daniel, Russell, William, Henry , Joseph & Carrell Turney. Daughters share equally except for Elizabeth Gadberry who gets $5.
Exec: Wm Cullum
Witt: Andrew J. McMakin
Sept 18, 1862 179-180
Vaughn, Edward or Edwin fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of Bennett Bradford - Securities: John Bradley & Wm K. Bradford July 11, 1859 36
Witt, Jesse to bond & letter of admin - John Pettis who "died intestate on or about Aug 16, 1860" Feb 6, 1861 114-116