The Brickey Family

Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Jarrett Brickey was born 1797 in Kentucky. The name of his parents have not been proven as of yet. Around 1820 he married Cynthia (Syntha) Jeffery born about 1801 in Kentucky. She was said to be a full blooded Cherokee Indian. Jarrett Brickey was named in a land deed of John Cammack of Lawrence County July 3, 1818 and he was allowed $2.70 in Circuit Court January 17, 1822 in same county. Jarrett was listed on the tax list census from 1829-34 in Lawrence County, Ark. In 1837-39 he was on the tax list in Van Buren County. The Strawberry Congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in 1823 and Jarrett and Cynthia Brickey were charter members. It was the first Presbyterian Church organized in Sharp County, Ark. Sharp County was created from Lawrence County in 1868. Jarrett was a blacksmith by trade and made flintlock guns to sell. On the 28th day of September 1861 he was named Administrator of his son-in-laws, Gabriel Eades, estate. According to family tradition Jarret was killed by a fallen tree, in 1863, and is buried in the Brickey Cemetery. Cynthia lived to a great age and she was described as a spry and active lady up until her death. As a small child she remembered living in the New Madrid area when the great earthquake hit. She said that trees fell and the earth cracked open. It is said that Cynthia lived to be 105 years old, dying in 1905. But according to her son-in-law, John Green Flory, she died in 1897 living longer than all of her sons and almost all of her daughters. She is also buried in the Brickey cemetery with her husband Jarrett. The known children of Jarrett and Cynthia are: Piety Brickey born about 1826 and died 13 April 1908. Piety married Gabriel Eades, a brother to Jacob Eades, and after Gabriel's death she married Green Emerson. They are buried in the Brickey cemetery; Jessie C. Brickey was born about 1828 and married Elizabeth Dover about 1858. Jesse served in the Confederate Army and was captured at Longview, Ashley County, Arkansas and was imprisoned at Rock Island, Illinois where he died on May 30, 1864; Mary (Polly) A. Brickey born about 1831 in Arkansas and died August of 1898. She married Jacob Allen Eades about 1855 in Van Buren County. They are both buried in the Brickey Cemetery. Their son, Robert Jackson Eades, belonged to the Latter Day Saints Church and was a source for the death dates of his parents; Andrew Jackson Brickey born about 1835 and died 1851; Nathaniel Green Brickey born 1837 and died 1867. He married Ann Dover, sister to Elizabeth Dover, about 1860. Nathaniel also served in the Confederate Army; Samuel Brickey, born about 1839 and died 1862, was also a Confederate soldier; Louisa Catherine Brickey born March 1841 and died 19 October 1914 in Juab County, Utah. She was married three times. Her husbands were Barnett Brown, Thomas Jeff Maxwell and John Green Flory. John Green Flory was a member of the Latter Day Saints Church and was the source for many of the death dates for the Brickey family; Minerva Brickey born 1845 and died 1884. She married Milton Frank Chandler on the 5th of July 1866 in Van Buren County, Arkansas and is buried in the Brickey cemetery.