Jacob Allen Eades Family
Submitted by Donnie Pickard

Jacob Allen Eades was born January 1828 in Savanna, Hardin Co., Tenn. His parents were Gabriel and Leah (Garner) Eades. Gabriel Eades was born Feb. 10, 1787 in Bedford Co., Va. He married Leah Garner, Oct. 27, 1808, in Wayne County, Ky. Gabriel was one of the first pioneers to settle Hardin Co., Tenn. In 1823 he applied and was granted the right to keep a tavern or an ordinary as it was sometimes called. Gabriel also owned considerable land there. The first apprenticeship bond granted in Hardin County was given to Gabriel Eades in 1821 where he paid $200 to insure that Elijah Eldridge learned the blacksmith's trade. There were no towns in Hardin County in 1820. The land was described as a tree covered and wolf infested wilderness and the men were described as rough and ready frontiersman.

About 1848 the Eades family sold everything and moved to Arkansas. Gabriel and Leah Eades moved to Searcy County living there for a short time before moving on to Conway County. Jacob Eades and his sister and brother-in-law, Albert and Maria (Eades) Parks, moved to Van Buren County. According to the Centennial History of Arkansas "Jacob Eades moved to Arkansas overland with Oxen". The 1850 census shows them living in Red River twp. Van Buren County, Ark. Living in the Independence township in 1850 was the family of Jarrett and Cynthia (Jeffery) Brickey. Their beautiful daughter Mary would eventually meet and become the wife of Jacob Eades. Children of Jacob and Mary (Brickey) Eades were: Robert Jackson Eades (1856-1935) married Nancy Francis Crowel, Robert is buried in Crowel Cemetery and Nancy is buried in Utah; Piety C. Eades (1858-1914) married John Jordan, a civil war veteran, and they are buried in Halbrook Cemetery in Conway County; Catherine Louisa Eades (1861-1900) married James Drake; Samuel Eades (1862-1882) buried in Brickey Cemetery; Cynthia Elizabeth Eades (1866-1932) married William Thompson and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Halbrook Cemetery; James B. Eades (1869-1950) married Susie McCuin and he is buried in Halbrook Cemetery in Conway County; John Henry Eades (1870-1928) married Eliza Jane Whitfield and they are buried in Foster Cemetery; William Meredith Eades (1872-1966) married Dora A. Shipley and they are buried in the Halbrook Cemetery in Conway County. Mary (Brickey) Eades was described by one of her grandchildren as having long black hair. She was experienced with ways to use herbs and roots for medicinal purposes. She died in 1898 and was buried in the Brickey Cemetery with her young son and her parents. Jacob was described as a kind and gentle man. He died August 5, 1918 and was buried beside his wife.