Samuel Mueller Family

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Parents of Samuel Mueller

We have a document written in “old German” which is an is an identification paper for Samuel Mueller.. It was issued by the Church in Niederbipp on 23 July 1823 and then signed 13 July 1824 by officials in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Essentially it says that Samuel Mueller was the legitimate son of Johannsten(Johannes) and Maria Jenni Mueller. Jenni was the surname of the mother of Samuel and was from another parish;she was from the village of Iffwyl. The document also says that Samuel was single on the date of 23 July and had been baptized in Niederbipp on 5 Dec. 1801. . Both of these towns are in the Canton of Bern. Neiderbopp is NE of the city of Bern and about halfway toward Basel, Switzerland. Iffwyl is quite close to the city of Bern and just N. of the city. Iffwyl is spelled today as Iffwil and in the church records that I searched it was spelled Ifwil (in the 1700s). Only recently have microfilms of the Canton of Bern become available in the Family History Library here in Salt Lake. The Library has microfilms of the parish records of both Niederbipp and Jegenstorf which was the location of the parish church for Illwyl..

… The marriage of Johannes Mueller and Anna Maria Jenni occurred in the parish of Jegenstorf on 21 May 1797. Anna Maria was baptized in Jegenstorf 23 Jan.1774(record did not give her date of birth) and she was the daughter of Nicolaus Jenni from Ifwyl and Anna A (E?) berhard from Urtenau…the village of Urtenau is also in the parish of Jegenstorf. Nicolaus Jenni and Anna Aberhard were married 9 Dec. 1770.

In the Old Middle Church records of Monroe Co. OH. I found that Samuel Mueller’s wife was Barbara ARN, from the family records of Samuel and Barbara’s son, Samuel A. Mueller/Miller. My book also contained information on Johannes or John Arn who was the son of Ullrich Arn or Arnd and Anna Mueller. Johannes/John was born in Niederbipp. Barbara was probably tha sister of Johannes Arn…Johannes Arn was born 23 May 1804..Did find a Johann Ullrich Arn, son of Ullrich Arn and Anna Mueller born on this date 23 May 1904 in Niederbipp. So this man dropped the Ullrich from his name when coming to America. This was not uncommon…people often dropped one of their names in the USA. Johann Ullrich had a sister Anna Barbara Arn, dau. of Ullrich Arn and Anna Mueller; she was baptized in Niederbipp 26 Apr.1801..born on 18 Apr. 1801..This must be wife of Samuel Mueller/Miller

Ullrich Arn was born 22 Oct. 1769, son of Christian Arn and wife Anna Maria Simon, who were married 5 Nov.1762. All this information came from records of Niederbipp. Researched by Shirley Harmon, Salt Lake City…

The passport and other papers Samuel Mueller had to have to immigrate to USA from Bern were written in “old Swiss German” and difficult to translate. These papers were in the belongings of Charles Miller. Sr., grandson of Samuel.Mueller. They were found by Charles’daughter, Dorothy Miller Hunter and shared with oter Miller descendants.

Samuels’ passport description (perhaps in lieu of a photo) states that he was 4ft. 9” tall, brown hair, brown eyebrows, small pointed nose, rounded chin and “no special marks” The Health Certificate has not been translated into English . It would be interesting to know how Samuel got from Bern to La Havre, France , a distance of about 400 miles. Do you suppose he rode horseback or maybe there was some kind of train??? We can only wonder….He entered France 27 Apr.1832. Arrived in New York 16 July 1832. If the name of his ship is on the papers, we have not been able to decipher it.

We do not know when Barbara immigrated or when and where she and Samuel were married. She died 16 Feb. 1875.She is buried in Miltonsburgh, OH. Grave marker states “Barbara, Frau of Samuel “ . Samuel died about 1869. Not sure if he is buried in same cemetery or not.

Children of Samuel and Barbara were;

Samuel A. born 2 Dec. 1835, Monroe Co. OH.. Married Carolina Faber. Died 28 Dec. 1878. Buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Nashville, IN.

Elizabeth, born 1840. Married David Steel

John, born 1 Apr. 1845. Married Mahala Magdalene Schell, born 13 Jan.1847

Samuel applied for naturalization in Monroe Co. OH, Court of Woodsfield, 17 Aug. 1840. His surname is spelled MILLER on this document…probably most immigrants wanted to “Anglesize” their surname. The family attended the German speaking Lutheran Church , called “Middle Church” established in Miltonsburgh in 1834. The 1850 census for Monroe Co., Malaga Township, lists Samuels’ occupation as farmer.

Barbara Miller’s will is in vol.1 page 288, Court House, Woodsfield, OH. .

The Family of Samuel A. Miller and Carolina Faber

Samuel A. Miller and Carolina Faber were married in Monroe County OH. in 1862. Samuel was born 2 Dec. 1835. Died 28 Dec. 1878 in Brown Co. IN. Carolina was born in Ohio 13 Apr. 1844 and died in Brown Co. IN.. 26 Mar. 1895 They were buried in Greenlawn cemetery, Nashville, IN. Carolina was the daughter of Heinrich (Henry) Faber. born about 1816 in France and Sophia Maria Oertel, born about 1823 in Saxony, Germany. Sophia’s parents were Hannah and Gottleib Oertel. Heinrich (Henry) was the son of Mary E. Schwob, born about 1760 and Phillip Faber born about 1768.

Carolina’s siblings were;

John W.
Louisa married---Diest
Mary married---Stimpert
Anna C. married---Kuhn
Henry B.
Minnie married---Pickens This information taken from a Faber family tree compiled by Henry B. Faber (born 1854) in 1934

Children of Samuel A. and Carolina were;

(1) John N. born Ohio 4 Mar. 1863 Came to Van Buren Co. AR. in early 1890’s. Married Rebecca Hammett Rhoades, a widow with two daughters, Annie and Elzora (Elzie). John died 25 Aug. 1942 at his home on Culpepper Mtn.

(2) Louisa A. born 16 Dec. 1865, also in OH. She died in Nashville, IN. 9 Dec.1907

(3) Henry B. was born in OH,

(4) Samuel was born in IN. Drowned in Washington State 1928

(5) Jacob, born 24 Dec. 1871 only lived until 3 Oct. 1872

(6) Elizabeth was born in IN. Married Andrew Barnes. Children; Finos, Charles and Pansy. Pansy married … Poore, then Van Slate. Elizabeth and Andrew Barnes both died in Wash. State.

(7) Mary S. daughter of Samuel and Carolina was born 20 Apr. 1875 in Brown Co. In. Was a young girl when she died 24 Feb. 1896.

(8) Charles was born in IN. 25 May 1878 Married Hilda Mary Rowse in Wash. Died in Pateros, Wash. 1 Mar. 1952 Charles was a well known Horticulturist in Washington.

The family of John Nicholas Miller and Rebecca Caroline Hammett Rhoades

(First Daughter)

May Elizabeth was born 8 June 1897 and married Edgar Thompson 19 April 1917.

To this union 8 children were born

(1) Odis E. was born 15 Feb. 1918. spouse. Alice------ one son Gordon Ray Thompson . 2nd spouse Wilma Martin.
(2) Oral D. born 15 Apr. 1922; spouse Flossie Eades. Married Alfreda…. Married third , Jewell Story
(3) Edgar Dean was born 21 Mar. 1924. Killed on Okinawa 25 Apr. 1945.
(4) Joe Russel born 8 Jan. 1926 married Mary Nell McKay. Children; Greg and Doug
(5) Mae Ruth born 30 May 1928 Married Merle Bradley. Children Jane, Barbara, James, Sonia and Stephen. Married 2nd Carl Shipley
(6) John C. born 12 Sept. 1930 married Frankie
(7) Billy Fred born 5 Jan. 1932 married Rita Eades
(8) Marion Ed born 10 May 1935 married Connie-----

(Second daughter)

Mary Isabelle born 4 July 1899 was married to Fred O.Mason 15 Mar. 1921. Taught in one-room schools in Van Buren and Conway counties.

(1) Kenneth Orvid was born 5 Feb 1922. Attended Harding College and Univ. of Ark. Married Mildred Knowles in New Orleans 25 July 1944. Served as Lt. in U.S. Coast Guard ,aboard the U.S. Hoaquaim. Died 2 Apr. 1953 in Miss. and is buried at Center Ridge AR.

(2) Ferrel O., born 23 Mar. 1924, attended Nemo Vista school and Harding College . Served in U.S. Air Force and U.S. Maritime Service…Married 22 Dec.1950 to Georgia Nassie.

(1)Marilynn Noel
(2) Susan Rebecca Mason
(3) David Lowell Mason.

(3) Mary Carolyn (Lynn) born 28 Dec. 1927 attended Harding and Univ. of Ark. Married 6 June to D.V. Bostian.


(1)David Bruce, born 23 Mar. 1949 married Elaine Carter

(1) David Fredrick
(2) Laura Beth.

(2) Stephen Fred born 20 Feb. 1952 married Judy Tackett…one daughter Elisabeth Ann .Married 2nd Tammie Warrick. a daughter Christina Rae.

(3) Charles Kenneth born 29 Jan. 1954 married Nancy Lynn Hull.


(1) Charles Andrew
(2) Cary Monroe)
(3) April Christine Lynn

(4) Keith Lyn born 4 May 1966 married Elise Noelle Bryant 19 Aug. 1989.

(1) Abigail Grace, born 8 Mar. 1998
(2) Rebecca Noelle born 8 May 2001

(3)Maude Paralee Miller was born on Culpepper Mtn. 22 Feb. 1901. Married Tom Rhoades 1 Feb. 1920. Tom served in U.S. Army in WW1 Two daughters were born to Maude and Tom:

(1)Tommie Jemmalee, born 29 May 1921. Jemma married Jack Jones in 1937 and have a daughter, Sharon Rose who married John Hamilton in Orange, CA. Sharon and John have 2 daughters, Stacy and Tiffany.
(2) Joy Faye was born 25 Feb. 1926. Joy married Joe Gilmore and they have a daughter, Melinda.

(4) Emmiline Caroline (Kala) born 25 Nov. 1904. Married Joe French. Was a beauty operator in Clinton for many years.

(1) Marian Ruth , born 15 Apr., Bee Branch, AR. Attended Harding College, Married Johnny Jennings, a daughter Sarah Kaye, sons Jon. and ……. Married 2nd Jack Stowe.
(2) Mary Alice born 10 Dec. 1930. Married Jack Griffith. Children.; John Richard French, Robert, Beckie, Michael, Carolyn, Marilyn and Matthew Griffith. Resides in Okla. City, OK.

(5) Jemima Esther, born 16 July 1907. Attended school on Culpepper Mtn. and in Shirley. On 7 Nov. 1926 Esther and Harold Runyan were married and left for St. Louis, Mo. to make their home. A son ,Wm. Harold.,Jr. was born 30 Dec. 1927. Harold, Jr. married Doris Storkson b. 1930. Their children; Steven, Diane and Thomas…A second son of Esthers and Harolds was named Jerry Dale, born 27 Mar. 1929 who married Ruth----and their children are Victoria and Debby. Betty Josephine Runyan born 13 Sept. 1931 in St. Louis, married ….McDaniel and they have Karen, Kathy and Kim. Esther and Harold moved back to Van Buren Co. for a short time and Karl Zane was born there…..Dec.

(6) Edna Pearl, last daughter born to John and Rebecca, born 16 Dec. 1911. Attended schools on Culpepper Mtn., Scotland, and graduated from high school at Choctaw. On 4 May 1931 she was married to Herman Merryman. Their sons were Herman Leo and Larry Dean . Larry was born 25 Oct. 1947 in Ca. where the family had moved for Herman to work. They moved to Kewanee MO,. where they farmed, then to Martin TN and resided there until their deaths. Both Larry and Leo obtained degrees in electrical engineering. Larry works at Oak Ridge…they live in Powell, TN He and Sharon have two sons, Brad and Jeff and one granddaughter Kayla….Leo is deceased. He and his wife Blossom had Lisa and Greg.

Court Records of Monroe Co. Ohio

The Monroe Co. Will book shows a will of a Samuel Miller Recorded 25 Apr.,1869.;.the residue of the estate was left to a John Schlinder.

Vol 1 page 288, probate record 6 Apr. 1875 ; Barbary Miller, widow of Samuel Miller names as benefactors John and Samuel Miller and Mariah Steel, daughter of Elizabeth and David Steel. The will was witnessed by Alex Buchanan and C. C. Neser .One of the Schell girls married a Buchanan.