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The Joseph Dushell family. Click pic for more info.
Submitted by Virginia Potter
Roan Harness and Ann Holley Harness. Mary Ann Holley was a sister to Willis Pinkney Holley, click pic for more info.
Submitted by Virginia Potter
Steve Bonds and Bell Harness Family. She was a daughter of Mary Ann Holley Harness and Roan Harness.
---Submitted by Virginia Potter
Which One? William Morgan French, who was an early postmaster at Bee Branch, or his son James Richard French who was a rural mail carrier for Bee Branch. --Submitted by French
John Flory & Catherine Brickey married December 22, 1889 in Van Buren Co., AR. She was the daughter of Jarrett & Cynthia (Jeffery) Brickey. --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
James Drake--1857-1916 husband of Catherine Drake
--Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Catherine Louise (Eades) Drake--1861-1900 :died in childbirth of twins. Only one twin, Willie, survived
--Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Joseph Alphan Hayes (1866 - 1950)
-------Submitted by Phil Grabowski
Dollie Rebecka Bishop Hayes (1871 - 1918)
-------Submitted by Phil Grabowski
Zennie Alva Hayes
-------Submitted by Phil Grabowski
Dr. Calvin Hederson Burns and Tabitha Jane Stephens/Burns and Children
Calvin was married 3x with 24 children. My grandmother Roy Fay Burns/Mowery is the youngest and the baby in this photo. -------Submitted by Sandra
Charlotta 'Lottie' Parmela (probably Harrison) 2nd m. John W. Malone and 'Mandie' ? 'Lottie' 1st m. ? Mowery and is the mother of Samuel Obediah 'Obey' Mowery who is the 1st husband of Amanda Jane 'Janey' Tucker/Mowery/Merryman/Osburn-------Submitted by Sandra
Daniel Washington/Webster Osburn and Amanda Jane 'Janey' Tucker/Mowery/Merryman/Osburn. 'Janey' owned and ran a store in Clinton near Culpepper Mt. -------Submitted by Sandra
Jewel Holley-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Eula Lea & Jewel Holley-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Ben & Mattie Holley with daughter Eula Holley Suggs taken in Exeter, Ca.-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Charles, Eula, Martha and Charles F. Suggs-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Margaret Ellen Harness, born 10/1854 AR, died 1926 VBC, married John Brown and her granddaughters Edna Duke and Adele Shelton. Adele was the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Shelton and John Shelton. She died with typhoid fever when she was 17, buried Bradford Cemetery. Edna is the daughter of Nancy C Brown and Oscar Dukes------------Submitted by JoAnn Bradford
Margaret Leah Graham Bradford, she married David Crockett Bradford and sis Mary. Mary married George Riley "Buddy" Bradford.------------Submitted by JoAnn Bradford
C G Bolden and wife Geraldine Bradford, he died 05 Jan 1951 POW Camp, Korea. Later a buddy came by and told about being with him when he died. ------------Submitted by JoAnn Bradford
Charles Suggs, daughter Martha Belle 3 mos old, Bonnie Hutto and Mattie Holley-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Elzy & Edna Holley with daughters Gladys & Lois-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Ben & Mattie Holley with daughters Eula Lea age 10 & Jewel age 6 mos. taken in 1918-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Mary M. Huggins Holley-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Susan Robertson, Eula Holley Suggs with Martha Belle Suggs, 3 yrs old and Charles Ferrel Suggs 1 yr old, taken in 1930.-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Susan Robertson, Mattie Holley, Eula Holley Suggs, Martha Belle Suggs - 4 Generations.-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Nancy Fisher Suggs, Lucy Arnold, Frankie Weaver, Mildred Bradley & Billy Charles Bradley, taken in 1927.-------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
George and Mary Holley with granddaughter Martha Belle Suggs and 3 mo. old Jackie Hutto.---------Submitted by Wendy Maxey
My mother's parents, James Wesley Chastain born: 02-21-1890 in Texas and died: 11-15-1966 in Arkansas and Nancy "Matilda" Burroughs Chastain born: 10-06-1887 Arkansas and died: 11-15-1973 in Tennessee--------Submitted by Jo Kilburn
Aunt Rosie Burroughs born: 09-18-1881 and died: 03-15-1968, sister to Nancy Matilda Burroughs. --------Submitted by Jo Kilburn
Flora Zell Odom Grissom about 1950 --------Submitted by Denise Karr
Lena Lucinda Grissom b. Aug 1897, dau of Beally Dock Grissom and Flora Zell Odom. -----Submitted by Denise Karr
Beally Grissom family from Bee Branch about 1910 -----Submitted by Denise Karr
This picture of the Suggs and O'Dell family was taken by Haxel O'Dell Renfroe just before she left the family on Bald Mountain homestead in 1939, to join her husband, Charles L. Renfroe, in California where he was working. --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Miles Suggs --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Martha Belle & Eula Holley Suggs --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Charles M and Eula L. Holley Suggs --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Charles McKinley & Eula Lee Holley Suggs Family --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Suggs family at Bald Mountain, Ar. --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
Miles Suggs Family 1908-1909 --Submitted by Wendy Maxey
My Grandmother Ella Jane (Lowe) Guiling holding my Sister Inez (Farish) Guiling. Inez is the oldest of Golden M. and Zora Faye (McCoy) Guiling's seven children. --Submitted by Norman Guiling
Claude S. Elliott & Susan Etta Robertson Elliott and 2 sons, William (right) & Wilmer (left). This was taken at Indian Rock Cave. Indian Rock Cave was a popular spot for church gatherings (etc) in Van Buren County. Now it is a cave in Fairfield Bay golf course. There are many initials carved in it over the years.
Claude is the son of William Monroe Elliott and Elizabeth Jane Brown Elliott.
Original owner of this picture was Lloyd Eoff. --submitted by Linda Maxey Prater
A tin type picture of my great grandfather - James Richard Maxey (standing) his mother - Nancy Jane Holder Maxey Sullivan and his step father Daniel Sullivan. Each are buried in Rushing Cemetery in Stone Co - just across the Van Buren Co line.--submitted by Linda Maxey Prater
L to R
First 3 people unknown. Next 3 young children and a couple are Nancy Jane Gadberry Pierce family. Next family with 2 blond babies are William and Maggie Gadberry family. Woman standing in gate with baby is unknown. Next couple with unknown baby is William Henry and Rachel Bradford Gadberry. Last couple is David Gadberry with unknown woman and unknown children. People on the porch are also unknown. --Submitted by Donna Penner Gadberry
4 of the children of William J Cullum & Eliza Presley Cullum
Family Group Sheet --Submitted by Donna Penner Gadberry
William Henry Gadberry and Rachel Rebecca Bradford
Family Group Sheet --Submitted by Donna Penner Gadberry
Caledonia Caroline Presley-Maxey born at Sulpher Springs Ar. November 19, 1867. Died April 1954 at Morrilton Ar. She is the daughter of Elizy and Jerusha Roberts Presley. She is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery. --Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Nichols & Maxey Family --Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Nichols Family --Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Nelson Family 1912 at Bee Branch.
Top row, left to right:Joe Nelson, Roy Nelson, Romie Elmo.
Front: Louise Nelson,Grandma Nelson, Bob Nelson.
--Submitted by Ray Nelson
Frances & Bob Nelson --Submitted by Ray Nelson
Charlie Nelson --Submitted by Ray Nelson
Tom & Nina Gardner and Children taken on Halfmoon Mountain, Van Buren County, Arkansas - Back row Earnest, Tom, Nina and Steve Gardner and the front row are Bessie, Jessie and Charlie Gardner. ---Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Purlee & Bill Burns ---Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Phydella Truitt 1976 ---Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Ella and Fred Nelson, Mary Ettie (Bullard, Norris) Fryman, Tom and Nina Gardner taken on Halfmoon Mountain, Van Buren County, Arkansas. ---Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Nina, Mary & Ethel ---Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Charlie, Jessie & Bessie Gardner - Bessie and Charlie on the mule Topper with Jessie standing was taken on Halfmoon Mountain in Van Buren County, Arkansas. That is when Thomas (Tom) Gardner cut and hauled White Oak Staves to Leslie to the Stave Mill for making Whiskey Barrels.
--Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
David & Ethel Evans --Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Fryman Family History
John & Ada Honeycutt --Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Fryman Family History
Fryman Family --Taken at Dennard, Van Buren County, Arkansas. From left to right: Earnest Fryman, Lilly Fryman, Ethel Fryman, Almeda Fryman, Nina Fryman, Ellen Fryman, and Purlee Fryman
--Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Fryman Family History
Stephen Fryman --Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Fryman Family History
Bill and Annie Fryman --Submitted by Murlene Gardner Horlacher
Fryman Family History
Charlie Nelson and Family - This is a picture of the Nelson family about 1903 in Bee Branch Arkansas. The Father is John Henry Nelson The Mother is Fanny Haney Nelson. The biggest boy is Charlie Nelson. In Back is : Nettie Nelson & Charlie Nelson. In Front is : left to right Maruin Nelson, Grandpa John H. Nelson, Grandma Frances Haney Nelson, Barney Nelson, Joe Nelson, Maggie Nelson with Grandpa's arm around her. Roy Nelson is on Grandma's lap. Made about 1903 Bee Branch AR. --Submitted by Ray Nelson
Alice Hodges Arnold - Alice was said to have been a Choctaw orphan. Raised by W.P."Pit" Bennett. She married William R. Arnold in 1879 in Choctaw, Van Buren Co,., Ar. There are also pictures of her children. She was a very tine lady less than 5 feet tall. --Submitted by Roxie Bishop
Family Group Sheet
This is a picture of my Grandparents John Logan McCoy and Elizabeth B. Beavers. John was born 28 Oct 1897 in Liberty Springs, Van Buren, Arkansas and died 3 May 1963 in Morrilton, Conway, Arkansas. Elizabeth was born 16 Jan 1880 in Jerusalem, Conway, Arkansas and died in 1967. This picture was taken on their farm located a few miles northwest of Jerusalem, Arkansas. --Submitted by Norman Guiling
This is a picture of my Great grandmother Nancy Beth (I do not know what her last name was) she was born in 1852 and married James Winffield Beavers. She is holding Inez Guiling, the fourth generation. Behind her in the checked dress is my Grandmother Elizabeth B Beavers. Elizabeth married John Logan McCoy 23 Mar. 1897. Beside of Grandmother is my Mother Zora Faye (McCoy) Guiling. --Submitted by Norman Guiling
Monroe Richmond Chandler & Nancy Ann Emerson were married June 3, 1902 Van Buren Co., AR
--Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Oscar, Dollie & Odie Suggs --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Bill & Bell Emerson Williams --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
George Emerson --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
My grandfather John 'Edward' MOWERY b. 2/6/1906 and his sister Mrytle 'Edna' MOWERY/EADES b. 12/15/1907 from Clinton near Culpepper Mt. AR. She married Vernon Martin EADES.
Sent to me by Rita Thompson....thank you Rita----Submitted by Sandra Sparrow
Samuel Obediah 'Obry' MOWERY born 11/1/1884 or 1889 and Amanda Jane 'Janie' TUCKER/MOWERY/OSBURN/MERRYMAN b. 10/16/1888, my great grandparents. They lived in Clinton near Culpepper Mt. Photo sent to me by Rita Thompson - I am so grateful to Rita ----Submitted by Sandra Sparrow
Billy Ray MOWERY, my father, b. 2/22/1926 picture taken in Clinton AR near Culpepper Mt. - son of John Edward MOWERY and Roy Faye BURNS/MOWERY----Submitted by Sandra Sparrow
Will Eades & Pearl Shipp ca 1916 --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Odd Fellows Lodge Group at Settlement Cemetery near Shirley, Arkansas, on Memorial Day about 1913
X's left to right. Bill Bradford, Andy Maulden, Daniel Bradford, and Bosie Biggs.
--Submitted by Wanda Carey
3 of the boys of Green Reeves. Left to right: Pleasant Andrew Reeves, Mattison “Matt” Reeves, and Willis Parmer or Palmer Reeves.
Pleasant Reeves is the son of Green Reeves and Delilah Unknown, he was born March 04, 1852 in Marion Co, AR and died January 28, 1929 in Cleburne Co, AR. He was married to Sarah Melissa Baker
Mattison “Matt” Reeves is the son of Green Reeves and Sintha Sooter, he was born January 22, 1880 in Duff, Searcy Co, AR and died March 09, 1962 in Oklahoma City. He is buried in Byars Cemetery, Byars, McClain Co, Ok. He married Elizabeth Mahaney Bacon on November 01, 1899, in Van Buren Co, Ar.
Willis Reeves is the son of Green Reeves and Sintha Sooter, he was born April 09, 1875, Duff, Searcy Co, AR and died October 27, 1938 near Shirley, Van Buren Co, AR. He is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Van Buren Co, AR.
--Submitted by Linda Maxey Prater
George Neely & family --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
James Wesley Yancy --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
William & Missouri (Lockard) Whitfield --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Jacob Eades with Bud Thompson & wife Cynthia Elizabeth (Eades) Thompson, James & Willie Drake (See Jacob Eades family in Family Histories) --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Caleb Bost & Mary Clemtine (Givens) Bost --Submitted by Donnie Pickard
Ball team taken about 1909 around Fairbanks. From right to left the boy on the bottom row sitting down with the ball in his hand is Joseph Hudson. The boy above him is William Addington May. Does anyone know who the other boys are? --Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
New Marker for Nymphas Burroughs was dedicated on April 14, 2005. It is at Burroughs Cemetery.
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
James M. Kirk, taken when he was in prison in Ft. Leavenworth in 1900, but he lived in Scotland, Ar and was sent away for a year in 1899 to 1900 for running a still. James M. Kirk was married to Lucinda Duke Kirk, they were from Cobb County, Georgia. In 1880 they moved to Scotland, Arkansas, they had one son Sterling Kirk, more were born in Arkansas, George M. Kirk, Lillian Kirk, Robert Franklin Kirk and Annie Kirk.
About 1902 James M. Kirk remarried to Martha C. (Mattie) Leavell and they had five sons, Arthur, Jessie, Rufus, Jackson, Woodrow Kirk. James Monroe Kirk died in Craighead County, Arkansas on 12th Oct 1935
-- Submitted by Garry Brewer
Robert Franklin Kirk with a friend. -- Submitted by Garry Brewer
Robert Franklin Kirk and George M. Kirk.
-- Submitted by Garry Brewer
Savannah Tennessee Robert about 1900 with a group on her baptismal day in Scotland, Arkansas, she is the 4th from the right. -- Submitted by Garry Brewer
Vivian Kirk and her sister Bessie in 1928.
-- Submitted by Garry Brewer
Savannah Tennessee Roberts Kirk & Robert Franklin Kirk in 1931.
Robert Franklin Kirk married Savannah Roberts, daughter of Columbus Clay Roberts and Mary Jane Castleberry, Savannah was living in Van Buren County in 1900 with her sister Cynthia Leavel, she married G.W.Reid first and had two daughters, Myrtle Reid and Leona Reid, then she married Robert Franklin Kirk in 1909 and they had two daughters, Vivian Kirk (my wife line) and Betty Kirk. -- Submitted by Garry Brewer
The Roberts Girls -- Submitted by Garry Brewer
This is my grandparents, James and Plumer Leonard with their first born, Howard taken in 1918. James Alfred Leonard, born Sept. 23, 1892, was the son of Charles Franklin Leonard, an original Van Buren County land grantee. His mother was Addie Sims, born and raised in Van Buren County. Plumer Louisa Sneed (also descended from original land grantees), born Nov. 27, 1900, was the daughter of James H. Sneed and Victoria Louanna Linn. Plumer was so young when she married Jim on Sept. 06, 1916, that her father had to sign his permission on the marriage certificate. Howard came along on May 19, 1917. Unfortunately Howard died a few months after his first birthday. Plumer and Jim made their home in the what is now the Black Hill Road area. They farmed and had six more children. Jim, age 52, died on Oct. 14, 1944 after being paralyzed several months from a farming accident. Plumer lived to be 80 years old, dying on Jan. 13, 1980. One child survives, Cynthia Lena Leonard Bollier of Guy, Arkansas. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren with the Leonard surname still live in Van Buren County. -- Submitted by Leigh Leonard Smith
Jim Leonard family all grown up. -- Submitted by Leigh Leonard Smith
Thomas William Millsaps born February 17, 1828 Macon Co., North Carolina; died June 15, 1903 Archey Valley, Van Buren County, AR. Buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Alread, Arkansas; His wife Sarah Ann Jane Beverage born December 22, 1845, Wayne Co., Tennessee; died February 27, 1922 in Scotland, Van Buren Co., AR. Sarah is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Scotland, Van Buren Co., AR. Thomas Millsaps daughter, Fannie Jane Millsaps, born February 13, 1883 Archey Valley, Van Buren Co., AR. died February 02, 1964 Los Angeles Co., CA. --Submitted by Gammill
Reuben Wesley Millsaps, born March 5, 1871 in Archey Valley, Van Buren Co., AR. died January 01,1965 in Modesto, CA; his wife, Louisa Lizzebeth Tucker born March 5, 1878 in Searcy Co., AR. and children: William Thomas Millsaps, Isabel Millsaps, Myrtle Lilly Millsaps, Loucilla Millsaps, Vada Ellen Millsaps, Virgil Jesse Millsaps and Eugene Noah Millsaps --Submitted by Gammill
Berry and Jones children sitting on the cellar door. Grandpa said, the first thing you did when you got a piece of property in Arkansas, was to dig the root cellar. If a tornado came your way, you'd be wanting that. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
James Richard & Mary Frances Berry home in Low Gap, Arkansas. This house was built in 1919. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Mary Ann Berry - Mary Ann fell in love with a handsome young Cherokee man named John Tully (Tahlee) in the Archey Valley, Arkansas area. Mary Ann married John in a Cherokee ceremony, but since it was not a "legal" ceremony, Mary Ann's father discounted the marriage and refused to let John step foot on his property. Mary Ann met John elsewhere for the next several years. They will eventually have five children together. Mary Ann and John are buried side by side in the cemetary at Low Gap. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
William Edd Egger and family - 1921 --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Charles Washington Maxey & Jessie Lural Reeves, taken in Shirley, AR on their wedding day, October 09, 1917.--submitted by Linda Maxey Prater
The Matthew Slaughter Reeves & Hester Elizabeth Ann Mahaney Bacon Reeves family, my great-grandparents, taken about 1915 in probably what was called Settlement near Shirley, AR.
Front Row, baby – Charley Reeves, Matthew Slaughter Reeves & Hester Elizabeth Ann Mahaney Bacon Reeves
Middle Row - Ellie, Jessie (my grandmother) Nellie (Ellie & Nellie were twins – I am not sure which one was which)
Back Row – James Palmer & Anna (Annie) Cynthia Reeves.
Ellie married Charles William Massey 1921 in VB Co. Nellie md Jack smith 1915 in VB Co (Nellie is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery near Shirley)
Jessie md Charles (Charley) Washington Maxey – son of James Richard Maxey & Georgia Ann Shipp Tankersley Maxey in VB 1917
Palmer, Charley & Annie did not marry until after the family came to Oklahoma. --submitted by Linda Maxey Prater
The crew of J. H. Egger Shingle and Lumber Mill, Old Liberty, Arkansas, in Van Buren County. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Mary Frances Egger and neighbor girl Amy Reid. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
George Egger Group - George Egger married Rosie McNabb. Their children are Erving, Vern, Illa Dean, Theo, Lorraine and Wanda.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Elvis Cox - Son of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Berry Cox and Ed Cox of Van Buren County, Arkansas. Lizzie Berry is the sister of James Richard Berry. Elvis, Lena, Ruby and Martin Cox lived with Richard and Frances Berry when their mother Lizzie died.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Audice and Gladys McCaslin - I believe this is their wedding photo. Probably taken in Old Liberty.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Maggie Egger, first born child of Fannie and Jonis Wesley Egger, was born July 19, 1891. She had one child, Jethro, who died in infancy. Maggie is almost the spitting image of her grandmother, Mary Ellen Stanley Kendrick. Maggie died February 27, 1917 at 26 years of age. The cause of her death is unknown. A death certificate was never filed. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
John Tully - Husband of Mary Ann Berry. We assume that John borrowed this suit from a much shorter man. John was over six feet tall, had black hair and pure black eyes. His g.g.grandaughter looks very, very much like him. John died in 1897. He is buried beside Mary Ann's grave with a headstone that simply says, John. His cause of death is unknown. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
J.M. Brock - Age 60 - J. M. Brock is the second husband of Mollie Kendrick. He is Jonis Wesley Kendrick's son-in-law. Picture was in James Holland Egger, Jr's trunk in Old Liberty, Arkansas, in Van Buren County.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Mary Ann Berry - Mary Ann Berry was born June 1861 to Prettyman and Elizabeth Berry. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Mary Frances Egger, daughter of Fannie and Jonis Wesley Egger. Mary Frances Egger will marry James Richard Berry. Mary "Frances" made this dress from a picture in a magazine. People would come from all around Van Buren County, and even neighboring counties, to have Mary Frances "divine" water for them. Divining was an old practice, where a person would hold a forked stick and walk around a piece of property and find where to dig a water well. Mary Frances was never wrong. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Fannie Clara Kendrick was born September 10, 1861 in Mississippi, during the Civil War, to Jonis Wesley Kendrick and Mary Ellen Stanley. Her parent's almost named her Fancy, but changed their minds at the last minute. Fannie's brothers and sisters are: Cornalie Jane Kendrick (December 24, 1854), Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Kendrick (March 31, 1858), George Wesley Kendrick (February 22, 1864), Mollie Kendricks (1867), Mary Henryetter (March the 26, 1868), Julia Belle Kendricks (1869). Myrtle Kendrick (June the 14, 1871). Fannie fell in love with Jonis Wesley Egger and married him the day after Christmas, December 26, 1878 in Lowndes County, Mississippi. She was seventeen years old and very much in love. Fannie gave birth to: Maggie Egger (July 19,1891), Exeum Claphos Egger (February 1888), James Lonnie Egger (June 1880), Luther M. Egger (January 17, 1883), Infant Egger (June 23, 1890), William Edward Egger (January 28, 1894), George Egger (February 17, 1897), Homer Egger (October 12, 1899), John Wesley Egger (August 5, 1885) and Mary Frances Egger (September 12, 1902). Fannie died from childbirth complications on September 22, 1902 in Old Liberty, Arkansas in Van Buren County. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Floy Mae Berry, first born child of Mary Frances and James Richard Berry. Floy's dress was made by her mother. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Ike and Nelly Brunley
Ike and Nelly Brunley in Park Hill, Oklahoma - Picture found in James Holland Egger, Jr's trunk in Old Liberty, back says Ike and Nellie Brunley and Ike Brunley and his wife.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Made at the "Rock House" in 1941.
(Rock House is a landmark located by Morganton, out from Bee Branch)
L-R: Ira Mercer (son of Henry & Augustine Mercer), Oathur Risener & Porter Risener (sons of Jim & Cyntha McDaniel Risener) & Richard Brown (son of William & Haley McDaniel Brown). ****Richard was the cousin of Oathur & Porter - their mothers were sisters - & Ira was married to Pearl, the sister of Oathur & Porter.**** --Submitted by Juli Risener Morgan
Sarah Tullis - 1850 The blanket that Sarah is wearing is a Mexican Blanket. We think she got it from a family member who was in the Mexican War of 1846. Sarah has a g.g.g.grandaughter, who is the detailed spitting image of Sarah.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
William "Edd" Egger son of J.H. Egger, logging with horse power for the J.H. Egger Shingle & Lumber Mill- 1909 - Old Liberty, Arkansas.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Margaret Ann Kolb Egger Givens - 1852
Margaret was born to Newton and Hannah Cornelia McKinley Kolb on February 12, 1834 in Mississippi. She married James Holland Egger Sr. and gave birth to Cornelie S. Egger (April 29, 1853), Mary Frances Egger (April 6, 1854), Petronia Egger (1856), James Holland Egger, Jr. (January 31, 1857). James Holland Egger Sr. died at an early age. Margaret later married Zena Givens and gave birth to Florence Givens, June 22, 1872. Margaret died on March 19, 1919 in Low Gap, Arkansas in Van Buren County.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
George Egger
Son of J.H. and Fannie Egger. Photo taken after the war. What a good looking man!--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Jonis Wesley Kendrick - 1871
Son of Joseph Warren and Lucinithe Kendrick. Husband of Mary Ellen Stanley. Father of Cornalie Jane Kendrick (December 24, 1854), Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Kendrick (March 31, 1858), George Wesley Kendrick (February 22, 1864), Mollie Kendrick (1867), Fannie Clara Kendrick (September 10, 1861), Mary Henryetter Kendrick (March 26, 1868), Julia Belle Kendrick (1869). Myrtle Kendrick (June14, 1871). --Submitted by Beverly Berry
George Egger - 1908 Clowning around. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Mary Ellen Stanley Kendrick and her son, George Wesley Kendrick - 1867.
Mary Ellen's parents were James Robert Stanley and Arminitta Perkins. She was the wife of Jonis Wesley Kendrick. --Submitted by Beverly Berry
Julia Belle Kendrick Boyd and her son, Wesley Grady Boyd - 1890
Julia Belle Kendrick Boyd is the sister of Fannie Clara Kendrick Egger.
--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Elizabeth Tullis Berry - 1860
Daughter of Sarah Tullis. She married Prettyman Berry. She is the mother of Mary Ann Berry of Low Gap, Arkansas.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
At the shingle knife - 1917 - The crew of the J. H. Egger Shingle and Lumber Mill.
From left to right - Mary Frances Egger (soon to be Mary Frances Berry), Jessie Bost, William "Edd" Egger, James Holland Egger Jr., George Wesley Egger and Homer Egger. J. H. Egger had quite a sense of humor. If you look closely at the photograph, you can see him dancing with a couple of shingles.--Submitted by Beverly Berry
Julia McClure Jordan & friend, early 1900's
Can you identify the man?
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Syntha Luiza McDaniel Risener 1855-1900
Daughter of Richard & Nancy Steel McDaniel, Wife of James Christian Risener
--Submitted by Juli Risener Morgan
I. J. Paxon
teacher or Supt. of School in Van Buren Co in the 1920's
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
John & Rebecca Miller Family ca 1933 Formosa, Ar.
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
John N. Miller ca 1935 Culpepper Mtn., Van Buren, Co., Ar.
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
Belle Miller dau of John N & Rebecca Hammett Rhoades Miller ca.1917 Culpepper Mtn.
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
Ada Loftis Suter, P.H. Suter, dau Mildred
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
Charlie Nelson
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
Roscoe Huie & Tom Rhoades, 1919
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
Ida M Parks & children
--Submitted by Mary Bostian
William Pitts Bennett and Mary Elizabeth Sanders-Bennett 1900
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Gertrude Lawrence Shipley & son Oliver 1919-1920
Oliver died not too long afterwards of appendecitus and his mother Gertrude died with a miscarriage all in the same year. Her other son John Shipley age 3 got polio.
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Willis William Woodward --Submitted by Virginia Brown
Landmark in Clinton, Ar.- Ozark Cafe and Bus Station.
We now have three lovely stories about this Clinton Landmark.

02/15/08-Remembrance of the Ozark Cafe.

(08/11/05 note from JoAnn Bradford, grandaughter of David and Maggie Bradford, daughter of Woodrow and Ruth Potter Bradford: "The building is still there but is not used now. It was last used as a a mexican resturant. A cousin of mine, Geraldine Bradford Bolden was a waitress there years ago. I was spending the weekend with her years ago when I was young and our family was living in Eureka Springs. A guy driving a mail truck between Little Rock and Eureka Springs stopped there on his way each night. Years later I now live in Lowell across the road from this same mail truck driver."
Also see: Letters & Stories, The Ozark Cafe
Thomas Jefferson Bennett with 3 of his children . Roxanne Elizabeth, Florence Narcissus and son with 1st wife Mary Idella Presley.
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
1912 Bee Branch This picture was found in the attic of the James Rice Patterson home. Mr. Patterson’s home is shown in this picture at the very end of the Street. James Rice Patterson was the County Judge at the time this picture was taken in 1912. This picture came originally from Nadene[Burroughs] Blizzard who is the granddaughter-in-law of James Rice Patterson. Lou Hayden a local resident until the 90’s borrowed the picture and had copies made from it and is the person responsible for sharing this original 1912 picture with so many of the towns’ people of Bee Branch & Morganton.---Submitted by Vicky Dennis
Suggs Sisters Double Wedding; Lincoln Leonard Kidd and wife Louisa Elizabeth Suggs sitting, Standing are sister Lucy Ann Suggs and husband George Thornington Arnold.
--Submitted by Michelle Johnson
Clare Luther Kidd with wife Pearl Phidelia Hewen-Kidd
--Submitted by Michelle Johnson
Tennessee Kidd and 2nd husband James Madison Altsman.
Sister of Lincoln Leonard Kidd.
--Submitted by Michelle Johnson
Daniel Robert Johnson --Submitted by Eva Eaton
Julia Ann (Goff)Burroughs.
Nymphas A. Burroughs second wife, and the mother of his 12 children.
Born August 8, 1851 and died Oct. 23, 1924 in VBC., daughter of William Wilson Goff b.1824 in Kentucky
and Nancy Brannon b.1820 in Ar. Julia and Nymphas A. Burroughs were married in 1866 in Van Buren Co. Ar.
after he came back from the civil war. -- Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
Jake and Annie Ethel Henley Hefner. Taken about 1908 --Submitted by Cathy Duvall
Sylvania Henley O'Neal--Submitted by Cathy Duvall
Top is part of the David Henley homeplace after it was moved from the original site.
Lower picture is what the David Henley home place looks like today.
--Submitted by Cathy Duvall
David and Martha Martin Henley.
David is the twin brother to Samuel Henley.--Submitted by Cathy Duvall

This picture is the R. Frank Henley and Louisa J. "Kitty" Mackey Henley family.
R. Frank is the son of Johsua L. Henley.
The picture was taken between 1910 and 1920.
--Submitted by Cathy Duvall

This is a picture I found in my husbands grandmother's things.
On the back it says Bertha Gleen, Lillie Bowling, Joe Gleen, and James Drake.
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley
The correct names for Bertha (Eades) Glendenning, Lillie (Eades) Bowling, Joe Glendenning They are my aunts and uncles----Additional information submitted by Donnie

James Edward and Nancy Belle (May) Burroughs
with their 1st son Grover Chester Burroughs 1919
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley

Anthony Duncan and his sister Nancy Duncan -Davis.
She is the wife of James Buchannon Davis. Nancy's dauhter is Ida Alzara Davis- Burroughs of
Gravesville Ar. Nancy and Anthony Duncan were children of John O. Duncan and Mary A.
Gaither. They came to Van Buren Co. abt. 1870
--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley

Van Buren County Courthouses...then and now--
Photo of Current Van Buren County Courthouse and Town Square by Huel H. Morrison. Pub. by Harrison Photo Sales, Harrison, Arkansas.
The original courthouse was torn down in the summer of 1934. Before this time it had been burgularized
twice and set on fire twice, barely surviving each time.

William Henry and Shirlottie Burroughs--Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley

William Henry Burroughs and his 9 sons and one daughter and Jim Chastain.
The picture was taken around 1900 in Gravesville Ar. in the hay field.
William Henry Burroughs was born 1869 at Gravesville. He was the son of Nymphas and Julia
Burroughs. Nymphas(Burris) Burroughs was a early settler of Gravesville.
He came to Van Buren Co a little bit after 1850. He was on the 1850 census in Dyer Co. Tn.
and on the 1860 census in Van Buren Co. in Cadron Twp.
Nymp served in the civil war from 1862 to 1865, he was in Co. H 32 Vol.
Nimp and his 1st wife came to Ar. with his father and mother in 1851.
His parents were Henry and Charlotte Burroughs.
They were listed on the 1850 census in Dyer Co. Tn.
Henry's age was 52 and Charlotte was 45. He was from North Carolina.
-- Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley

Burroughs Top left: Charlie Joy, Ola T., Albert, Oscar, Will, JimEd, Tade and Oather.
Front row from left: Pete, William Henry, Velie, & Shirlottie.
- Submitted by Alice Burroughs Shipley

Samuel Arthur Payne
Sam was born October 15, 1882 and died May 29, 1948.
He was a school teacher in Van Buren County.
He married Elizabeth S. "Bessie" Dodson. - Submitted by Cathy Duvall

Railiroad workers near Shirley Arkansas - Submitted by Genia.
WPA workers near Shirley Arkansas during the depression era.
The latest list of people in the picture:
1) Thomas Albert Maxey son of James R Maxey and Georgia A Shipp
2) waterjack (that is the name for his job ) Tom Bradley
3) Kermit Roosevelt Plumlee son of John Garner Plumlee and Margaret I Denton
(and my grandpa)
4) Jim Gibbons
5) Unknown Harper
6) unknown 7) unknown 8) unknown
9) boy in front hat & arms crossed Henry Holland
10) unknown 11) wearing a hat smoking a pipe Howard Bradley
12) older man 3rd from rt middle row Arch Haley, 2nd from right is Columbus Satterfield
front row all unknown except the man in the front on left is the foreman.
The 4 in the back unknown except the man on the far left is Dan Duncan.
This picture was taken in Shirley Van Buren Co Ark the workmens project assoc and they were
building the highschool gymnasium for the Shirley Ark school. - Submitted by Genia
Award presented to Ed Brikey for finding three missing girls.
Ed Brickey is the grandfather of Lynette Courtney.
It is said he was the one who came up with the idea to place missing children on milk cartons. Caption reads
"Miss Jennifer Granger (center) of Gracement and Mr. Ed Brickley (right) from Hinton accept their plaques
presented to them for their outstanding work in the Cooperatives 'Good Neighbor'Missing Children program."
2nd from left is Lessel Fulkerson. This is in Van Buren County, Arkansas. It could have been
taken in Shirley, Ar. I think some of the other men are Bradfords.
- Submitted by Wanda Carey
UPDATE: Feb 2, 2009
"The picture submitted by Wanda Carey is in front of the blacksmith shop in Shirley, Arkansas. The one with Lessel Fulkerson from 2nd from left. The first man on the left is identified as my Great Grandpa John Caldwell, father of Everett Caldwell, Father of Jack Caldwell, whom Jack Caldwell is my dad." I am Jackie Gatlin
Seated: Samuel Henley, Leverit, Virginia Bailey Henley
Standing: Cora, Georgia, Joe (my gr-grandfather), Bill, Jim, Oscar and Nettie.
---Submitted by Cathy Duvall
This is a picture of my gr-gr-grandfather, Samuel Henley standing by his mercantile store.
It was on the old freight line trail that ran from Morrilton to Alread. At the foot of Brushy by the
Little Red River.
---Submitted by Cathy Duvall
Joseph Alexander Henley---Submitted by Cathy Duvall
Family of James Washington Millsaps and Matilda Jane Henley.
Matilda Jane is the daughter of David Henley and Martha Martin.
David Henley was the twin brother to my gr-gr-grandfather Samuel Henley
----Submitted by Cathy Duvall
J. H. "Huce" O'Neal and Savannah Henley. Savannah was the daughter of David Henley
and Martha Martin.
---Submitted by Cathy Duvall

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