8th Grade Students (maybe Choctaw school)

--Submitted by Wendy Maxey

I am thinking it is probably a school in Choctaw, Van Buren County, AR.

My mother, Martha Belle (Suggs) Garrett is located in the front row, fifth student in. On the back of the picture are names of most of the students. They are as follows:

Back Row - Bobby Joe Landford, Carl Quattlebaum, Jack Evans, William Guiling, Wildon Gilliams, Chris Halbrook

Middle Row - Catherine Guiling, Mary Lea Bishop, Elaine Corn, Mary Emma McKuins, Jesse Faye Smith, Emma Underwood, Mary Alice Robertson, Billy M. Rogers, Johnny L. Rogers, Opal Estella Smith, Betty Patterson, Mrs. Lula Gooden (Teacher)

Front Row - None listed.