Eglantine School

--Submitted by Wanda Bradford Carey
My grandparents were Keith Bradford, and Lucy Bolden Bradford. The Clarks, and Boldens were related. I think many of these students were related.

Eglantine School
I recieved seventeen names with this picture, and there are only sixteen people. Any help with the names would be appreciated, Wanda.
back row - 1 Fannie, or Fanning? 2. Ila Bradford 3. Ewell Bolden ( son of Ruben, and Sarah Arnetta "Nettie" Glenn Bolden) 4. Eunice Bradford (son of D.C. and Maggie Graham Bradford) 5. Lucy Bolden (she married Keith N. Bradford)(daughter in law of D.C. and Maggie Bradford) 6. Gladys Brown 7. Ethel Bradford 8. Esta Brown (Newby) (daughter of Arthur, and Mag Brown) 9. Lester Hunt 10. Ernest Braodfrd 11 . Everett Bradford (son of D.C. and Maggie Bradford) 12. Guy Carr 13. Alford Fanning 14. Dick Gibbins 15. Dee Bradford (son of D.C. and Maggie Bradford) 16. Lonnie Brown (son of Arthur, and Mag Brown) 17. Delmar Linn

Eglantine School, 1906/07.
It was given to me by the late Windell Mauldin.
Top Row
1. Tom Harness, 2. Homer Bradford, 3. Garland Lynn (Linn), 4. Dick Cullum, 5. Edd Turney, 6. Charlie Bradford, 7. Teacher Henry Rowe
2nd Row from Top
1. Hilery Bradford, 2., 3. Robie Bradford, 4. Bramlette Towery, 5. Bessie Gadberry, 6. Lucy Turney, 7. Gracie Fox
3rd Row from Top
1. Bertha Bradford, 2. Lula Daniels, 3. Glover Towery, 4. Bethel Boone, 5. Lydle Daniels, 6. Edd Hall, 7. Girtie Lynn (Linn), 8. Ila Bradford, 9 Euda Gadberry, 10. Claude Gadberry, 11. Addie Cullum, 12. (Addie's sister), 13. Bessie Hall
4th Row
1.Claude Bradford, 2. Buthie Lynn (Linn), 3. Ellen Grey, 4. Fred Grey, 5. Clarcy Grey, 6. Winnie Boone, 7. Carrie Bradford, 8. Cecil Bradford, 9. Dovie Towery, 10. Esta Brown, 11. Lonnie Brown, 12. Mayme Bradford, 13. , 14. Hazel Bradford, 15. Exie Towery
5th Row from Top
1. Keith N. Bradford, 2. Henery Turner, 3. Elmer Lynn (Linn), 4. Delmer Lynn (Linn), 5. Homer Clark, 6. Dick Bradford, 7. Clyde Bradford, 8. Eunice Bradford, 9. Roy Daniels, 10. Ewell Boldon
Front Row
1. Jim Holderfield, 2. Dean Bradford, 3. Earl Boone, 4. Jace Holderfield, 5. Hope Daniels, 6. Blake Towery

Eglantine School, 1911.
Wendell Mauldin shared this picture, and the names, before he passed away.
Water covered this school in 1961/62 bu Greers Ferry Lake

3rd. Row Standing
1. Bryan Clark, 2. Warren Harness, 3., 4. Tom Harness, 5. Joe Huggins, 6. Lewis Cullum, 7. , 8. Teacher: Dick Emerson, 9. In the doorway: Tom Huggins, 10. Keith N. Bradford, 11. , 12. Alvin Huggins, 13. Glover Towery, 14. , 15. Willard Newby, 16., 17. Andy Newby, 18. Ernest Bradford, 19. Calvin Gadberry and Charlie Clark
2nd Row Standing from left
1. Dovie Towery, 2. Bessie Hall, 3. Ludie Newby, 4. Bessie Ledberry, 5. Ethel Cook, 6. Winnie Clark, 7. May Owens, 8. Effie Bradford, 9. Dora Cook, 10. Anna Cook, 11. Lydle Cottrell, 12. Ima Cottrell, 13. Bill Yeakley, 14. Fred Grey, 15. Roy Gadberry, 16. Ray Gadberry
Front Row Sitting
1. Flora Newby (was cut off), 2. Mildred Hunt, 3. Rosie Clark , 4. Roxie Towery, 5. Audrey Towery, 6. Ruthie Lynn (Linn), 7. Voyga Lynn (Linn), 8. Esta Brown , 9. Thelma Brown, 10. Ina Gadberry, 11. Essie Ledbetter, 12. ? Cook, 13. Ellen Cook, 14. Ruth Hutto, 15. Mayme Hutto, 16. Burlie Clark, 17. Louie Bradford, 18. Franklin Huff, 19. Elmer Lynn (Linn), 20. Delmer Lynn (Linn), 21. Willie Hutto, 22. Someones head, 23. ? Bradford, 24. Everett Bradford, 25. Calvin Cook, 26. ? Cook, 27. Bud Grey

Hillcrest School Group of Eglantine Arkansas -Circa 1930 - Floyd Bonds, teacher

Back row left to right.
Elsie Juanita Bradford "Towery", Herman Carroll, Gladys Brown "Treat", Everett Treat, Talmadge Towery, Glen Towery, Madgie Carroll, Lottie Carroll, Ethel Carroll, Merle Towery "Jones", Georgie Towery "Hall", Hartle Carroll, Virginia "Jennie" Treat "Carroll", Althea Treat "Linn", Wanda Towery "Barnett"Grisham", Zetta Carroll, Mabel Davis "Bolden", Lawrence Brown, Hubert Treat, Leon Bradford, Celeste Towery "Smith", Evelene Hunt "Clutts", Lucille Hunt "Bradford", Reva Bradford "Dowdy", Robert Carroll, Keith Bradford Jr. "K.J.", Jimmy Lane Towery, Tommy Dempsey, Helen Ruth Towery "Ward", J.H. Towery, Melba June Towery "George"Tipton", Joyce Towery "Bradford", ? Davis
The names were given to me several years ago, by Mr. Wendell Maulden.

Names on Roster of Eglantine 1903

Tennie Gadberry - Tennessee Josephine Gadberry 5-17-1883 VB Co died 1-03-1942 McAlester, Pittsburg co, OK – married Wiley Alton Turney 8-10-1907 Higden, Cleburne Co, AR. She was the daughter of David Gadberry & Maria Ann Coggins.

Archie McSpadden according to census born March 1883 – son of Unknown McSpadden & Annice Mahala Montgomery Hess Bradford.

James Gaddy – probably the son of James K Polk Gaddy & Lee Emma Bradford

Bretta Towery – daughter of Joshua Hollett Towery & Nancy Elizabeth Stephens – married King Riley Bradford

Blake Towery – brother of Bretta

Bessie Mae Clark – don’t know who her parents are but she married Jesse E Gadberry

Grover Bradford – son of William Thomas Bradford & Permilia Linn

Maudie Bradford – sister to Grover

Claud Bradford - could also be the brother to William Arklin Bradford, and they were the children of John A. Bradford, and Levetta Goodman Bradford, from the Eglantine Community.

Homer Bradford – not sure but maybe the son of Santa Bennett Bradford & Annie Flowers

Bertha Bradford – maybe the daughter of David Crockett Bradford & Kate Morgan

Julia Gadberry – maybe the daughter of David Gadberry & Maria Ann Coggins

Pearl Hess – not sure about her – but since Archie McSpadden is here then she maybe the daughter of Annice Mahala Montgomery Hess McSpadden Bradford – another indication is the name was originally put in as Bradford & it was marked thru and Hess put there.

Bramlett Towery – brother of Bretta & Blake Towery

Glover Towery - brother of Bretta, Blake & Bramlett Towery

Guy Bradford – son of William Thomas Bradford & Permilia Linn

Clearcy Gray - is Addie Clearcy Gray. She was the daughter of James Walker Gray and Rutha Cullum Gray. She was born in June of 1895. Do not know which child she is in picture. - Gray family info submittedy by Fletcher Gray