Barrens School

The Barrens Community was in or near the Choctaw Area

--Submitted by Leah Bradford Black

This is a picture of Miss Guynith Gooden (Bradford) and her students in front of a one-room schoolhouse in the Barrens community in the 1930's or early forties. I don't know the names of the students, but I think some of them are probably children of the Odus Smith and Fate Moore families. Possibly one of them is Emma Sue (Molly) Moore Hurley, and another Oma Rea Smith Jones who still live around Clinton.

Miss Gooden was my mother, who later married Everett Bradford of Eglantine and lived in Clinton for over 40 years. Mr. Bradford was Van Buren County School Supervisor from 1948 until 1964. The Bradfords moved to Texas in 1982, and since have both died.

Leah Bradford Black