History of Ambrose Harnage
(before he moves to Arkansas.)
--he was married to his 1/2 Cherokee wife
Nancy "Nannie" Sanders Harlan.   They lived in Cherokee Nation in GA.
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Brief form of AMBROSE HARNAGE,Ann E. WASHINGTON & Ann's 1st husband J.C.B.
WASHINGTON--updated Apr 2006

1.  Don't know where AMBROSE HARNAGE was born, when or who his parents are.  Need to find this out.
Some say b. abt. 1780-1790 in England or others say Columbia Co. GA--don't know
2. AMBROSE HARNAGE  was married first to a 1/2 Cherokee woman named Nancy Sanders Harlan abt
1810 in GA. Nancy's 1st marriage was to George Harlan and she had 5 children with him.
3.  Ambrose Harnage  was a very prominent wealthy  white man living with the Cherokee Indians in GA.
Ambrose & Nancy had 5 children.
4. Ambrose & Nancy Harnage moved to Cane Hill AR about 1832.  She died 11 July 1834--don't know where
Nancy "Nannie" Sanders Harlan Harnage is buried either.
5. AMBROSE  was married by Jan 1839 to Ann E. Bobo Ray WASHINGTON.& living in Van Buren, AR.
Attorney papers show this.
6.  Ann Bobo Ray WASHINGTON  b. 11 Feb 1802 Raysville, Columbia Co. GA -- 1st marriage was to J.C.B.
WASHINGTON (she no doubt knew him in Columbia Co.. GA but can't find out any information about him
except by 1820 he is in Missouri & has a select school for young gentlemen.
7.  Mrs. Ann E. WASHINGTON  comes to Franklin MO in 1825 to join J.C.B. WASHINGTON in teaching
in his select school.  They had advertisements for their school  in the MO Intelligencer .  The town of Franklin
floods in 1828 and they move elsewhere in MO.
7.  Ann & J.C.B. WASHINGTON had 2 sons born in MO--Leonidas b. 1828  & Charles Carroll
Washington b. 1832
8.  Ann & J.C. B. WASHINGTON move to Mississippi after 1832 & bef. 1835 when their 3rd son George
L. Washington is born 1835
9.  J.C.B. Washington dies in Mississippi or AR--between 1835-1839--family history says he died in Evansville AR
10.  Ann & J.C.B. WASHINGTON have 3 boys--(don't know what J.C.B.'s  initials stand for, where & when
he was born--Ann probably met him in GA??))
        (a) Leonidas Washington b. 1828 MO
        (b) Charles Carroll Washington b. 1832 MO
`       (c)  George L. Washington b. 1835 Mississippi
11.  J.C.B. WASHINGTON dies between 1835-Jan 1839--family history says Evansville, AR.
12.  Jan 1839 Ann E.  WASHINGTON  is married to AMBROSE HARNAGE & living in Van Buren
AR (attorney paper show this)
13.  Ambrose & wife --must be Ann E. Harnage-- are on 1840 Washington Co. Census.  They pay
property tax but in 1841 7 1842 but 1843 only her name is listed (Ambrose has died)
14.  Ambrose owns land in Washington Co. AR. 1841
15.  Ambrose & Ann HARNAGE have daughter LORETTA  HARNAGE b. 15 June 1841 Cincinnati, AR.
16. Ambrose HARNAGE  died 20 Oct 1842--lived in Washington Co (maybe buried in Sugar Hill
Cemetery but no proof)
17.  Ann WASHINGTON HARNAGE could have married David Fine by 1846 because I can't find a
record where she paid property tax in 1846.
18.. 1850 Washington Co. Census Ann is married for 3rd time to David Fine.  Leonidas Washington, Charles
Carroll Washington, George Washington & Loretta C. Harnage all living with them.  David Fine had never
been married before he married Ann Washington Harnage.
19.  Ann & David Fine in 1860 & 1870 Washington Co. Census
20.  Ann & David Fine had slaves in 1850--story passed down thru family said later 20 of them were
Phoebe who had daughter Alice & Uncle Willis who stayed with them after the Civil War.
21.  Ann died 16 Feb 1873 but David is still alive and in 1875 it shows his residence as Washington Co. AR.
22.  Bev said her grandmother Minnie Gilbreath Medearis said that DAVID FINE went to live with LORETTA
HARNAGE (his stepdaughter and Ann's daughter by Ambrose Harnage).   Loretta and her family took
care of David Fine until he died.  David Fine was highly regarded by all his step children and even Mr.
Washington's children before he married Ann E. Bobo Ray.
23.  Ann E. Fine & D.W. Fine are buried in Old Union Cemetery in Cincinnati AR.  Ann b. 11 Feb 1802
Raysville GA d. 16 Feb 1873. David Fine d. 29 Apr 1885.