History of Ambrose Harnage
(before he moves to Arkansas.)
--he was married to his 1/2 Cherokee wife
Nancy "Nannie" Sanders Harlan.   They lived in Cherokee Nation in GA.
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Fact 1--Don't know where Ann Bobo Ray Washington met AMBROSE HARNAGE?
Some people on the internet says Ambrose may have been born in Columbia Co. GA.
Ann was  born 11 Feb 1802 in Raysville,  Columbia Co. GA so maybe they knew each other before Ann
married J.C.B. Washington?
Fact 2--Don't know where Ambrose Harnage was born or who his parents were--might have been Isaac Harnage?
1805 Georgia Land Lotteries  F285 W6 by Virginia Wood shows AMBROSE HARNAGE (orphan of Isaac)
drew a blank for land lottery--Columbia Co. GA  His ID#  415--Could this be our Ambrose Harnage

Some say Columbia Co. GA--others say Ambrose was born in England? or Scotland?
 Most of the people related to Ambrose & his 1st wife say Ambrose was born 1790 in England.  His 1st wife, Nancy
Sanders Harnage died July 11, 1834 in Cincinnati area (Cane Hill area?); AR although no one, even the Cherokee
Indians know where she is buried.  (they don't know where Ambrose is buried but Marie Richardson,
granddaughter of Sarah Harnage Williams believes he is buried in Sugar Hill Cemetery in Lincoln Washington Co.
AR--Sarah was a granddaughter of Ambrose.  Sugar Hill Cemetery has no listing for Ambrose Harnage
but there are a lot of broken & unreadable stones.
Fact 3-- AMBROSE HARNAGE'S lineage was: questionable??
Debra Schafer----Linda Walker ----and John Rogers--on the internet said
AMBROSE HARNAGE'S lineage was:
 Stephen Harnage
 Jacob Harnage
 George Harnage--married Mary
 Jacob Harnage Sr
 Isaac Harnage--b. abt. 1770 Unknown died bef. 1805 Columbia Co. GA.  He married Unknown.
She died bef. 1805 in Unknown.  Isaac is apparently the son of Jacob, but in 1800 is  living in Columbia Co. GA
AMBROSE HARNAGE b. abt. 1792 Columbia Co. GA d. 20 Oct 1842  Washington Co. AR.
Thala Susag  says AMBROSE served as a tobacco inspector in Scotland prior to his  arrival in America.  His job
was  to report on tobacco arriving from the colonies.  His line is  related to Jacob's, going back to England for common ancestors.
  Bill Hamm-deceased in 2004 --says AMBROSE HARNAGE, an Englishman, came to America in 1810 and settled
among the Cherokees in Georgia.  (another source on internet says Ambrose b. 15 July 1780 Shropshire
England and his father was Isaac Harnage.
When AMBROSE & his wife Nancy moved west to the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, they settled at Sugar Hill
south of Cincinnati, AR in 1839  (This date is not right because Nancy died 11 July 1834 but this could possibly be
Ann E.  Washington after she married Ambrose.  (Ann  married Ambrose by Jan 1839) As Major Ridge was  leaving
the Ambrose house on the morning of June 22, 1839, Major Ridge was assassinated  about 10 A.M.  Bill Hamm says
some of his info came from "Descendants of Nancy Ward.   Some say Ambrose was an orphan son of Isaac
Fact 4-- From 1810 to 1832--Ambrose is in Cherokee Nation GA. He married a 1/2 Cherokee woman named Nancy
Sanders Harlan.  She had been married before to George Harlan & had 5 children.  Ambrose & Nancy Sanders
Harnage have 5 children.
Fact 5--Abt 1832 Ambrose takes his 1st wife--Nancy Harnage to Cane Hill or Sugar Hill AR.   Nancy Sanders Harlan
Harnage d. 11 July 1834
Fact 6-- Ann Bobo Ray married J.C.B. Washington  Mrs. Ann E. WASHINGTON  comes to Franklin MO in 1825
to join J.C.B. WASHINGTON in teaching in his select school.  They had advertisements for their school  in the MO
Intelligencer .  The town of Franklin floods in 1828 and they move elsewhere in MO.
Fact 7-- Ann & J.C.B. WASHINGTON had 2 sons born in MO--Leonidas b. 1828  & Charles Carroll Washington b. 1832
 Fact 8-- Ann & J.C.B. WASHINGTON move by 1835 to Mississippi where 3rd son, George L Washington is born 1835
Fact 9--  Ann & J.C.B. WASHINGTON'S sons & their descendants
a)  Leonidas Washington b. 1828 --don't know when he died but in his letter to his                     mother 1861 he is in
Upshur Co. , Gilmer TX.   I have this letter)   Think he died                 in Civil War.  He was drafted by Texas conscripts
--family said they heard from                     him again. He is listed in 1850 Census living with his mother Ann E. Washington
Harnage Fine & David Fine (her 3rd husband) Lists Leonidas as being b.1828 but                 in Upshur Co. 1860
Census he is listed as b. 1830. 1860 Census Upshur Co                     Gilmer TX shows he has a wife Louisea &
children Ophelia age 3 & John age 2.                  In his letter to his mother 1861 (I have this letter)  he mentions another
child just                 born--Flore Wade.  Leonidas is a tailor.
        (b) Charles Carroll Washington b. 5 Aug 1832 d. 29 Dec 1897 --mentioned in 1850                 Washington
Co. AR Census as living with his mother Ann E. & stepfather David                 Fine.  Both Charles, his wife Sarah
and 2nd wife Isabella are all buried in                             Ganderville Cemetery which is about 1 1/2 miles from
Summers, AR. m. Sarah J                 Washington. They were living in Wilkes Co. GA according to letter Sarah sent
to Charles' mother, Ann E. Fine in Dec 1856
                Charles & Sarah Washington have the following children listed in
                1860 Louisiana (Desoto Co. ) Census
                        (1) Mary Elizabeth Washington--1860 Louisiana Desoto Co. Census shows
age 4 --then she is gone by 1870  AR census
                        (2)  G.A. (George Ann) Washington age 6--by 1870 AR census she is only
14 (age discreptancy between 1860 & 1870 census)
                        (3)  John Washington age 2--in 1870 AR census he is 12
                        (4)  infant Charles Washington--1870 AR Census he is age 10
                        (5)  not sure if more children.  Think there is a son Mike that is mentioned
in letters I have.
                1870 AR Census (Illinois township)
                        (6)  William Washington age 7 (Eric says William H. Washington--had
son Webster Jennings Washington.  Webster Washington had son James Earl Washington (Eric's father)
                        (7)  Eddie Washington age 5
                        (8)  Kate Washington 2
                Charles Carroll WASHINGTON married (2) Isabella (Queenie) Collins Brown .
                    Charles & Isabella Washington have the following children
                            Albert Washington
                            Claud Washington
                            Sam Washington
                            Ora Washington
        (c)  George L. Washington b. 1835 Mississippi so the 1850 Washington Co.AR
Census says--he is living with his mother & her 3rd husband David Fine)
                        George d. 13 Dec 1878 Coffeyville, KS m. Francis (Fannie S. Lotta b.
1849 d. 1930--buried in Old Union Cemetery in Cincinnati, AR.) In 1870 he  lived next door to his brother
Charles Carroll Washington.  He was a                                 Confederate Soldier who joined a company on
Crane Hill, AR in July 1861.                          They were to be state troopers.  He was clerking for
Major Vore at Fort                             Washitau in the Spring of 1864.  In the Fall or Winter of 1864
Major                                     Robinson, at the request of General Maxey, selected George to
 transport $80,000 confederate money from Shreveport, Louisiana                             to Doaksville.
He acquired the money in secret  with one other man, SAM                         GILBREATH, (Sam
Gilbreath's wife was LORETTA HARNAGE, daughter                             of Ambrose Harnage &
Ann E. Washington--Samuel is                                                     Bev's great grandfather) & returned
to Doaksville & remained there until                             the surrender of the Confederate forces.  From
the letters he wrote to                                 his mother we know in 1855 he was a miner at Scotts Bar,
which is west                         of Yreka, CA & wasn't married.  Passed up a teaching job for $10 month
                           near Albany but then worked on a farm for $5 Dec to Apr 1859.  In Uttica
N.Y. May 1859.  Was in Civil War stationed at Fort McCulloch, OK.  Was
a traveling salesman in Aug 1869 & in St. Louis MO.  His 1st child,
Annie Pearl was not yet born in Oct 1869 when he was at a merchant's fair
in ST. Louis MO.
Fact 10-- J.C.B. WASHINGTON  dies--after 1835 & before Jan 1839-- family history says he died in Evansville AR
Fact 11-- By Jan 1839 ANN WASHINGTON  is married to AMBROSE HARNAGE & living in Van Buren AR.
Fact 12 --A letter was written to Ambrose Harnage and also Mrs. Ann E. Harnage  Jan. 1839--George W.
Paschal Law practice 1838-1839 Van Buren Arkansas
  #13 Jan 4, 1839 Ambrose Harnage
   #22  Jan 25, 1839 Ambrose Harnage
   #24  Feb 7, 1839 Mrs. Ann E. Harnage
Letter to MR. AMBROSE HARNAGE from attorney George W. Paschal dated Van Buren, Ark
  4th Jan 1839 (on microfilm)
Dear Sir:
I called (unknown) Col Drummon this morning in regard to taking up Mrs. Harnage's note, given for Lot No 11 in
Van Buren.  Col. Drummon informs me that the notes have been transferred to Mr. Carnes, and the trade cannot
be recanted.  He says that he is ready to make a warranty deed to this  Lot, upon the payment of the note.  I have
only to add that in the trade he has so far the advantage that I know of no other source than to pay the note &
take  the property.  If you should choose to take this course, I will get  this done for you at any time, you may
direct.  Give my respects to Mrs. Harnage and accept for yourself sentiments of my regard
Signed George W. Paschal
Letter to MR. AMBROSE HARNAGE from attorney George W. Paschal dated Jan 25, 1839
Dear Sir:
On thus  4th of January I wrote you  that I had called (unknown) Col Drummon in relation to taking up Mrs.
Washington's notes given for the lot which she said was to be returned and that I was answered that the note had
been traded to Mr. Carnes and he was ready to make a title to this property, and would not rescind the trade.  I
suppose that you have received my letter and I will not therefore repeat more of it contents.  In relation to Mrs.
Harnage's administration, I am sorry to say that the court refused our return and required distinct proof of every
account before he would allow it.  He likewise said that the Court could not give the authority to purchase these
Negroes--nor could he receive the Bill of Sale as part of the assets of the estate the (unknown) bring in  the children,
who are not yet known to the court.  You remember I had found this difficulty.  I have therefore withdrawn all the
papers from the Court.  And as this estate is wholly out of debt, I do not see what better we can do than to let
matters remain as they are and have this matter with yourselves and the children.  We all know his intentions were
correct, and no person has any right to complain. The establishing all the accounts would be attended with
considerable expense and would be of no great profit to any body.  I will endeavor to call on you and explain
matters more fully.  In the mean time you may rest assured that nothing shall operate to your good Lady's
(unknown).  I have got this house (word could be timbers?) but I have not been able to get it covered and as
we shall commence keeping house in it in a few days.   I shall not have it covered before spring.  I have been
absent part of my time, or I should have been more forward with my business.  Remember myself & Mrs.
Paschal kindly to your good Lady and accept for yourself my warm esteem.
Signed Geo. W. Paschal  Van Burin Ark 20th January 1839
(Bev's comments--attorney refers to her as Mrs. Washington's notes and also as Mrs. Harnage's
administration--this must have been trying to get the legal work done after J.C. B. Washington died &
she was already married to Ambrose Harnage)
Letter to MRS. ANN E. HARNAGE--Feb 7, 1839
My Dear Madam
Mr. Tagert? tells me that he delivered my letter to you.  He said you made some inquiries about my getting David
Thompson as Security Tomas (sp) A. Scott's note.  You surely must be mistaken about this matter as I never have
had Scott's note.  You only showed it to me and took it back with you.  If you will examine your papers perhaps you
may find it.  If however you will send it to me I will do with it as you shall instruct me.  In regard to  (unknown) note
I have only to say that he promised fairly until yesterday and having done nothing and that being the last return day
unto court, I have commenced suit upon it.  This (unknown) (unknown) have never come to hand.  I understand he
says he never means to pay you.   Phillips has (unknown) a as I understand having those who had judgments against
him to pay their own costs.  I think this a lost debt.    (Unknown) has  (unknown) Hemick the Ten Dollars.  Dennis
Frasmint (sp) has acknowledged his (unknown) but has not paid it.  It will be (unknown) to from your account
against Hickam.  If you  mention the name of any (unknown) I know have forgotten theirs.  Please write me on
the subject.   (unknown) an Twenty Dollars against the Estate to (unknown) then will be (unknown) to pay with.
So you can estimate your charges.  If I can hear of your (unknown) I will write you.
Signed Geo. W. Paschal
Fact 13-- Ambrose Harnage paid taxes in 1838 --WASHINGTON COUNTY ARKANSAS TAX LIST
1830-1839-- by Ronald Jackson p. 12  AMBROSE HARNAGE paid taxes 1838
Fact 14 --AMBROSE HARNAGE--return of stolen property, including slaves to Ambrose Harnage
April 10, 1838
Here is a hyperlink but will also print it out for you with pertinent information at the top. It gives the credits etc.
This is an order signed by Hugh Montgomery, U.S. Agent to the Cherokees, concerning the return of stolen property,
including slaves, to Ambrose Harnage. (Military order 10 Apr 1838--Document ID: pa0226--Cherokee Indians--Claims.
The order came from the U.S. Secretary of War's office, and Montgomery is assisted in his efforts by John Miller,
an interpreter Legal documents http://www.galileo.usg.edu/express?link=zlna&id=pa0226--
Manuscript held by the Special Collections Library, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, MS2033 Penelope
Johnson Allen, box 1, folder 106, document pa0226Mode of access: World Wide Web System requirements:
Fact 15--Ambrose Harnage is in 1840 Washington County Census
2 white males 5-10 years
2 white males 109-15
1 white male 20-30
1 white male 40-50 (this must be Ambrose)
1 white female under 5
1 white female 15-20 (could have been Elizabeth Harnage, Ambrose's daughter by his  1st wife??
Elizabeth was born in 1820 & died 1847)
1 white female 30-40 (this must be ANN E. HARNAGE)
1 black male under 10
3 black males 10-24
1 black female 10-24
Fact 16--Ambrose Harnage owns land--WASHINGTON CO. AR INDEX TO  5th U.S. CENSUS OF
ARKANSAS (don't know why its called the 5th Census because the 6th Census was the 1840 AR. Census--see
above)  p. 41--Fayetteville Doc #2698, 40 acres issued June 15, 1841--Statutory Reference--3 Stat. 566,
(don't know what the following means?--Act of Treaty--April 24, 1820 Entry Classification--Sale--Sale--
Cash Entries,  #1 Aliquot parts--(2 records)--NENE & NENW Base Line--5 THPM, Fractional Section--
No Township--15N Range--33 W Section #--17
Fact 17--Ambrose Harnage is listed in the WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS TAX RECORDS 1836-1846
on Microfilm (found this near the end of  roll 61)-

This file was compiled from the Bureau of Land Management land records and includes Homestead and Cash
Entry Patents before 1908 for what is now Washington Co, AR. This compilation was created by Joy
Fisher, jfisher@ucla.edu, and is part of the free service called ARGenWeb. The front door is located at
http://www.usgenweb.com/ar This file may be freely copied for non-profit purposes. All other rights reserved.

L Name         F Name      MI     Sec No    T    R          Acres        Date         Warrant Name

HARNAGE AMBROSE            17        15N   33W     40           1841/06/15
HARNAGE AMBROSE            17        15N   33W     40           1841/06/15
AMBROSE HARNAGE SE ¼, 1 partial  33  15 17-- had 4 slaves.  Section 17 township 15--on Ballard Creek &
its various branches (--a historian at the Arkansas Archives in Little Rock helped me look it up-- he said Ambrose
owned more than a sq.  mile.  The microfilm showed number of horses at 4 valued at $200; 10 meat cattle over
3 years old valued at $150; Total value of taxable property $2,999.
WASHINGTON CO. AR. FEDERAL LAND RECORDS June 15, 1841--Ambrose is listed as having land in
 Sec #17 T 15 N R 33W ;40 acres.  This is listed twice so maybe he had 80 acres.  Go to
www.usgenweb.com/ar.  (someone else posted this info)
Persons Liable to pay POLL TAX 1841 (on microfilm) AMBROSE HARNAGE
 1 P  SE ¼  SE ¼  Township 17  had 4 slaves valued at $800
(microfilm roll #61)
Total value of land--says 3  section 17 township 15  (A historian at Archives in Little Rock helped me look up
the plat map.  Land was on Ballard Creek & its various branches--more than a square mile) has 80.3 acres,
40.3 acres; 41.3 acres; 39.3 acres; 40.3 acres and 40.3 acres----
 5 slaves --
Number of horses--4 value of horses $200
10 meat cattle over 3 years old--value of cattle $150.
Total value of  taxable property $2,999
WASHINGTON CO. AR. FEDERAL LAND RECORDS June 15, 1841--Ambrose is listed as having land in
Sec #17 T 15 N R 33W ;40 acres.  This is listed twice so maybe he had 80 acres.  Go to www.usgenweb.com/ar .
 (someone else posted this info)
b. 15 June 1841 Cincinnati  area, AR.
Fact 19-- Don't know what year--Ambrose is mentioned as overhearing a murderer's confession--
FLASHBACK MAGAZINE --Vol. 6 1956 published by Washington Co. Historical Society had an article
(and I don't have date when it took place) but it said 2 brothers, John & Asbury Richmond had difficulty over
some personal matters,.  John Richmond accused Asbury of some misdemeanor.   Asbury replied by charging
John with assisting in the murder of the Wright family.  These charges were overheard by AMBROSE
HARNAGE, who lived near by the home of the Richmonds, and he (HARNAGE) reported the affair to the
committee on Cane Hill.  John Richmond was rearrested soon afterwards.  He escaped but was soon caught &
he told his captors to take him back to the committee & he would make a clean breast of the whole affair.
John gave the names of 5 other men & himself as being the parties who committed the murder.  John Richmond
and 3 other men were hung July 31st (One man's name was never known & the other left the country)  While a
great majority of the people were satisfied as to the guilt of the parties executed, there were a few who doubted
the guilt of all.  Originally this publication was in Arkansas Historical Association Vol. 4, 1917 pages 204-206.
Fact 20-- Ambrose Harnage is claiming debt owed him--1842--WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS
PROBATE COURT  RECORDS--Book A Roll 15 p. 178--
A. HARNAGE vs. Jonathan Newman administrator of estate of James I. Gollahor deceased--amount of claimant
demand eighteen dollars eighty seven and one half cents on an open account field April 13th 1842 and in the
1st class. (this was about 6 months before Ambrose died)
Fact 21--Ambrose sells some of his land to John A. Bell 14 Oct 1842-
1842 WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS RECORDS--Index to Deed Records: Direct--Book A 1830-1881 (Roll 22).

HARNAGE, A. grantor deed to grantee John A. Bell Oct 14, 1842 Book D pg. 318-319 Roll 22.  This was 6 days
before Ambrose died.  Ambrose had a daughter Elizabeth Harnage by his ½ Cherokee wife Nancy Sanders.
Elizabeth Harnage married John Adair Bell
Fact 22--Ambrose Harnage is not listed as being buried in Sugar Hill Cemetery.  Its possible his stone was broken
or not readable.  There were broken stones and also field stones so who knows? Marie Richardson said he must
be buried in Sugar Hill Cemetery.  Sugar Hill is now part of Lincoln in Washington Co.  Sugar Hill is abt 5 miles
south of Cincinnati, AR  Ambrose was living in Sugar Hill 2 years before he died. Debra Schafer  is great
great granddaughter of Nancy Harnage who is William's daughter--William is son of Ambrose & Nancy Sanders.
Fact 23--Ambrose has died by 1843 because Ann Elizabeth HARNAGE pays the taxes--1843 TAX ROLLS
ANN ELIZABETH HARNAGE ( We know that Ambrose Harnage had died by 1843 or Ann would
not be paying the taxes.She had:
 2 slaves valued at $600
3 horses valued at $80
5 meat cattle valued at $40
Total value taxable property $1,120
Fact 24--Ann E. Harnage is continuing to pay the property tax
 (the only reason her name would be on the property tax rolls is because she is a widow and Ambrose
died Oct. 20, 1842 & Ann pays tax in 1843 also)
160 acres valued $480;
 3 slaves over 8 and under 60 valued at $1,000;
3 horses valued at $95;
 7 meat cattle over 3 yrs. old valued at $45;
 money loaned on interest $800.
Total value of taxable property $1,820.  Amount of state tax she paid was $2.
1845 TAX ROLLS--ANN E. HARNAGE 160 acres; 2 slaves valued $700; 2 cattle valued $10;.
Fact 25-- Maybe Ann WASHINGTON HARNAGE married 3rd husband David Fine by 1846--1846
TAX ROLLS--Ann E.  Harnage is not listed-
Fact 26--Ann WASHINGTON HARNAGE is married to David Fine by 1850 Census--they had no
children together. Ann & David Fine helped raise Mr. Washington's previous sons plus his & Ann's
sons by J.C.B Washington & a daughter LORETTA HARNAGE. It was said David Fine was highly
thought of by all the children.
1850 CENSUS WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS-- Illinois Township shows
David FINE age 42,
Wife Ann E. FINE age 48, born in Georgia
Leonidas  Washington age 22 born in Missouri (a tailor)
Charles Carroll  Washington age 17 born in Missouri ( a farmer)
George Washington age 15 born in Mississippi (a farmer)
Loretta HARNAGE age 11 born in Arkansas
Fact 27-- Ann & David Fine had slaves--1850 SLAVE SCHEDULE--Oct 2, 1850 Illinois Township,
Washington, Arkansas--
Slave Owner--David Fine: one 28 yr. old black male; one 20 year old black male; one 17 year old black
 female; one 5 month old black female
Fact 28--Ann & David Fine in 1860 Census
1860 WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS CENSUS--Illinois Township July 5, 1860

David Mellick W. Fine & Ann had 2 people living with  them:
  George Washington age 24 schoolteacher, personal property owned $100; born in
 Loretta Harnage age 18, personal property owned $2000 (maybe this should be $200.?);
born in   AR (someone else posted this info)
Another 1860 Census shows LORETTA HARNAGE from Washington Co. AR p. 585 `
Jackson  Township
1860 Census shows GEORGE WASHINGTON-- Washington Co. Arkansas  #585 Illinois
George married Frances "Fanny" S. Lotta 1861 in Cane Hill, AR.
Fact 29--Fall or winter 1864--GEORGE L. WASHINGTON (Ann's & J.C.B. Washington son George
b. abt.  1835 Mississippi,
George and his step brother-in-law SAM GILBREATH (Sam is Bev's great grandfather) transported $80,000
Confederacy money from Shrevesport Louisiana to Doaksville, AR. George as a Confederate Soldier joined a
company  on Crane Hill, AR in July 186l.  They were to be state troopers.  He was clerking for Major Vore a
t Fort Washitau in the spring of 1864.  In the Fall or Winter of 1864 Major Robinson, at the request of General
Maxey, selected George to transport $80,000 confederate money from Shreveport, Louisiana to Doaksville.
He acquired the money in secret with one other man, Sam Galbreath, & returned to Doaksville & remained
there until the surrender of the Confederate forces. (Information about George Washington from Craig
Washington-- 3washingtons@cox.net )
Fact 30--Ann & David Fine in 1870 WASHINGTON CO. ARKANSAS CENSUS --West Fork Township
Ann & David Fine had L. Waller age 11 born in Arkansas and Lisa Gilbreath age 8 born in Arkansas living
with them.  1870 Census Index compiled by Martha Vaughn , AR Archives lists Ann E. Fine Benton
Co. #391  White River Township and David Fine Washington ton Co. #151 Illinois Township
--don't know why the discrepancy
Fact 31-- Ann WASHINGTON HARNAGE FINE  died  26 Feb 1873 and she is buried beside her 3rd
husband DAVID FINE  David Fine didn't die until 1885 (tombstone says D.W. Fine) who died 29 Apr
1885.  They are buried in the Old Union Cemetery in Cincinnati, Arkansas.  We went there also and
took pictures of the tombstones.   I also have the pictures of Washington relative's tombstones,
Gilbreath and Medearis tombstone pictures .
Fact 32-- David Fine is still alive--1875--Residences Aug 1875 of DAVID FINE--Section 34: Tract 16N:
Range 33@, Washington, Arkansas
 Bev said her grandmother Minnie Gilbreath Medearis said that DAVID FINE went to live with LORETTA
HARNAGE (his stepdaughter and Ann's daughter by Ambrose Harnage).  Loretta and her family took care
of David Fine until he died.  David Fine was highly regarded by all his step children and even Mr.
Washington's children before he married Ann E. Bobo Ray.
Fact 33-- Some obituaries of Washington family--only Pearl Washington is related to our family.  She is
daughter of George Washington who was son of Ann E. Washington Harnage Fine.

OBITUARY OF WASINGTON CO. AR vol. 1 1841-1892 by Barbara Easley --Special Collection Univ.
of AR Call # F417 W3 E27 1996--
 Rebecca Washington died Tuesday--Fayetteville Democrat July 13, 1882;
 Pearl Washington--young lady--died of pneumonia  (Fayetteville Democrat Feb. 10 1888)
 (The book said WASHINGTON COUNTY was formed from Miller & Lovely Co Oct. 17, 1828.  In the state
of Arkansas political  townships do not perform as great a function as in most other states.  The justice of peace
was responsible for traveling within the township to hold court and preside over other minor civil functions
which would not require people to journey to the county seat.
Fact 34-- A Family STORY PASSED DOWN  (from my grandmother, Minnie Gilbreath Medearis)
 Ann E. Washington Harnage Fine had a Negro slave named Phoebe.  When the war was over she stayed on
with them.  Phoebe had a daughter named Alice who was about the same age as Minnie Gilbreath Medearis
--my grandmother.   Ann was Minnie's grandmother.  Minnie was born in 1874.  Another slave Ann had
was Uncle Willis who stayed with Ann & David Fine after the Civil War.  He turned blind during the war
from a spider bite between the eyes.  He was so old & blind.  He later got a little cabin over in the Negro
Colony, but LORETTA HARNAGE always made him 2 shirts every Fall and various other things he
needed.  He visited the home place often & Minnie GILBREATH MEDEARIS remembers him coming
on his horse.  His horse seemed to know where to take him.  Minnie use to go to meet him if her mother,
LORETTA HARNAGE GILBREATH was sick and she would lead him into the house when he came.
 He'd come whenever he was hungry.
Fact 35 -- I (Bev) went to OLD UNION CEMETERY in summer 2004
Old Union Cemetery is on Hwy 59 between Summers & Siloam Springs.
 They still have (1995) Memorial Day where 150 people come.  Old Union Cemetery is one of  the oldest
in the N.W.--founded  1846 only 10 years after AR became a state.  The 1st grave was  dug in 1848 &
they are still burying people here (1995) (We  were there Summer 2004 & saw all  the graves.
Saw graves & have pictures of tombstones for
Ann Washington Harnage FINE
D.W. (DAVID) FINE (Ann's 3rd husband)
L. C. (Loretta) HARNAGE & her husband (they are my (Bev's) great grandparents)
Samuel  GILBREATH , many other  Gilbreath relatives buried here also
Fannie  WASHINGTON (wife of George Washington --George was son of Ann & J.C.B.
Washington) &  their daughters Pearl & Ruby; Tombstone says
         Mother--Fannie E. 1849-1930 then below her name it says Ruby 1874-1951
         and beside Ruby's name is Pearl 1869-1888.  This tombstone is very close to Ann
& David Fine (Ann is Loretta's mother), Samuel Gilbreath & wife Loretta Harnage & Cynthia
RUSSELL (Samuel  Gilbreath's mother-his father was buried in Knox Co. TN)
            (Cynthia is my (Bev's) great great grandmother)
Robert & Amanda MEDEARIS (Bev's great grandparents)
Infant son of R.A & Amanda MEDEARIS,
Infant son of  G. W. & TASKA GIBSON (Taska was daughter of R.A. & Amanda
MEDEARIS  but Taska isn't buried here.  In 1925 Taska lived in Westville, OK
Fact 36-- I (Bev) went to 1st Cumberland Church Cemetery in Prairie Grove, about 20 miles from
Cincinnati where 2 sets of my great great grandparents are buried

John HINDS & Rhoda WEBB HINDS ( They had daughter Amanda Hinds who married
Robert Anderson MEDEARIS.  John & Rhoda WEBB HINDS
            are buried at 1st Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery about 20 miles
from Old Union Cemetery in Cincinnati
Wilson Frank MEDEARIS & wife Evaline Young MEDEARIS buried at 1st Cumberland
Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Prairie Grove AR.  They are Bev's  great great  grandparents)
Fact 37-- Charles Washington (son of Ann E. & J.C.B. WASHINGTON) is in 1880
CHARLES WASHINGTON 49 Born in MO--both parents  born in GA (Charles is son  J.C.B &
Ann  E. Washington so both J.C. B. & Ann Washington  born in GA)
Wife Sarah (no age listed)  born in GA--her parents both born in GA
        John    22    born in LA
        Emily           23          born in AR  father born in MO, mother in GA
        Charley        20         born in LA
         Willie         17          born in LA
         Edward       15         born in LA
         Catherine     11          born in LA
         Fannie         27         born in AR   (must not be a child of Charles & Sarah because it
says both parents born in S.C. (why S.C. listed?)
         Maude         12         born in AR
         Pearl           10          born in AR
         George          7         born in AR
         Ruby              6          born in AR
Fact 38-- RUBY WASHINGTON--was one of the early grade school teachers.  GOODSPEED 1889
HISTORY OF WASHINGTON COUNTY  (this is George Washington's daughter (George is son of
J.C.B. & Ann E. Washington)
ISABELL WASHINGTON-was one of original members of Mount Carmel Methodist Episcopal Church,
South in Cincinnati --Isabell is probably 2nd wife of Charles Washington
Fact 39--DAVID FINE  is listed on 1880 WASHINGTON CO.. AR CENSUS p. 24  as age 68
born in TN and  both parents born in TN -David Fine b. 3 Mar 1812 Cocke, TN d. 29 Apr 1885.