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Letter to Mother (Ann E. Fine) from son George Washington 8 Sept 1860

St. Louis 8 Sept 1860
Fannie mentioned in letter is or becomes George's wife.
Dear Mother (Ann E. Fine)
I received a letter from Fannie this morning--and was sorry to learn that you were
sick--though she said you were getting better--And I hope this may find you in good
health. I am in good health now but was a little unwell a few weeks ago. I wish I
could be with you--And am very sorry I did not call by when I started to the City
but I was in a great hurry--And expected to return in a few weeks.--but the house
was not willing to let me off--And I concluded it would be best for me to remain
another year. And then I hope to be able to go in business on my own account. I
would have written to you before but I am kept busy all the time--And I hope you
will excuse my seeing neglect.
I hope you will write to me when you receive this--And let me know if you want
Remember me to Mr. Fine & the family
As Ever Your Dutiful Son
P.S. I will be at home in Nov. or Dec. and I hope you will spend as much
of your time with Fannie as possible.