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Letter to Mother -Ann E.- from son George L. Washington 15 Aug 1869 --could be 1864?
Doubtful 1864 since War was just over?)
People & Places mentioned in letter
Fannie (George Washington's wife)
Cane Hill (AR)
Mr. Fine (Ann E.'s 3rd husband--2nd husband was Ambrose Harnage who died 20 Oct 1842)
Sissy (Loretta)
Sam (Loretta's husband, Samuel Gilbreath)
Charley & family
St. Louis, MO
A company he worked for (couldn't read the name)--he sold goods to stores
Greenfield Dade Co. MO 15 Aug 1869 (could be 1864?but doubtful?)
Dear Mother (this is Ann E.)
It has been a long time since I wrote you a letter and having just finished one
for Fannie, I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I am well.
And hope these lines may find you and the family in the enjoyment of good health.
I feel that I owe you an apology for not coming by on my way back. We were very
late and arrived at Cane Hill on Saturday. And I went home and just spent one
day with Fannie (Sunday) left Monday morning and have been traveling along
ever since-though I don't get along very fast--having to stop at the stores as
I go along.
I have sold a good many goods--more than I expected I would when I started out.
If I could only have my family with me this life would suit me exactly . I always
liked traveling. Well I wish it was in my power to spend this evening with you,
but I will be back in October or November when I hope I will be able to stay a
week with you all--remember me kindly to all my old friends and give my best
love to Mr. Fine, Sissy & Sam and all the family and also to Charley and
family--write to me--as nothing would afford me more pleasure than the
pinisal? of a letter from you. Direct to Saint Louis, MO. care of Wm.
Esstoresals? Co. Hoping to hear from you soon.
I am Yours Affectionately
Geo. L. Washington