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Letter to Loretta from a Cousin in Mansfield Louisiana 18 Feb 1859

Mansfield Louisiana . 18 Feb 1859
Dear Cousin Loretta
Your very welcome letter came to hand through the courtesy of cousin SARAH a
few days since and would have been responded to sooner could I have found an
opportunity. I am afraid you will say after reading this that my opportunity embraced
must have been a poor one for I am very stupid this evening and not very well.
I have located and am practicing physics here. I have also purchased a plantation
here for my self and brother, for which I am to pay $5,000. So you can see I have
a home at last. I know I will appreciate it. I would be glad to visit you if in my
power but am fearful that circumstances will prevent it for sometime at least.
I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of cousin LEONIDAS the other
day who was on his way to New Orleans to purchase goods or cloth rather for
his business. I appreciated the meeting.
An own cousin in a strange land to both--My Brother is in Princeton College
New Jersey and will graduate there next (can't read word) year. He stands
high--will probably get the first honor. He is a hard student and the only
one of us that's passably looking. I being fat like my father & ordinary
looking. I have been doing pretty well practicing physics since I have been
here, though I have been doing nothing for several days. I am not discouraged
however & hope eventually to get as much as I can do. I want to establish
myself, get a big name as a physician & make money. I am studying hard
and know I will succeed.
The young people wanted to have a fishing party yesterday but it rained.
However we will get it up yet. Give my love? to all
Your Cousin
The rest of the letter is torn off so I don't know who it is from (but it mentions
cousin Leonidas so it can't be Charles or George but someone who is a cousin to them.