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Letter to Mother (Ann E.) from son George Washington   15 May 1859
Names & places mentioned in letter
Hampton Oneida Co. N.Y.
New York City
Albany New York
Utica New York
Mother (Ann E.)
Mr. Fine

Hampton Oneida Co. New York
15 May 1859
Dear Mother
I hope you will excuse the apparent neglect with which I have treated you for some time
past and not attribute it to carelessness on my part--but to circumstances. I would have
written to you last winter but I expected to return home by spring--but unforeseen difficulties
have arisen between me and those I love and would (word missing) be among again. My path
in life has thus far been a thorny one. I have been unfortunate. I had hoped to never allude to
you of my misfortunes--but in justice to the (can't read the word--fibial?) love I have for you
I must say--had it not been for the misfortune of losing 150 dollars in New York City last Nov.
I would have spent the winter with you.
On the morning of my intended departure for home I awoke and found myself in a strange city,
penniless, friendless and alone . My money and bills had been abstracted from my person
through the agency of chloroform by the hand of an accomplish William whom I could not
detect. Through the sympathies of the landlord rent so far in my behalf that he gave me 10
dollars and I took the cars for Albany. I then went up the MoHawk River ensuing? for a school
vacancy--found one--and would have taught but I thought 10 dollars per month too small wages
--and did not know but I could do better and finally after wandering (word missing) until the 1st
of Dec I went to work on a farm at 5 dollars per month where I remained until April with an
advance of 5 dollars for the last 2 months. I could have remained all summer on the farm but did
not like the women. It belonged to 2 old maids and they did not agree very well so I left them and
went back to the city, thinking I might find some light employment for the summer but was
unsuccessful and here I am now 10 miles from Utica on a farm--working for 12 dollars per month.
I do not know whether I will remain here all summer or not but hope to be with you by fall anyhow.
I have underwent so many changes in my circumstances since I wrote you last I hardly know how
to write to you, but feel pretty certain if I only write one word it would be a comfort to you. I want
you and Sissa to write me and Mr. Fine must write also. I would be happy to hear from all my
old friends and know what is going on (missing word) Washington Co. Give my love to all
inquiring friends and believe me to be as ever
Your Dutiful Son
George (can't read the initial) Washington
Direct your letter to Utica N.Y.

On the same page George Washington has written a poem to his sister (Loretta)
It is very heard to read but he signs it George
Then below his signature he writes
Now Sissy. If you cannot read the above just imagine it to be a piece of poetry showing
--but also to _jubty? (can't read the writing) the affection a brother has for a sister.
Now sit down and write me a long letter.

So Farewell? (can't read the writing)

Signed George