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This is the last letter I have--& it is much later Jan 12, 1902.

Letter  from  Cousin Maude to a Cousin 12 Jan 1902 --this must be Maude Washington, George
Washington's daughter--writing maybe to one of Loretta's children?  Loretta died Jan 7, 1902

Uncle Sammy--(Loretta Harnage Gilbreath's husband Samuel Gilbreath)
Favetteville, AR
12 Jan 1902

My Dear Cousin:
I just heard yesterday that Aunt Loretta is dead and I can not realize that it is so.
I do feel so sorry for every one of you. I know it nearly killed you to see her put away.
She was so devoted to you all and enjoyed and loved her family if ever anybody did.
I have said so often she was the most unselfish someone that ever lived. I am so glad
I spent that day with you before I came up here. I'll never forget it, nor the many
other happy days I have spent there when she did everything she could to make
me enjoy myself.
I can't say don't grieve after her for you can't help it, but you surely have great
consolation when you think of what her life has been, for if a Christian ever lived,
she was one. She has just gone to her reward and we don't know how great it is.
The Bible says "Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered
into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for his people". Let the
thought that she has entered into this happiness be a comfort to you
Give my love and sympathy to every member of the family and especially Uncle?
Sammy. I know he will miss her so much.
Your Loving Cousin