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Letter from Julia E. Bailey to her cousin Loretta Harnage  6 Apr 1859
(Don't know who Julia Bailey is--in the letter she says she will be marrying John Miller.
The only cousins Loretta would have would probably be on the Washington side or maybe
Ann's sisters?.. It wouldn't be a brother because the cousin's last name is Bailey. Julia is in
Greenleaf Mississippi--Could this be where George Washington was born?
Letter mentions
cousin Charley & Sallie (I think Sallie is nickname for Sarah? not sure--also mention cousin
George and cousin Lou? or Lon?
Ma & Pa
Sister Hannah?
John Miller

Greenleaf Mississippi Apr 6, 1859
My Dear Cousin
Loretta Harnage
Your kind letter came safe to hand a few weeks since and contents per received with
pleasure. I was truly glad to receive a letter from you once more. Neither of your
other letters did not come to hand or would have heard from me before now.
I was only awaiting an answer to the letter. I wrote you last year and it has finally
made its appearance at last and with pleasure. I assume my pen to hasten a reply.
Though I fear I shall fail to interest you as there is no news of much importance afloat
at this time. I presume you have heard of the death of Sister? and?_Mother?_(not sure
what it really says) They died in January only 6? days ______between their deaths.
Poor? Brother? John. I deeply sympathize with him in his double bereavement. But it
sends a pleasing thought through my very soul to think of her calmness & resignation
in her last and trying hour. Her religion not only served as a consolation in her life
but a support in death. And while we mourn her death we should almost raise our hearts
in thanksgiving that God in his wisdom has called one of his children from this vale
of tears to a happy home.
We are all well at this time. Mother & Pa have been very sick but they have recovered
and have gone out to church today.
Sister Hanna? is married . She married a widower with 2 children, a very clever man.
She lives about a mile and a half from here. I see her very often. She is well & getting
on finely. I have had several proposals to marry though I have not as yet decided what to
do. I rather expect to marry sometime next fall. Yes Cousin, I expect to leap with Mr. John
Miller. He is one of the prettiest little fellows you ever saw. He has blue eyes, fair
complexion and dark hair, and he has such an affectionate amiable disposition. Cousin,
nobody could help loving him. You requested me ______ (cant read the word) my
deguerrean? (don't know what that is either) Any way I would be willing to do it if I could
have taken but (missing part of letter) & I would be gratified to see your. Try to come this
far with cousin (missing part of letter) and remain with me until they return and we will
have (missing part of letter). Well, cousin, I did not receive any Valentines but I received
on of the best April Fools you ever saw. Oh I was perfectly delighted (words missing). I
presume it was from my intended that is the reason why its contents were perused? with
such pleasure. Cousin, you say you have some pretty young Gents in your County. I don't
doubt but what you have but I dare say ours will far exceed yours. Both in beauty &
civilization. I hope so--at any rate Cousin where is Cousin LOU? or Lon? and Cousin
GEORGE. Please give me their addresses. I would like to hear from them and I intend
writing as soon as I ascertain where to direct.
Tell Cousin CHARLEY & Cousin SALLIE howdy and tell them to write to me. Tell
Cousin Sallie she did not comply with her promise. She promised to name her babe
after me .
My regard to Aunt? and family. I will now bring my uninteresting letter to a close.
Julia E. Bailey