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Letter from George Washington to Mother & Sister (Ann E. & Loretta) 6 Oct 1869
Saint Louis MO
6 Oct 1869

People & places mentioned in letter
Mother & Sister (Ann E. & Loretta)
Sam (Samuel Gilbreath, Loretta's husband)
Fannie (George's wife)
Lizzie & Walter (Samuel Gilbreath's sister Sophia Elizabeth Gilbreath b. 8 Sept 1869 married Walter Parks
Fair ( held in St. Louis where merchants from all over the country come to buy Fall stock)
Cane Hill (Arkansas)
Fannie's going to name baby-- Annie Pearl
your little Annie (Loretta has daughter Ann Gilbreath b. 18 Mar 1868)
Retta & Lizzie--
Ida (Loretta's 1st child was Ida Gilbreath b. 18 Apr 1863
Mr. Gilbreath (must be Sam Gilbreath)
Charlie & family (George's brother)

Dear Mother & Sister
Your kind letter of the 28th (can't read) was received yesterday and I hasten to
answer it. I was pleased to hear from you and learn that you were all well--though
sorry to learn that SAM had been sick--for I know to one of his stirring disposition
confinement to a sick room is anything but pleasant--but I hope in this he has
become stout (comparatively) again.
I was surprised to hear of so many weddings and hope that each one of the wedded
pair may have formed a congenial nature and that happiness, peace, and prosperity
may attune them all. Helen Swiss?, Mary Punks & Priss Beaty, I suppose will be the
next to quit the state of single blessedness
I received a letter from FANNIE a few days ago informing me that LIZZIE & WALTER
had married and was not so much surprised to hear of that--Present my kindish
regards to them.
We are kept very busy now during the Fair. Merchants from all part of the country are
here--buying fall stocks. I do not know when I will leave here. I will depend on the
Fall trade, but will let you know when I get down into your part of the country.
FANNIE wrote to me. She tried a visit to Cane Hill, but went back home disgusted with
visiting with 2 children to take care of and no one to help her. And she will stay at her
Pa's till I come down there and then we will go together to your home. FANNIE says
she is going to name the baby Annie Pearl. I expect your Little Annie is talking pretty
well by this time.
I was glad to learn that RETTA & LIZZIE were going to school & hope you will send
them every day as they are getting large enough to go that distance very easily. I would
like to see you all and spend a few days with you and will try and do so when I come
down. Tell IDA I will bring her (can't read). Give my best love to all and to Mr.
Gilbreath & family & all inquiring friends and believe me as ever
P.S. Remember me kindly to CHARLEY & family. I hope his crop (could be croup) done
well and thru medicine I got for him from old Mrs. Shannon done him good. Write to
me every chance as I am always pleased to hear from home. Tell Ma I'll fetch
her the green? powder tea