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Obituary of Susan Mayfield Langley - 1892

LANGLEY, Susan Langley died at her home near Goshen,
Ark. Jan 25, 1892.  She was born in Benton Co. Ark.
July 3, 1844.  Her maiden name was Mayfield.  She was
married to Mr. Polk Langley (afterward Rev. Polk
Langley) Nov 16 1865; was converted August 1872 at a
protracted meeting conducted by Rev. Mose Dutton and
Rev. Corley; joined the M.E. Church South about one
year afterward and was baptized by Rev. Shook.  He
lived faithful until the day of her death; and sad was
that day indeed, not only to her heartbroken husband
and children, but to all who knew her.  I think she
was among the best women I ever saw, always ready to
do and suffer for the cause of Christ.  In Bro.
Langley’s home many itinerant preachers have rested.
Sister Langley was always ready with both heart and
hand to make them comfortable and pleasant.  She was
always glad when her pastor came, and ready in Church
and Sunday school to do all she could.  She was a
woman of deep thought and piety – just everything it
seemed to me that it took to make a perfect Christian
and a Methodist preacher’s wife.
     While she is gone from us, we thank God for her
life and example.  As above stated, she was faithful
to her church and loved The Arkansas Methodist.  When
the physician told Bro. Langley he could do nothing
more for his wife and she must soon die, he went to
her and told her she would soon pass into eternity.
With a smile on her face, she said she was ready, and
soon after passed away.  The last words she uttered
that could be understood was that she would soon be at
rest.  She has gone home to live with Jesus and her
two dear children.  She leaves a large number of
relatives to mourn their loss, among whom is her
mother, stricken in years, who was also a Methodist
preacher’s wife.  But since she has gone another son
has gone – A.A. Langley – was born Oct 12, 1872, aged
19 yrs, 3 months and 12 days, just lived six days
after his mother died.  He was not religious at the
time his mother died.  I went to him that day and
asked him if he wanted to be religious and he said he
did.  He lingered only six days and then passed away.
When his physician gave him up to die his father went
to him a few hours before he died, and he told his
father he was ready to go and asked them tossing.
While singing “My latest sun is sinking fast,” he
joined in with his trembling voice and helped to sing.
 In a few hours he passed quietly into eternity.  He
told me just a short time before his death that he
realized that he would soon be at rest.
Sorrow-stricken husband and father and five remaining
children and friends, look up; be faithful in Him and
we will soon meet our friends and loved ones in that
sun-bright _____, where parting will be no more.  May
God’s blessing rest upon the sorrowing ones.