One hundred years ago --- one full century --- the University of
Arkansas erected GRAY HALL to honor Colonel Oliver Crosby GRAY.   

Find herewith two articles published concerning Colonel Oliver Crosby
GRAY, Class 1855. You may want to consider publishing them, or in part,
in your Colby Magazine?

Sixty years after GRAY HALL's dedication, now forty years ago, in 1966,
it was demolished, with NO subsequent honoring of their once beloved
Colonel O C GRAY, nor equally great wife Mrs V L GRAY.

You will note these articles were published nearly 50 and 40 years ago
in the Washington County (Arkansas) Historical Society. I have corrected
both with notations following considerable research, including forty
letters written by his wife to her brothers (Byron Davis, a sea captain,
Raymond, Libraian, University of Michigan 1877-1905, and Fred, a
Califorina architect), from before they were married till her 1886
cancerous death, plus her two diaries. The diaries are;  1863-1865
published 1983 in Arkansas Historical Quarterly, and the unpublished,
1867-1872 of their son, (1938 becoming a trustee of Colby College), Carl
Raymond Gray. Her materials are now at Special Collections, University
of Arkansas, MC 1618.

Of much additional interest are three, yet, hopefully(?), to be
transcribed, bound volumes at Little Rock, in Arkansas History
Commission files, a total of 845 fragile pages. This the continuation of
son Carl's, diary, 1872-1874, during 'Reconstruction Years' in Arkansas
and 'The Brooks-Baxter War'.  As president of St Johns' College, Oliver,
former CSA army captain, armed his students and protected the sitting
governor of Arkansas while he was housed at St Johns', until about a
month later, president U S Grant sided with the sitting governor,
settling the war which some reports say over 200 were killed.

Better copies of the pictures can be snail-mailed if desired.
Bill Boggess, raised at Carthage, MO