Washington County, AR
Queries A-M
Surnames: BECK
Submitted by: Janet   --   Email address: jlwasson@gmail.com
13 AUG 2005

Query: We are told that there was a booklet printed celebrating the
100th anniversary of the Lutheran Church in Springdale;included in that
publication is said to be a photo of my son's great great
grandparents-James & Adeline Beck who were charter members. James was a
sawmiller & builder in the area. Would anyone have a copy of this
pamphlet or know where one might be found so that we may obtain a copy
of this picture?
Submitted by: Lisa Geoghegan   --   Email address: lisageoghegan@cox.net
12 JAN 2006

Query: Need any information on the following family taken from the 1860
Arkansas census, Washington County:

John Brock born 1822? in Tenn
Margaret Brock born 1832? in SC
Kids:  James born 1849? in GA
          Martha born 1851 in GA
          Mary born 1858 in Ark
           Sarah born 1856 in Ark
          Elizabeth born 1860 in Ark

The child Martha Brock may be my great grandmother who married Adam W.
Dobbins in 1868 in Kansas.
Surnames: CARTER
Submitted by: ann skelton deemer   --   Email address: adeemer1@hotmail.com
19 MAY 2005

Query: I am looking for someone to do a look up at the Court House
Probate records. I have the books and pages listed but want to get the
actual papers.  I am certainly willing to pay someone to go copy these
pages.  Thanks!
Submitted by: Susan Lynn Chase   --   Email address: susanlynnchase@usa.com
12 OCT 2005

Query: Lucy Elizabeth CARTER married Clyde Arthur WEST abt 1914 probably
in Washington county.I need the parents and siblings of Clyde Arthur
WEST whom was born 15 Jul 1896 and grew up in Washington county.Also a
marriage date for Lucy and Clyde.
Submitted by: KEVIN CHANCE   --   Email address: BIGKASTER@AOL.COM
02 JUL 2005

Surnames: CLARK
Submitted by: debbie schafer   --   Email address: tickers96@yahoo.com
31 DEC 2005

Query: Does anyone have access to the Wills of Washington Co.?  I am
looking for a will on Richard P. Clark or wife Mary Simmons Clark.
Richard died in 1852.
Submitted by: Linda F Clark   --   Email address: linda_c_37022@yahoo.co
19 MAY 2005

Query: I am looking for the family of Mark Anthony Clark, b. 1867, Tn.
He and his family lived in Ark.and possibly Elkin,  Ark.  His brothers
were: John w.  b. 1870, Joel or Joe b. 1872, David A., 1879,  Luther T.
b. 1882, and Patrick P. b. 1884, and also a sister Louisa, who married
Bob Woodard and died in Paragould.
They were all born in the Sumner Co, Tn area.  The family moved to Ark,
but Mark only lived there a short while, returning to Tn to live.  Any
information would be greatly appreciated.  Linda Clark, Thanks
Surnames: DAVIS
Submitted by: Julia Davis   --   Email address: Juliadaviss@aol.com
26 OCT 2005

I am searching for Nathanial Davis, he would have been my greatgrandfather. He was married
in Washington,Co. AR  on July 16,1870. I tried to find Blackburn Co. on your web site, that
is the place that I am told he once lived.He had a son named Virgil Erskin Davis born
February 9,1884. He was said to have married Alice Hardin, but if my calculations are
corrrect this would have been impossible because she would have been 7 years old at that time.
Surnames: DWIRE
Submitted by: peggy dunning   --   Email address: golfinmama2000@yahoo.com
22 FEB 2006

Query: is there a list of prisoners captured during the cane hill battle
november 28, 1862. marion dwire military records show he was a prisoner
but died at cane hill missouri. if he died while a prisoner where would
he have been buried?
Surnames: FALLIN
Submitted by: Terri   --   Email address: ksmith@ipa.net
27 FEB 2005

Query: Looking for info on the family of Holmes and Martha Fallin.  Sons
include Albert, Holmes, Joseph, James, and Robert.  TIA.
Surnames: FLINN
Submitted by: Martha Greer   --   Email address: mlgreer@verizon.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: Trying to find burial sites for John R. Flinn d 1909
Julia A Flinn d 22 Jul 1902 and Martha C. Flinn d after 1888.
Know they resided in Evansville - Vineyard Township.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.
Surnames: GRAY
Submitted by: bill boggess   --   Email address: billboggess@webtv.net
27 FEB 2005

Query: Seeking information surrounding the first school in Fayetteville,
the Washuington School, and the part Colonel Oliver Crosby GRAY played
in it.

We have:

1. in letter by his wiife written to her brother's widow, 11 Jul 1884 he
was on school board and new school was about to be built.

2. May 1958 article, "Our Neighbors -- The Grays", in Washington County
Historical Society's Flasback by Hattie E. Williams that he was
"instrumental in having the first public school built in Fayetteville
and served as its first superintendent."

3. We have from Special Collections, UA, t wit The first free common
school built in Fayetteville, District No. 1, was Washington School.
"At first schools were held in rented buildings ... Masonic Hall, The
Old Female Seminary, the Methodist, the Baptist, and Christian churches.
... In 1871 a committee on buildings and grounds was appointed ...
Washington School ... completed ... in 1886 ... O.C. Gray, principal,
salary $650 ..."  This quote is from: School days, school days, ... :
the history of education in Washington County, 1830-1950 / compiled by
members of the Washington County Retired Teachers Association.
[Fayetteville, Ark.? : s.n.], 1986.

4. We also know he was a professor at AIU when ALL chairs were retired 9
Jun 1885,--- he was Mayor of Fayetteville 1886, --- an Elder at his
church, -- a loyal mason, and generally a great person, who the
university dedicated a new dormatory in his name in 1906 "GRAY HALL".

We would like to learn more about his acitivities concerning the
Washington School getting started.

Bill Boggess, raised in Carthage, MO
Surnames: HARROD
Submitted by: Joe Thurstenson   --   Email address: jthurste@ipa.net
01 JAN 2006

Query: I would like to learn where Joseph Harrod (b. 07 Jul 1883) is
buried.  He died in Prairie Grove on 31 Aug 1947.  Any other details on
this person would be appreciated.
Surnames: HARRIS
Submitted by: Sandy McLellan   --   Email address: SandyRN@cox.net
06 APR 2005

Query: Looking for information on a Harris Family living in Washington
County.  They were listed in the 1850 Census in Prairie TWP, and 1860
Richland TWP.  Fathers name was Robert, mother was Elizabeth.  There
children were James, John, Nancy, Margaret, George, Robert and Thomas.
Submitted by: Warren Pearce   --   Email address: pearceww@rmi.net
31 DEC 2005

Query: Alfred Henbest was my Grandfather. He was born in Marshall Ill on
17 May 1862 and died in Fayetteville Arkansas on 6 August 1940. He
married Joanna Meador in 1886 in South West Missouri. My mother, Lucille
Henbest was one of their 11 children. She was born in Cassville Missouri
in 1906. They moved to Fayetteville Arkansas in 1919. Mom married my
dad, Hubert Pearce, in 1938.

One of Momís sisters and brothers did a lot of work gathering the
Henbest lineage, but I donít have many of their source documents. The
data I have says that Alfredís parents were William Henbest 1793 - 1839
and Sophia Henbest 1792 - 1874 who was born in England. However, some of
my data says that Williamís name was Martin Luther Henbest, but I donít
have any records supporting that.

Another unknown is Alfredís middle name. I have heard that it was
Ginsel, but I donít have any good source for that. Does anyone have any
data on that??

I have lots of my Pearce, Henbest, and Meador data in my Family Tree
Maker file that I will be glad to share.

Iím wondering if you have any good reference documents on William
Henbest  and Sophia Henbest as well as their ancestors?

Iíll be glad to share anything I have.
Surnames: HILL
Submitted by: Larry Holcomb   --   Email address: holcomb_l@yahoo.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: I am looking for someone who posted on backwardglance web site.
The person was related to Cornelius Dixon Hill. There email address led
me to this area. The email address ended with pgtc.com. My search came
up with Parie Grove Telephone Co.
If anyone has information on the Hills I would love to correspond with
Surnames: HOOK
Submitted by: Phyllis   --   Email address: phylisgulash@sbcglobal.net
08 FEB 2005


Surnames: HUDGINS
Submitted by: Sue Lloyd   --   Email address: sue_j_lloyd@yahoo.com
12 JAN 2006

Query: I am looking for records of three sisters, who are my ancestors:

    Nancy J. "Nannie" Hudgins (b. c1848 in Calhoun, GA; present in 1900
Washington Co, AR census)
    Cherokee A. (or C.) "Cherry" Hudgins (b. c1851in Calhoun, GA;
present in 1900 Washington Co, AR census)
    Sarah A. (or Z.) "Sally/Sallie" Hudgins (b. c1852 in Calhoun, GA;
present in 1900 Washington Co, AR census)

They were Baptists, if that helps at all.  I suspect that their mother
may have been Native American, but I don't know for sure.  Their father
was John Hudgins, who was Sheriff of Gordon County, GA in the 1870's.
John and his three daughters moved from GA to AR in 1879 after the death
of his wife Cynthia Spears HUDGINS.  John HUDGINS married Emma E.
Pumphrey in 1880.

Many thanks for your help with my search,
Sue James Lloyd
The Woodlands, TX
Surnames: HUTCHENS
Submitted by: June Hines   --   Email address: bunti8@msn.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: Looking for James Earl Hutchens, son of James Calvin Hutchens and
Mary Elizabeth Mallicoat. James was born abt 1882 around West Fork area.
He Died after 1905 rather young. He Married Edna Mae Guthrie daughter of
Calvin Parsons Guthrie and Sarah Emaline Kelley. Need Cemetery and obit
of James Earl and any siblings he had. Thank you June Hines
Submitted by: Jerry Forman   --   Email address: moosie@flash.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: Interested in information about Eva ROBINSON who married J.M.
KARNES in Washington Co. February 28, 1894.
Surnames: LAGO
Submitted by: Sophie Robison   --   Email address: sophie@kboil.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: I'm trying to find any information on the birth of my
grandmother.  Sophie Agnes Lago, born in Washington County on July 2
1894.  Her parents were Ezra Elsworth and Rhoda Jane.  She was an only
child and her mother was Cherokee.  Anything would be greatly
Submitted by: Bebe Garcia   --   Email address: northsea@comcast.net
12 JAN 2006

Query: I am searchng for the parents of my gr-gr-grandfather, James
Litteral, born about 1801 in North Carolina, married Ruhama Welty.  They
were living in Washington County in 1850.  Both are buried in the Mt.
Comfort Cemetery there.
Any help would be very much apreciated.
Surnames: LOWER
Submitted by: mary   --   Email address: mary821731272004@yahoo.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: Looking for the " LOWER " families in Washington County, Prairie
Grove Township, Arkansas. The yare listed in the 1900, 193-20 and 30
census. Would like information of their allied families. Thanks for your
help. Mary
Surnames: MARTIN
Submitted by: Randy Kendrick   --   Email address: rkendrick@netins.net
02 JUL 2005

Query: Searching for an obituary for Rebecca Martin. She died April 30,
1924 in Lincoln.
Submitted by: Mark Prow   --   Email address: mdprow@smithville.net
25 JUL 2005

Query: Looking for infomation on Rev. James S. McFarland who moved to
Arkansas around 1881.  His children included: William born 1840, Robert,
1843, Daniel 1845, Hiram 1847, Mary A. 1850, Alsey S. 1852, Alexander J.
1856, and Charles 1860.
Surnames: McQUEEN
Submitted by: Edna Talley   --   Email address: etalley@wf.net
11 JUL 2005

Query: Need an obituary lookup for Jess McQueen, died November 15, 1994
in Bethel Heights or Springdale, Washington county, Arkansas Thanks for
any help.
Submitted by: Robin Zentner   --    Email address: r_d_zentner@hotmail.com
31 DEC 2005

Query: I am looking for info on Don Richard Moore,born 8 June 1889.He
died 1 Sept 1979. He is buried along with his wife in the Summers
Baptist Cemetery.He married Orabell Whiteley.Their daughter Colleen
Zentner is also buried there.She was my husband's mother.She didn't
raise him so he doesn't know anything about this side of the family.I am
looking for his parents.My email is r_d_zentner@hotmail.com.
Surnames: KELLER
Submitted by: Leo Luther   --   Email address: lluther@portamedic.net
12 JAN 2006

Query: Looking for infomation on Matthew Keller that was on the 1870
census of Washington County, AR.  His wife Mary and daughter Margaret
listed as M are with him on the census.  I descend from his first
marriage in Harrison County, Indiana. In 1880 he is listed on the
Madison County, AR census living in War Eagle. I am very willing to
share informaiton on his first family.