Washington County, AR
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Surnames: NAVE
Submitted by: Doreen Tomma  --   Email address: dnixon38@hotmail.com
12 JAN 2006

Query: I am looking for records, obit for Mary A. (Triplett) Nave. She
was born Jan. 27, 1867 KS and died April 21, 1927 in Washington Co, Ark.
Thanks for any help.   Doreen
Surnames: NEFF
Submitted by: D. Eick   --   Email address: daleick@frws.com
25 JAN 2006

Query: Seeking info. on a Cyrus Worth NEFF, whio died at about age 80 in
1930 or shortly after. Lived from 1910-130 in Scott County, but is not
recorded there, ecept in the census. Can anyone help me find record of
Submitted by: Rae Williams   --   Email address: raesunshin@aol.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: I have a mystery.  My mother's uncle, Rufus Linus Nicholson, was
seen in the family as a mysterious, but single, man.  Now, I find
something that says he married Ella Lane, of Springdale, Arkansas, about
1906-1908.  They may have married in Arkansas and they may have married
in Florida, where appear to be living in 1910.  After that, they moved
to Jefferson County, Alabama, where Rufus Linus' family lived, but not
near (by the standard of those times) his family.  So, I'm trying to
figure out if this is a massive coincidence of Rufus Linus Nicholson,
born in Alabama in the right year, being in the 1910 census with Ella
and her daughter, or whether this man had a family his family knew
nothing about.   They had at least two daughters, Iva Irene and
Ellabelle, who died in the early 1990s in Jefferson County, Alabama.
Iva Irene married Roy Carl Bailey of Alabama.  Ellabelle married a Mr.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
Submitted by: Cindy Burgwin   --   Email address: gravhunter@sbcglobal.net
08 JUL 2006

Query: I am searching for the burial place for Martha Ann (Skelton)
Osburn Hobbs (DOD  20 Mar 1894).  She was married to Jonathan Osburn who
died in 1875.  She then remarried Jessie Hobbs.
Surnames: PATTON
Submitted by: charlotte roberson   --   Email address: makemeone2001@yahoo.com
12 OCT 2005

Query: Searching for anyone that maybe related to or know any of Paschal
Patton that was married to Lurecita Jones. This was my g-g-grandparents,
my g-grandma was Sarah Jane Patton she was born 11-11-1846 in Ark. She
married first time to a Cloer, then she married my g-grandpa Thomas
Morgan Flaherty. They married in 2-21-1869 in Ark.This is all in the
Washington County area. Please reply to my e-mail address only.
Surnames: PERRY
Submitted by: Wanda Tillely   --   Email address: pioneer1@alltel.net
08 JUL 2006

Surnames: POZZA
Submitted by: Fern Davidson   --    Email address: Enola1850@cebridge.net
08 JUL 2006

Query: Is there anyone that has any knowledge of a Pozza family that
lived in Elm Springs in the early 1900's.  Also how close are
Elm Springs and Tonitown?
Surnames: RICHARDS
Submitted by: Evelyn   --   Email address: echors@gmail.com
06 APR 2005

Query: Looking for info on Richards family that was in Washington County
in the 1840's, 50's.  I am not sure if Levi Richards is the father I am
looking for, but his is the only name I have found in the 1840 census.
If this is him, he was married to Agnes ?.  They had several children,
one of them being James Fisher Richards, who was born in 1840.  Any
information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Darren Jerome    --   Email address: darjerome@yahoo.com
07 FEB 2005

Query: I see that on your cemeteries list you have a John Rutherford listed as a cemetery.
I think that this is an abandoned cemetery that has John Alexander Rutherford and his wife
buried there together.  The funeral home there, I think it's lingunbel, used to
have it listed on thier site, but has recently changed it to be listed as the Rutherford cemetery
in Hogeye.  I think this is a mistake.  I believe that this cemetery is somewhere up there in
the hills by itself with only John & his wife.

Does anyone have a source of where to got the listing for the John Rutherford cemetery?,
or even better, where it is located?
Submitted by: judy   --   Email address: sissy101w@peoplepc.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: Info  Robert A Rutherford 1888 he was  President of Elkin
Mercantile & Mill Company
Married Lough Miller 1885
Thank You Judy
Surnames: RYAN
Submitted by: Regina McQueen   --   Email address: reginam@nemr.net
08 JUL 2006

Query: I am searching for information about my grandmother Ester Janette
Halsrud Ryan. she was born June 27, 1912 in Iowa and died in 1995 in
Farmington, Arkansas.  I would appreciate any help in finding dates and
any information on her.
Surnames: SCOTT
Submitted by: karen   --   Email address: kcserna@hotmail.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: I'm trying to find my 2gr gdma's grave in Washington Co, AR.

Phebe (James) SCOTT
d.  3 Mar 1886
post office address:  Boonesboro P.O., Washington Co, AR

I'm assuming that would be in or near Cane Hill.  The last visit to her
grave that I know of was in the 1950s.  The headstone wasn't in good
shape at that time, but I'm hoping the names in the cemetery were
recorded back then.  The relative who visited the grave is elderly now
and believes the grave was a few miles SE of the Fayetteville Lake.
living with her son, Greenup Scott, and Greenup wrote a letter telling
of his mother's burial.  He gave his mailing address as Boonesboro,
Washington Co, AR.

Hoping someone is familiar with the cemeteries in that area.  I'm not
having any luck with cem. indexes.
Surnames: SHORES
Submitted by: Judith SHORES Ruch   --   Email address: Jshoruch@aol.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: SHORES DNA Projct - seeking male descendants of HILLIARD b. TN,
1850 Washington Co. census, age 35, Mars Hill; HIRAM b. TN, 1850 census,
age 30, Mars Hill; James b. TN, 1850 census, age 25, Mars Hill; Wesley
b. TN, 1850 census,age 36, Mars Hill; John C. b. NC, 1850 census, age
37, Prairie; William D. b. NC, 1850 census, age 45, West Fork.  Shores
DNA y-chromosome on Family Tree.  Contact:
www.familytreedna.com/public/shores or Jshoruch@aol.com
Surnames: SIMS
Submitted by: Don Matson   --   Email address: donmatson@hotmail.com
31 DEC 2005

Query: Need marriage lookup in Wash. Co.,Ar.
Looking for a marriage for Adam A. Sims to a Jessie ------bef. 1891.
Surnames: SINCLAIR
Submitted by: craig sinclair   --   Email address: www.dvps@cox.net
19 MAY 2005

Surnames: SMITH
Submitted by: Thomas Schmitt   --   Email address:  thomas.schmitt@egs-saarlouis.de
01 MAR 2007

I`m looking for information on Ernest E. Smith born in AR, Washington Co.
He got KIA on Dec 2nd 1944 in France or Germany (Europe).
I`m looking for pictures of him and I also hope that I can find some family members of him.
I`m very interested in the history of the 2nd World War. Looking back in time
turnal into beeing something I don`t just call my hobby it became a part of my life. I
even got a nice car from the 40`s. (Ford GPW Jeep 1943). So it would be very nice if
I could get some information about the soldier Ernest E. Smith. In memory of all
the fallen soldiers in the 2nd World War I have the name „Enest E. Smith“
on my Jeep too.  The soldier Ernest E. Smith died close to my hometown
and he got burried in St. Avold (France).  Me and my family went to his
grave a couple of times and now we are really interested in the history.
As you probably noticed „Ernest E. Smith“ have the same lost name as I do.
Schmitt = Smith.
That is also a reason why my heart is with finding out what`s behind
that person and soldier.
Surnames: STUCKEY
Submitted by: Shirley Bray   --   Email address: sbrayokc1@netzero.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: Is there or has there ever been a town called Bright Star in
Washington County, AR?  I know of the Bright Star in Miller Co., AR but
have been given birth info that listed a Bright Star, Washington Co.,
AR.  Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
Submitted by: Bob Thomas   --   Email address: BThomas688@aol.com
06 MAR 2005

Query: Looking for information on Charles R. Thomas and Mary Jane
Crowder/Thomas who resided in Sugar Hill, Washington Co., Arkansas in
1900 and Price, Washington Co., Arkansas in 1910.  Lost contact with
this family after 1910.  Charles and Mary Jane had sons Alva, Birdie and
Alonzo.  Prior to 1900 they lived in McDonald Co., Missouri.

It is thought that Charles R. Thomas was previously married to Leah Jane
McMahan of Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri.  Charles and Leah were listed
on the 1880 census of Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri along with son
Commodore Thomas.  Charles and Leah were divorced some time after 1881.
I believe these two Charles R. Thomas' are one of the same even though
one census report states his place of birth was Virginia and another one
says Iowa.

I have been searching for my ggrandfather for many years and I would
appreciate a little help in my research.  Can anyone help??????
Submitted by: P thresher   --   Email address: nane2damon@yahoo.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: Seeking info on Charles Henry Thresher b1910 Ok died 1997 in
Washington Co AR. Father John W. Thresher b1883 AR.
Submitted by: Terri   --   Email address: grady@starband.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: Seeking information on Francis Davenport Vann.  She was born
about 1827 in New York.  In March of 1852 she married Willis Vann
(Conway, Perry or Pulaski County Arkansas).
Willis died about 1867.  By 1870, Francis and two children; William H.
and John Willis Vann were living in Springdale, Washington County
Arkansas.  A third child; Laura was married to John S. Cornwell and also
living in same area.
By 1880 Francis is living with daughter Laura and son in law J.S.
Cornwell in Washington County, Arkansas.  John and William Vann seem to
have disappeared.  By 1900 Laura and family had moved to Oklahoma.
I am particularly interested in what became of Francis and the two boys,
John and William.

If anyone is researching any of these surnames (Vann, Davenport, or
Cornwell) in the Washington County area, please contact me.
Submitted by: gerald watkins   --   Email address: gdwatkins@mail.utexas.edu
13 AUG 2005

Query: My family, in the 1840 Washington County, Arkansas census, was in
Prairie Township.

I will be up there next month and would like to know where Prairie
Township was located (1840 census).  I would like to know if this is in
present day Washington Co. or Benton Co. to determine where to research
Surnames: WEBSTER
Submitted by: B J Humphries   --   Email address: burb18@sbcglobal.net
06 APR 2005

Query: Searching for information on John S. Webster born in 1846 around
Fayetteville or Elm Springs AR - Died in OK.
Sister name: Mary Webster Fletcher

His father died when he was young boy and he was raised by an Uncle
(name unknown). John's father was a Methodist minister. I think his
father's name maybe James or David.
Surnames: WEBSTER
Submitted by: B J Humphries   --   Email address: burb18@sbcglobal.net
02 JUL 2005

I'm searching for information on a David Webster, Methodist preacher.
I believed he died around 1855 in Washington county.  I've searched
all the censes and no information was found. Any information
would be appreciated.
Submitted by: Rae Bryant   --   Email address: raebryant@sbcglobal.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: Looking for information on Philemon White and his family. His
wife's name is Lucinda and she moved from Benton Co. to Washington Co.
circa 1858. Their children are: Obediah, Sarah, Salinda, James, John,
Carroll, Joseph, Nancy, Dolly and Philemon. Daugher Salinda marries
Radford Maxey and the family seems to be connected to Luper and Wickwire
families as well. I'd like to share information.
Surnames: WHITTLE
Submitted by: Jane Smith   --   Email address: sjitzanoia@yahoo.com
08 JUL 2006

Query: I am searching for family and info on George D. Whittle, born
about 1851, married Seletha Bryant. George had a daughter by the name of
Francis C. Whittle. They are found in 1910 census for McClain
County,Oklahoma. Francis married Fred Mansco Kirk in 1908, McClain
County,Oklahoma. They are found on 1910 census in Tulare,Calif., 1920-30
census in Yuma,Arizona. Francis had a sister, Marguret who married a
James P. Sutton, also found in McClain County,Oklahoma. Fred Kirk is
brother of William Earnest Kirk, my gggrandfather. Any help will be
greatly appreciated. My Kirk family history stems from William Kirk,
born 1798 in Tn. Thanks in advance.
Submitted by: d baldwin   --   Email address: dmb115@cox.net
12 OCT 2005

Query: I am researching the family of Isaac(60) an Nancy(46)(Spry)
Children of 1880 LDS were Parmenus,Albert,Washington,
Eliza S. james R, Margaret J, Isaac. I was hopeing some one
could tell me if they were still in Mars Hill, Washington Ark
1890-Any other info; thanks for your time DB