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Descendants of W. A. Dickson

I am gathering information about our family history. I am currently working on the W. A. Dickson branch of the family, and I wonder if you could give me any information about them. Here is what I know.

Generation No. 1

1. W. A.1 Dickson. He married L. H. ?.

Child of W. Dickson and L. ? is:
+ 2 i. Calvin Harris2 Dickson, born October 17, 1870; died February 13,1918.

Generation No. 2

2. Calvin Harris2 Dickson (W. A.1) was born October 17, 1870, and died February 13, 1918. He married Susan Bell Graham, daughter of Ruben Graham and Martha Graham.

Notes for Calvin Harris Dickson:
Calvin Harris Dickson suffered from Chronic Asthma. I believe it was in 1909 that his Doctor advised him to move West for better air. He Followed his Doctor's advice and moved his Family west all excepts Cordiie and Loan Hillard. When he reached White County Arkansas, he said he obeyed his Doctor's advice to go West, but White County Arkansas was
as far West as he was going. He died in February 13, 1918, and is Buried in Sidon Cemetery, Sidon Arkansas.

Source Calvin Dickson, Calvin Harris Dickson grandson

Notes for Susan Bell Graham:
Susan Bell Graham was also called Sussie Graham.

She owned an old fashioned trunk, which she guarded with zeal that was surprising. She has been known to take a switch to her own grown kids just as quickly as to her grand kids for setting on it. When she was eighty-four years old her house burned and she lost everything. After she lost her house she moved in with her youngest daughter and lingered for about three years before dying. She is burial beside Calvin H. Dickson at Sidon Cemetery in Sidon Arkansas. A lot of Speculation was made that losing that trunk took her will to live away. Who knows what treasure the trunk contained, but we all wished we knew?

Children of Calvin Dickson and Susan Graham are:
+ 3 i. Cordie3 Dickson.
+ 4 ii. Raymond Dickson, born February 28, 1905; died March 14, 1995.
5 iii. Hobart E. Dickson, born January 05, 1897; died March 04, 1965.

Notes for Hobart E. Dickson:
Hobart Dickson was never married, and is buried at Sidon Cemetary At Sidon, Arkansas.

+ 6 iv. Guy Dickson, born January 21, 1907.
+ 7 v. H. Boyd Dickson, born December 19, 1908; died January 08, 1972.
+ 8 vi. Vada Dickson, born December 15, 1900 in 4/28/1988.
9 vii. Lola May Dickson, born March 05, 1911; died September 04, 1983.
She married (1) Carthel Lawerence. She married (2) J. T. ?.

Notes for Lola May Dickson:
Lola Mae Dickson had no children.
She is burial in Sidon Cemetary at Sidon, Arkansas.

+ 10 viii. Lona Hillard Dickson, born September 03, 1895 in Tennessee; died December 05, 1977 in Prentiss County, Mississippi.

Generation No. 3

3. Cordie3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1). He married Pearl Dickson.

Notes for Cordie Dickson:
Cordie Dickson was Calvin Harris Dickson and Susan Bell Graham oldest child.

Back in the days when a good salary was a dollar a day, Cordie, one Saturday took an old horses he owned to town and commenced horse-trading. He came home that evening with the same old horse he set out with that morning plus 10 dollars in profit from horse trading deals. He was walking home one evening from town. When he was struck by a car which killed him instantly. He is buried in Holy Springs Cemetery outside Harrisburg Arkansas. He was killed in either 1954 or 1955.

Source: Calvin Dickson

Children of Cordie Dickson and Pearl Dickson are:
+ 11 i. Mae4 Dickson.
12 ii. Beatrice Dickson. She married ? Blankenship.
13 iii. Mildred Dickson. She married ? Overtuff.
14 iv. Herman Dickson.
15 v. Sue Dickson. She married Jack Wallace.
16 vi. Wilburn Dickson. He married Juanita ?.

4. Raymond3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1) was born February 28, 1905, and died March 14, 1995. He married Jessie E. Wiggs.

Notes for Raymond Dickson:
He is burial in Center Hill, Arkansas.

Children of Raymond Dickson and Jessie Wiggs are:
17 i. Harris4 Dickson.
18 ii. Raymond Jr. Dickson.

6. Guy3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1) was born January 21, 1907.
He married Ivy L. Watkins.

Children of Guy Dickson and Ivy Watkins are:
+ 19 i. Mary E.4 Dickson, born June 19, 1929.
+ 20 ii. Grover C. Dickson, born April 07, 1931.
+ 21 iii. Lester C. Dickson, born January 15, 1934.
+ 22 iv. Wilma Dickson, born September 17, 1937.
+ 23 v. Joise Lee Dickson, born October 04, 1941.
+ 24 vi. Calvin Donnal Dickson, born February 14, 1943.
25 vii. Joyce Sue Dickson, born April 18, 1945; died January 20, 1952.
26 viii. Bernice Dickson. She married Melvin Neighbours.

7. H. Boyd3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1) was born December 19,
1908, and died January 08, 1972. He married C. Opal Dickkson.

Children of H. Dickson and C. Dickkson are:
+ 27 i. Reba4 Dickson.
+ 28 ii. Retha Dickson.
29 iii. Shirley Dickson.
30 iv. Charla Mayne Dickson.

8. Vada3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1) was born December 15, 1900
in 4/28/1988. She married Nado Kurck.

Notes for Vada Dickson:
They are burial in Sidon Cemetary at Sidon, Arkansas.

Children of Vada Dickson and Nado Kurck are:
31 i. Albert4 Kurck.
32 ii. Clifton Kurck.
33 iii. Henry Kurck.
34 iv. J. V. Kurck.
35 v. Joseph Harce Kurck.
36 vi. Marie Kurck. She married L. E. English.
+ 37 vii. Tressie Dean Kurck.
38 viii. Lunie Bell Kurck, born February 03, 1918; died January 12,
1989. She married George R. Brockway.

Notes for Lunie Bell Kurck:
They are burial in Sidon Cemetary at Sidon, Arkansas.

+ 39 ix. Dorothy Odell Kurck, born February 22, 1926.
40 x. Clinton Dewey Kurck, born February 02, 1942; died March 24,

Notes for Clinton Dewey Kurck:
In 1971 Clinton Dewey Kurck was trying out a World War II Fighter Plane (P51] he was interested in buying. During the try out flight the plane malfunctioned and crashed cutting him in two

Source: Calvin Dickson

10. Lona Hillard3 Dickson (Calvin Harris2, W. A.1) was born September 03, 1895 in Tennessee, and died December 05, 1977 in Prentiss County, Mississippi. She married Arthur Henry Worley March 05, 1911, son of Andrew Worley and Mary Roden.

Notes for Lona Hillard Dickson:
Lona Hillard Dickson Worley had twins a boy and girl. The girl was stillborn. The boy got cold and Lona try to warm him, but was too weak. Arthur Henry would not help. Mary Lucille tries to help get the baby warn, but the boy died the next day. Arthur took the baby to a creek wash them out, then buried them.

Source of Letty Marie Worley Lambert

More About Lona Hillard Dickson:
Cause of Death: Stroke

Notes for Arthur Henry Worley:
Arthur Henry Worley was a farmer. He loved to fish

More About Arthur Henry Worley:
Cause of Death: pneumonia

Marriage Notes for Lona Dickson and Arthur Worley:
They were married in McNairy County, Tennessee.

Children of Lona Dickson and Arthur Worley are:
+ 41 i. Andrew Calvin4 Worley, born December 14, 1911 in Tennessee; died 1980 in Golcomda, Illinois.
+ 42 ii. James Edwin Worley, born November 21, 1913 in Tennessee; died August 28, 1954 in Prentiss County, Mississippi.
+ 43 iii. Mary Lucille Worley, born September 01, 1917 in Tennessee; died October 11, 1990 in Prentiss County, Mississippi.
+ 44 iv. Letty Marie Worley, born November 09, 1921 in Hardin County, Tennessee.
45 v. Infant Daughter Worley, born January 20, 1927 in Tennessee; died
January 20, 1927 in Tennessee.
46 vi. Infant Son Worley, born January 20, 1927 in Tennessee; died  January 21, 1927 in Tennessee.
47 vii. Arthur Worley , Jr., born April 02, 1928 in Tennessee; died April 14, 1929 in Tennessee.
+ 48 viii. Elmer Worley, born September 09, 1931 in Crenshaw, Mississippi.