Adkisson Cemetery

--Photos by Leroy Blair, 2002

Adkisson Cemetery

El Paso, Arkansas

Jessie AdkinsonPatsy Adkisson Gravestone

The White County Historical Society listed this cemetery for the first time February 15, 1976, after it was visited by Cloie and Leister Presley and Linda Rowe. They listed 49 names and reported seeing "many old rocks, probably 40 to 50."

WCHS member Leroy Blair and his wife Ellen updated the list on February 28, 2002. He prepared the following report:

"This old cemetery is located on the White-Faulkner county line near Mt. Vernon and El Paso. To get to the cemetery from El Paso, take Highway 5 north to John Fowlkes Road. Turn left and go about a mile and a half to Cemetery Road. Turn right and go about a mile to the Oliver Cemetery. Just before you get to Oliver, turn left and go about a quarter-mile to a T intersection, which is probably Bristol Road. Turn left and look for the cemetery on the right about 100 yards from the intersection.

"It is fenced and very clean. There is a huge oak tree that is obviously very old. This cemetery has a burial recorded in 1846 - just six years after the oldest recorded burial in White County. I found 38 sets of rocks or concrete blocks set in the ground with no markings on them."

If you have corrections or additions to this list or other information on Adkisson Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Adkinson, Jessie December 22, 1842 21-Mar-17 DS with Nancy J.
Adkinson, Nancy J. November 13, 1842 27-Dec-16
Adkisson, Jesie 1781 1844 father of A. Adkisson
Adkisson, Newton February 1, 1831 July 4, 1887 married Lucy Ann Tarry before 1857
Adkisson, Patsy 1783 1846 mother of A. Adkisson
Adkisson, William Thomas May 10, 1870 September 27, 1876
Fortner, A.J. 1844 25-Jan-21
Mathis, Dave July 25, 1897 25-Apr-19
Mathis, Zachry August 14, 1894 9-Dec-18
Richards, Priscilla Pearlee November 28, 1885 29-Jan-46 wife of T.A. Richards
Richards, T.A. July 27, 1878 16-Mar-49
Strickland, Aquinia May Noah 25-Feb-02 7-Sep-06
Strickland, infant 22-Jan-07 4-Apr-07 daughter of M.N. and S.E. Strickland
Strickland, Isaac E. "Jack" 25-Sep-04 26-Aug-72 CCS USN
Strickland, Noah M. August 5, 1874 6-Sep-31
Terry, Agnes M. 5-Jul-23 blank DS with Foy M. Terry
Terry, Aliger 23-Feb-03 14-Jul-05 daughter of W.R. and A.L. Terry
Terry, Annie Griffin 1877 1931 wife of W.R. Terry
Terry, Bernard Cleon 12-Nov-28 5-Mar-69 Sgt. U.S. Army Korea
Terry, Bernard Curtis 21-Jun-05 11-Jan-78
Terry, Boyd Rex 29-Oct-37 4-Jan-38 son of C.G. and Tressie Terry
Terry, Charles Dervon 7-Jan-22 14-Nov-42 F1 USN WWII
Terry, Charles G. January 21, 1897 24-May-64 USN WWI
Terry, Dormalee 13-Jul-27 4-Jan-28 daughter of C.G. and Tressie Terry
Terry, Erma Jean 30-Sep-32 9-Apr-33 daughter of C.G. and Tressie Terry
Terry, Esker September 14, 1895 8-Aug-11 son of J.C. and L. Terry
Terry, Foy M. 21-Sep-25 29-Nov-54
Terry, George A. March 2, 1880 October 13, 1888 son of G.P. and S.M. Terry
Terry, Gideon 30-Jan-08 2-Jan-11 son of W.R. and A.L. Terry
Terry, Hattie D. July 30, 1882 16-Sep-19 wife of W.L. Terry
Terry, infant 17-Sep-14 17-Sep-14 daughter of J.M. and M.G. Terry
Terry, J.P. March 1, 1839 7-Jul-13
Terry, James M. November 25, 1869 25-Apr-43
Terry, John C. May 25, 1866 23-Nov-24
Terry, Kate Nolen 13-Mar-08 27-Jan-93
Terry, Maggie G. April 25, 1875 7-Apr-18 wife of J.M. Terry
Terry, Manda E. November 12, 1873 September 1875 daughter of G.P. and S.M. Terry
Terry, Susan A. August 13, 1884 August 31, 1884 daughter of G.P. and S.M. Terry
Terry, Susan Janes June 4, 1840 19-Jul-33 wife of J.P. Terry
Terry, Tressie 1-Dec-00 1-Mar-81
Terry, Vera Gertrude August 27, 1898 6-Jul-01
Terry, Vider Lucy December 20, 1889 22-Dec-02
Terry, W.R. 1867 1944
Terry, W.R. "Billie" 14-Sep-29 17-Mar-36
Terry, Walter R. 9-May-14 2-Oct-15 son of J.E. and Z.A. Terry
Terry, Willis L. July 15, 1878 6-Jan-57