Belew Cemetery Picture

The cemetery is forgotten and overgrown, as Kathy Moss’ photo indicates

Belew Cemetery

Rose Bud, Arkansas

This cemetery, which has also been known as Pence Cemetery, dates back as early as 1861. It was called Belew Cemetery by several aging residents of the area, including former Rose Bud Postmaster Glen Belew, when White County Historical Society volunteer Kathy Moss located it in April 2000. It is located south of Rose Bud on Highway 5. Take the highway 5.4 miles to Overbeck Lane, then turn right. The cemetery is at the top of the hill in the woods on the right side of the road. Using information provided by Mr. Belew, Kathy Moss was able to find the cemetery when she noticed flowers blooming in the woods. She returned with her 14-year-old son Brandon to survey it. "It is in very poor condition," she reported. "It is impossible to get an accurate count of the graves. There are approximately 40 graves marked with field stones. Some graves aren’t marked at all. I am sure that there are stones that are buried by years of fallen leaves. There are several broken markers. This cemetery could really use some attention."

This cemetery was listed as Pence Cemetery by Cloie and Leister Presley of the Historical Society 24 years earlier - April 2, 1966. They reported it was was the Brooks Watson Farm and they found 20 graves with names and dates.

"Leaving Highway 5 and going through the barn lot gate," they wrote, "there is only a field road to the cemetery and most cars could not be driven over this road. The cemetery is scattered over a large area on a hilltop overgrown with woods and has not been used for some time. There are possibly 150 graves in this cemetery that are not marked."

The cemetery was visited November 15, 2000, by Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society, who provided additional information. He notes that "the graves of Laura Ann, Ples and Quincy Henderson are fenced in with hog wire and barbed wire, using old horse-drawn buggy axles for posts. There are eight of them. The directions that are on the Pence list are no longer good. Use the directions on the Belew list. This cemetery is in very bad condition – in need of a lot of cleaning. There are a lot of unmarked graves – probably more than the estimate of 150 on the old list. The cemetery covers a very large area." (See also PENCE CEMETERY.)

If you have corrections or additions to this list or have additional information on Belew Cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

Belew, James M. May 9, 1853 April 1, 1872 age 18 years, 10 mos., 21 days
Belew, Lean J. March 15, 1857 August 27, 1861 age 7 years, 5 mos., 12 days
Belew, Martha December 23, 1828 17-Feb-06 on same stone with T.C. Belew "Mother and Father"
Belew, T.C. March 23, 1820 February 23, 1897
Harper, E. October 19, 1821 August 26, 1899 Masonic stone
Harper, Chellie O. June 17, 1892 June 28, 1896
Harper, infantborn and died February 9, 1876 son of W.K. & M.E.
Harper, Lannie E. June 17, 1884 July 2, 1899 inscription: We die to live, we sink to rise, we leave this mortal store, But brighter suns and bluer skies shall shine on us forevermore.
Harper, Savell O. September 17, 1882 October 10, 1886 stone broken in half
Harper, Ulys. P. September 20, 1897 August 6, 1898
Hendrickson, Laura Ann June 6, 1879 September 15, 1882 daughter of J.D. and M.E. Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Ples. February 28, 1881 November 18, 1892 age 11 years, 9 mos., 18 days - son of J.D. and M.E. Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Quincy April 13, 1887 November 8, 1899 age 12 years, 6 mos, 26 days - son of J.D. and M.E. Hendrickson - stone has fallen over.
Lewis, Emma J. February 20, 1863 December 11, 1882 wife of J.W.
Lewisstone broken along the death date, difficult to read.
Malies, George W. 1944 1984 Jacksonville Funeral Home marker
Matthews, Anna December 25, 1873 September 19, 1876 daughter of J.B. and M.S. Matthews
Matthews, Loretta March 20, 1882 17-Feb-01 daughter of J.B. and M.S. Matthews
Pence, Lou B. March 29, 1852 10-Apr-08 age 56 years, 2 days wife of Davis G. Pence
Pickard, Ellen O. February 1, 1856 August 12, 1881 age 25 years, 6 mos., 11 days -wife of J.W. Pickard, daughter of E.&M. Harper - "this beautiful large stone has broken off and is sinking into the ground; I could not dig it out enough with my hands to pick it up."
Pruett, Bell December 25, 1874 October 31, 1877 daughter of J.T. and S. Pruett - marker is a very small, broken stone lying on the ground.
Ruark, Catherine died March 19, 1878 age 37 years, 2 mos., 15 days -wife of R.B. Ruark -stone broken into three pieces
Vestel, Missouri N. December 25, 1869 October 27, 1872
Yoast, F.E. June 27, 1819 July 13, 1882 Masonic marker, broken