Bethlehem Cemetery Picture

--Photo by Gerald Torrence, 2001

Bethlehem Cemetery

Plainview, Arkansas

The information on the following list was collected by Leroy “Lee” Blair A Member of the Board of Directors White County Arkansas Historical Society.P.O. Box 637. Searcy AR. 72145


This cemetery is located on Bald Hill Road northwest of Plainview AR. 1t was originally surveyed October 20, 1965, by Cloie & Leister Presley of the White County Historical Society. The Presleys reported seeing 135 unmarked graves. Paul E. Miller of the Historical Society updated the list in 1991, then again in 1998, 2000 and 2001.

Mr. Blair visited it for the first time on August 30, 2000 and updated the other list.

Mr. Blair returned to this cemetery on October 2, 2006 and made a new listing. This time Mr. Blair listed the graves by row to make it easier to find the location of a grave. Row one is the first row on the north side of the cemetery and row 18 is a very short row on the southeast side of the cemetery. Some of the rows do not run in a straight row or go all the way through the cemetery, but having them listed this way will give a general area as to where the grave of someone is located. Mr. Blair was unable to find several names that were on previous listings; I have noted them after the name Also at the end of this list I have made another list with the names of some people who may be buried at Bethlehem Cemetery in unmarked graves.

 There is also a list of Military Veterans that are buried in the cemetery.

The following abbreviations are used for this listDS = Double tombstone TS = Triple Tombstone FM Funeral Home Marker

Name Birth Death Comments Row
Bacus, Helen 1847 1923 On stone with Mandy Millsaps, John H. Miller, Harry Miller, & Ruthy Miller (Row 9)
Bell, Dwight W. 2-Apr-48 8-Aug-64 (Row 11)
Bell, Houston 6-Dec-18 Only date DS with Iris Naoma Bell (Row 11)
Bell, Iris Naoma 11-Jul-25 7-Nov-00 DS with Houston Bell (Row 1)
Bell, Jason &nbp; Died October 17, 1976 Only date (Row 11)
Benskin, Albert Horace January 1, 1871 3-Oct-60 DS with Alice Jane Benskin (Row 4)
Benskin, Alice Jane March 1, 1883 9-Dec-47 DS with Albert Horace (Row 4)
Brown, Alberta 7-May-03 1-Jun-84 (Row 3)
Brown, James 1897 1979 Pvt. U.S. Army WWI (Row 3)
Brown, Marvin Glen 16-Sep-32 28-Nov-03 (FM) (Row 3)
Brown, Oreta Dates unknown Died at age 14 Daughter of James and Alberta Brown Buried in a grave marked with a small cement block in the next space north of the grave of Lydia May Lang This information was obtained from her brother who lives across the road from the cemetery (Row 3)
Brown, Ruby Dates unknown Died at age 17 Daughter of James and Alberta Brown Buried in a grave marked with a small cement block in the second space north of the grave of Lydia May Lang This information was obtained from her brother who lives across the road from the cemetery (Row 3)
Brown, Shelby 14-Aug-10
Bryant, Guy 24-Jul-03 24-Feb-10 Son of Linsey & Claudie Bryant (Row 3)
Burton, Nancy C. October 18, 1865 14-Jul-21 (Row 7)
Case, Joseph W. 26-Jun-13 6-Aug-78 (Row 13)
Clark, Henry Harrison October 22, 1867 July 15, 1883 (Stone broken) (Row 9)
Clarke, John Milton October 28, 1868 July 17, 1879 (Row 9)
Clarke, T.P. No dates . Sgt. Co. I, 10th Ill. Cav (Row 9)
Cline, Christopher 20-Feb-96 8-Aug-05 (Row 1)
Curtis, L. Howard September 26, 1898 9-Feb-80 DS with S. Cassie Howard (Row 15)
Curtis, S. Cassie 18-May-03 6-Jan-98 DS with L. Howard Curtis (Row 15)
Davis, Andrew J. September 11, 1881 9-Jan-61 DS with Jannie Davis (Row 14)
Davis, Jannie December 18, 1891 14-Aug-83 DS with Andrew J. Davis (Row 14)
Davis, W.J. 7-May-20 30-May-88 (Row 14)
Dumas, Auneen 17-Sep-05 1-Aug-47 DS with Judson Dumas (14 Row)
Dumas, James D. September 1, 1871 18-Mar-44 (Row 6)
Dumas, Judson 1-Jun-02 4-Mar-69 DS with Auneen Dumas (Row 14)
Dungan, Andrew November 25, 1874 August 17, 1886 Son of William & Nancy E. Dungan TS with Flora A. and Joseph W. Dungan (Row 5)
Dungan, Flora A. October 16, 1872 December 9, 1873 Daughter of William & Nancy E. Dungan –TS with Andrew and Joseph W. Dungan (Row 5)
Dungan, Joseph W. November 19, 1883 June 10, 1884 Son of William & Nancy E. Dungan TS with Andrew and Flora A. Dungan (Row 5)
Edwards, Lillian Stratton Died April 2, 1955 Only date. (Unmarked grave) (From Obituary notice in Newspaper)
Ellis, Stephen Thomas No dates (Not found on October 2, 2006 )
Eyestone, George L. 18-Feb-07 5-Sep-14 (Row 2)
Eyestone, R.H. 22-Sep-17 15-Oct-18 (Row 2)
Eyestone, Rholland H. May 19, 1879 7-Sep-20 (Row 1)
Felton, Allen Lloyd July 3, 1894 23-Dec-74 DS with Vera S. Felton (Row 10)
Felton, Vera S. 29-Feb-20 25-Jul-97 DS with Lloyd Allen Felton (Row 10)
Ferren, Elsie Sharp 13-May-02 1-Dec-77 (Row 8)
Ferren, Fred Ward February 8, 1897 9-May-81 Pvt. U.S. Army WWI (Row 8)
Ferren, Jewell 2-Feb-29 only date DS with Wilton Ferren (Row 8)
Ferren, Jewell 5-Sep-30 Only date DS with Sherman Clifford Ferren (Row 8)
Ferren, Sherman Clifford 10-Jun-28 1-Jan-85 Pfc. U.S. Army KoreaDS with Jewell Ferren (Row 8)
Ferren, Wilton 2-Jul-25 25-Dec-93 DS with Jewell Ferren (Row 8)
Gonzales, Seferino R. 20-Aug-20 23-Aug-91 (Row 5)
Griggs, Sylvia Ruth 23-Jul-28 22-Dec-05 (FM) (Row 12)
Griggs, William Audie March 15, 1926 11-Dec-81 U.S. Army (Row 12)
Guthrie, Frank No dates Son Samuel Guthrie (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Guthrie, Mary E. October 11, 1884 26-Aug-67 (Row 5)
Harp, Joe 4-Jan-37 1-Jun-04 DS with Wilma Harp (Row 12)
Harp, Wilma 20-Sep-35 Only date DS with Joe Harp (Row 12)
Hays, Billy Dee 7/22/1935 11-Apr-14
Hicks, Annie January 18, 1882 11-Feb-41 (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Hunt, Nina November 26, 1894 13-Aug-73 (Row 12)
Hutchinson, Evaline Jane Died March 27, 1878 Age 46 years, 9 months, 28 days (Row 6)
Jackson, Grover C. 19-Sep-18 17-Mar-78 DS with Hazel Jackson (Row )
Jackson, Hazel 1-Mar-23 1-Jan-85 DS with Grover C. Jackson (Row 1)
Jackson, James Leroy 26-Jun-51 23-Aug-93 (Row 1)
Jackson, Thomas A. 19-May-09 8-Apr-74 Pvt. U.S. Army (Row 17)
Jackson, Wanda 26-Jan-16 27-Dec-03 (FM) (Row 17)
Johnson, Luphenia April 18, 1861 6-Oct-32 (Row 8)
Jordan, Eddie E. 9-Feb-54 21-Jan-97 (Row 9)
Joyner, Charles 26-Mar-18 18-Jan-69 Pfc. Inf. WWII (Row 11)
Joyner, Conley James January 1, 1894 18-Jun-27 DS with Edna Jane Joyner (Row 11)
Joyner, Edna Jane December 27, 1898 3-Apr-78 DS with Conley James Joyner (Row 11)
Joyner, Lloyd W. 3-Jan-35 6-Aug-36 Son of Woodrow Joyner (Row 12)
Kelley, Iva T. 1904 1964 DS with Rhea C. Kelley (Row 16)
Kelley, Rhea C. 1899 1951 DS with Iva T. Kelley (Row 16)
Kimbro, B.L. July 25, 1869 13-May-25 (Row 16)
King, Cathey L. 1952 Only date DS with Roy L. King ( Row 12 )
King, Martin 4-Jun-12 24-May-74 (Not found on October 2, 2006 )
King, Roy L. 1941 Only date Married Cathey L. February 12, 1982  DS with Cathey L. King (Row 12)
Lacefield, Maude Yingling October 3, 1889 14-Jun-73 (Row 12)
Lang, Augustus Edward September 5, 1861 31-Jan-36 DS with Lydia May Rector Lang (Row 9)
Lang, Beverly J. 4-Mar-34 Only date DS with Robert Harold Lang (Row 9)
Lang, Lydia May September 18, 1869 16-Feb-58 DS with Augustus Edward Lang (Row 9)
Lang, Robert Harold 17-Aug-34 17-Dec-03 DS with Beverly J. Lang (Row 9)
Leasure, Allie E. April 22, 1893 16-Nov-73 DS with Leslie F. Leasure (Row 13)
Leasure, Alvevda 1895 1980 (Row 12)
Leasure, Augusta V. February 14, 1851 6-Mar-28 (Row 13)
Leasure, Dale Christine 22-Nov-16 14-Nov-81 (Row 13)
Leasure, Harry C. October 17, 1891 4-Nov-67 Cpl U.S. Army WWI (Row 12)
Leasure, Leslie January 23, 1895 9-Nov-80 DS with Allie E. Leasure (Row 13)
Leasure, William E. October 14, 1846 11-Dec-23 (Row 13)
Martin, Alice 12-Jan-23 20-Jan-23 Daughter of C.E. & N.J. Martin (Row 4)
Mason, Bryant E. February 25, 1886 8-Jul-00 Son of W.B. & S.M. Mason ( Row 7)
Mason, John Silas October 11,1870 December 27,1870 TS with Lizzie Jane Kelley Mason & Mary A. Mason (Row 7)
Mason, Lizzie Jane Kelley September 30, 1847 May 15, 1877 TS with Mary A. Mason & John Silas Mason (Row 7)
Mason, Mary Ann May 31,1868 May 25, 1872 DS with Lizzie Jane Kelley Mason & John Silas Mason (Row 7)
Mason, Mary Ann October 23, 1826 March 22,1908 Married Phillip Mason in 1842 (Row 7)
Mason, Phillip September 27, 1817 September 25, 1873 (Row 7)
Mason, W.B. August 3, 1850 11-Jun-09 (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Matthews, George William 2-Jul-42 1-Jan-70 (Row 11)
McClendon, Barbara 30-Nov-47 Match 1, 2004 (Row 1)
McCoy, Baby Lester Born and died Memorial Day 1956 Son of Greta P. McCoy (Row 17)
McDaniel, Mrs. S.E.   Died April 24, 1938 Age 77 years, 7 months, and 6 days (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Miller, “Tax” 5-Nov-97 5-Nov-97 (Row 14)
Miller, Alyene Y. 8-Apr-22 19-Oct-94 DS with Paul E. Miller (Row 17)
Miller, Carlie Born and died July 3, 2003 (FM) (Row 14)
Miller, Charles W. 26-Sep-21 21-Dec-95 U.S. Army WWII DS with Salinas Miller (Row 16)
Miller, Clara G. 1893 1977 DS with Joe H. Miller (Row 16)
Miller, Harry No dates   On stone with Helen Bacus, John H. Miller, Ruthy Miller ( Row 9 )
Miller, Joe H. 1886 1949 DS with Clara G. Miller (Row 11)
Miller, John M. 1863 1939 On stone with Helen Bacus, Harry Miller, and Ruthy J. Miller (Row 9)
Miller, Paul E. July 4, 1916 Only date DS with Alyene Y. Miller (Row 17)
Miller, Ruthy J. 1861 1950– On stone with Helen Bacus, John H. Miller, Harry Miller (Row 9)
Miller, Salinas 15-Mar-21 Only date DS with Charles W. Miller (Row 16)
Mills, Jackie A. 24-Dec-26 5-Jan-99 (FM) (Row 14)
Millsaps, Mandy 1838 1916 Helen Bacus , John H, Harry, & Ruthy Miller ( Row 9 )
Morris, Lydia Died September 11, 1909 Wife of Stephen Morris Age 90 years (Row 5)
Moss, Bille Wayne 27-Jul-32 Oct. 3, 1933 (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Neir, Annie E. Clarke 1863 Only date (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Neir, J.H. No dates or other information (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Nier, Julia E. 2-Sep-02 14-Apr-70 (Row 13)
Nier, L. Idell 17-Nov-29 10-Feb-81 DS with Woodyard R. (Row 13)
Nier, Thomas J. January 27, 1885 17-Jul-71 (Row 13)
Nier, Woodyard R. 11-May-25 11-Mar-81 DS with L. Idell Nier (Row 13)
Perez, Briana Vega 6-Jul-06 10-Jul-06 (FM) (Row 10)
Redman, Jo Ann 6-Jan-43 16-Mar-80 Daughter of W.J. Davis (Row 14)
Robertson, Lucretia October 24, 1815 15-May-02 (Row 7)
Romine, Lucille 10-Nov-32 11-Aug-98 (Row 12)
Romine, Shannon Floyd 16-Mar-70 30-Dec-92 (Row 12)
Safley, Albertine Hyde 12-Dec-17 28-Jun-03 DS with Maurice Grayson Safley (Row 10)
Safley, Maurice Grayson 27-May-17 12-Jun-98 DS with Albertine Safley (Row 10)
Shireman, Jessie Roy Jr. 1926 1989 Cox. U.S. Navy WWII (Row 13)
Shireman, Nadine Case 13-Jun-22 2-Aug-99 (FM) (Row 13)
Soloman, Orvill Odell 25-Oct-21 18-May-06 Cpl. U.S. Army WWII (Row 6)
Stenger, Helen 25-Sep-12 27-Oct-03 DS with John Stenger (Row 9)
Stenger, John 11-Jun-13 28-Dec-04 DS with Helen Stenger (Row 9)
Sumpter, Dora August 5, 1882 January 5, 1939. (Unmarked grave) From Death Record at Powell Funeral Home
Thompson, John Andrew May 27, 1875 3-Apr-59 (Row 8)
Thompson, Minnie Lee September 11, 1880 21-Apr-53 (Row 8)
Tims, Dalton Lane 7/31/1993 1-Aug-14
Treece, Nancy 8-Aug-44 Only date DA with Thomas E. Treece (Row 17)
Treece,Tom 16-Feb-45 8-Feb-91 DS with Nancy Treece (Row 17)
Unknown Footstone with E.V.Y. No matching headstone ( May be a Yingling) (Row 6)
Unknown Footstone with M.A.M. No matching Headstone (Row 9)
Unknown Footstone with W.A.M. No matching Headstone (Row 7)
VanWinkle, Lola Irene 11/28/1922 15-Jun-14
Veach, Tommy G. 11-Jul-35 7-Nov-76 (Row 14)
Vega, Maria Perez 26-Oct-98 7-Nov-98 (Row 10)
Wallace, ? No other information (Not found on October 2, 2006 )
Wallace, Esther January 8, 1850 Only date DS with John L. Wallace (Row 2)
Wallace, John L. April 29, 1847 6-Mar-15 DS with Esther Wallace (Row 2)
Watkins, Alice Benskin May 20, 1880 17-Apr-43   ( Row 4 )
Watkins, Charles Spencer 31-Jan-17 Only date (Not found on Oct. 2, 2006)
Weaver, Richard L. Jr. 27-Jan-34 30-May-97 U.S. Army Veteran (Row 11)
Whiteman, Patsy Ann 7-Sep-32 11-Jul-02 (FM) (Row 16)
Whittaker, Earlene M. 4-Jun-38 Only date DS with Lloyd Jackson Whittaker (Row 13)
Whittaker, Lloyd Jackson 8-Jul-33 24-Dec-03 DS with Earlene M. Whittaker (Row 13)
Woodard, Maggie Elizabeth 12-Jul-03 27-May-65 (Row 14)
Woodward, George W. May 18, 1892 5-May-72 (Row 14)
Wright, Florence Clarke 1877 1943 (Row 9)
Wright, Martha 1860 1947 (Row 2)
Wright, Samuel 1854 1914 (Row 2)
Yingling, Charlotte December 17, 1853 6-Nov-33 DS with Phillip Yingling (Row 15)
Yingling, Earl Stillborn January 29, 1929 DS with Richard Lee Yingling ( Row 16 )
Yingling, Earnest Alvin No dates No other information (Not found on October 2, 2006)
Yingling, Hettie Ferguson June 15, 1892 Only date DS with James Osco Yingling (Row 15)
Yingling, James O. Jr. 14-Apr-22 19-Dec-96 Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps WWII (Row 17)
Yingling, James Osco October 1, 1892 18-Oct-61 DS with Hettie Ferguson Yingling (Row 17)
Yingling, John Albert No dates or other information (Row 6)
Yingling, Phillip December 1, 1853 1-Apr-38 DS with Charlotte Yingling (Row 16)
Yingling, Phillip Murray 27-Feb-24 14-Mar-25 Son of Osco & Hattie Yingling (Row 16)
Yingling, Richard Lee 1-Jan-28 7-Jan-28 DS with Earl Yingling (Row 16)
Following is a list of veterans known to be buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, there are probably many more that do not have a Military Marker. If you know of anyone that is a veteran and buried in Bethlehem Cemetery and does not have a Military Marker and you would like to get them one contact the White County Veterans Service Office at 411 North Spruce St. Searcy. AR.72143. Phone 501-279-6210 or write The White County Historical Society, PO Box 537 Searcy AR 72145. Or if you like you can contact me Leroy “Lee” Blair 557 Baker Rd. Searcy AR. 72143. Phone 501-207-2057 and I will assist you in getting them a military marker.

Name Birth Death Comments Row
Clarke, T.P. No datesSgt. Co. I, 10th Ill. Cav. (Row 9)
Ferren, Fred WardFebruary 8, 1897May 9, 1981Pvt. U.S. Army WWI (Row 8)
Ferren, Sherman CliffordJune 10, 1928January 1, 1985Pfc. U.S. Army Korea (Row 8)
Griggs, William Audie March 15, 1926December 11, 1981U.S. Army (Row 12)
Jackson, Thomas A.May 19, 1909April 8, 1974Pvt. U.S. Army (Row 17)
Joyner, CharlesMarch 26, 1918January 18, 1969Pfc. Inf. WWII (Row 11)
Leasure, Harry C.October 17, 1891November 4, 1967Cpl U.S. Army WWI (Row 12)
Miller, Charles W.September 26, 1921December 21, 1995U.S. Army WWII (Row 16)
Shireman, Jessie Roy Jr.19261989Cox. U.S. Navy WWII (Row 13)
Soloman, Orvill OdellOctober 25, 1921May 18, 2006Cpl. U.S. Army WWII (Row 6)
Weaver, Richard L. Jr.January 27, 1934May 30, 1997U.S. Army Veteran (Row 11)
Yingling, James O. Jr.April 14, 1922December 19, 1996Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps WWII (Row 17)
The following may be buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in unmarked graves. Their relatives are buried here and I can not find them buried in any other cemetery in or near White County. If you know that any of these people are buried in another cemetery please contact me

Bryant, ClaudieWife of Linsey Bryant and mother of Guy Bryant
Bryant, LinseyHusband of Claudie Bryant and father of Guy Bryant
Dungan, Nancy E.Wife of William Dungan and mother of Andrew Dungan, Flora A. Dungan and Joseph W. Dungan
Dungan,WilliamHusband of Nancy E. Dungan and father of Andrew Dungan, Flora A. Dungan and Joseph W. Dungan
Mason, S.M.Wife of W.B. Mason
Morris, StephenHusband of Lydia Morris
If you have any corrections or additional information on Bethlehem Cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145. Or Leroy Blair 557 Baker Road. Searcy AR 72143