Bronson Hill Cemetery Picture

--Photo by Leroy Blair, 2000

Bronson Hill Cemetery

Bald Knob, Arkansas

Leroy Blair of the White County Historical Society was first told of this cemetery by a waitress when he stopped at a restaurant at Worden. After several futile attempts in 2000 he found the location and filed this report:

"The cemetery is located on the south side of the railroad track that goes out of Bald Knob toward Memphis. To get to the cemetery, take Highway 64 east about 100 yards. Just before the highway crosses Mingo Creek, there is an overhead cable crossing over the highway. It is probably a cable TV line. Where the line crosses the road, go across the railroad tracks and you will find some old farm equipment that appears to have been abandoned many years ago. The cemetery is located in the woods behind the old farm equipment. I found no marked graces. I did find five depressions that are probably graves and what appears to be a hole where either a grave was moved or a grave dug and never used. Mr. Wallace, a property owner in this area, told me that many years ago the water got up and washed out around a railroad bridge that goes over Mingo Creek. To get dirt to fill it back up, the railroad took dirt from both sides of the cemetery." It was this resident who told Blair that the area was known as Bronson Hill.

Blair returned to the site again on January 17, 2005. By this time he was chairman of the Historical Society’s Cemetery Committee and a member of the board. During this visit he found a rock with what appears to be Mosley – 18?? on it. (The last two digits of the date are illegible.)



If you have information on this cemetery, contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.